-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 8

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“Girls love rough boys” as I remembered what someone I didn’t care to ask her name said few days ago. I didn’t believe her oh! But at this moment, she had better be right oh!!!!!!
She(Yvonne) turned around as she felt me grab her butt while walking, laughing in a “Boy, You bad” manner. She placed my hands on her A$$(official invitation), rounded her arms around my neck and whispered “Ask! I am your santa clause baby” with some heavy breathing bathed with alcohol. She was a bit shorter than me, so as she pressed against me, I could feel my lagbaja pressed against her stomach.
Just as it was in the novels, I was lost in the moment. The Loudspeakers weren’t as loud as my heartbeat, and the vibrations I felt from the woofers weren’t as strong as Yvonne’s heartbeat. The Dancefloor seemed empty as I didn’t notice anyone around.
“Kiss Me Baby” was all I heard. Anyone watched merlin? Do you remember when the druids speaks with Emrys through their minds? Its like whispers right? Woo! If you never watch am, go buy am.
I planted a soft kiss on her upper lips (Oh! She had a Christian Millian’s kinda lips in “LOVE DON’T COST A THING” movie. I think . ) as she raised her head up, then I felt a warmth breath like that of relief. This made me hor..nier as I went hardcore kissing on her focusing on her neck, ear lobes and her lower lips while her hands ran through my back (like I noticed ). I was on a neck routine when I whispered “Santa gives gifts where nobody sees him you know?”

(Omo! All the novels I have been reading is working!!!!, readers na real leaders I xuuuuuuuuweaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!)

“Yeah Babe, why don’t we head to the northpole so you choose a gift you never asked for?” She asked with the same “Druid to Emrys” kind of whispers right into my ear drum as she bit my big but cute
ears. . (Ok, my ears aren’t cute, but I like them like that)
She stopped kissing me and said “Ride with santa”.
At this moment, my hard-on was so strong that I couldn’t walk in the cramped crowd, so I had to hold on to her waist this time as I buried my lagbaja in her A$$. This thought made me crazey! Like
“This one pass Lisa Ann ohhhhhhhhh!”.
I followed (Rode) with her as she led me to a room that was somewhere I didn’t even know, because all I was thinking was “TODAY NA TODAY!!!”
We hardly locked the door to the room when she jumped on me(Thank God I had stamina) with her waist same level as mine and her short legs surrounding me. Kissing me like no girl has ever done, I placed my hands on her A$$ to support the new position as I kept on kissing her lower lips, I felt jealousy between the lower and the upper, so I diverted my attention to the upper, even kissed her eyes . I remember feeling her feets press against my kneels, prompting me to loose stamina as I headed down to the rug with my kneels.
At this point, she was on the rug as I was on top of her kissing her like my life depended on it. She didn’t really have huge bosoms, when I think of her, Kapri Styles comes to mind (Heard that beensh did some job tho). *Team “b” shape!!!!!!*.
At this moment, I needed a new move so as not to be like a learner so I headed straight to the bottons.
She stopped me and said “You have to ask Santa for it baby”.

“Jeez! Drop the santa already!!!, am sure that poor man’s manly fatty will be bigger than yours” I said in my mind.

“I want my Kum all over your fat A$$ santa” I said in a mean tone. But Oboy, the thing make her blush oh!, this woman wey talk this thing deserves an award! See rough mode activated.. Chai! I must find that woman!!!!!!!!!!

“You have been a naughty boy, be a good boy and make me kum baby”..(Remember we were talking like Emrys and The Druids oh!.).

KUM?? This small girl? She don gbo like this? How? Novice like me? Only thing wey I don do girl na Finger oh! I don fall my hands today. I no go give up, I must do my best, never say never ladi!!!!…
These were things I was thinking, now kissing her and caressing her small which popped out from the gown she was wearing. She was letting out a moan I found sexy and at some moment, I lost consciousness again as I made it my number one goal to satisfy this spoilt pikin of a Girl.
My pants(chinos) which were already sagged, now at my knees ( automated pulling trouser APT) and as usual, I was wearing some tight briefs and a PerryCole boxers. But upon that, lagbaja find he way come out for the sides. Y’all know what am talking about nah.

“What next?” I asked the devil in me..
Still in my environmental unconsciousness, I thought to myself its time I explore her body aside the lips which must be deadly red by now. There was no light in the room but for light rays coming from the outside guard light, I raised my head to look at her as I placed my hands on her
Chai! She had the biggest nipp..les I have ever seen since I have started touching. (LOL! She was the 2nd girl I touched sha *covers face*).
Her eyes closed and mouth open, letting out some rhythmic moans that sounded better than FUN’s SOME NIGHTS song(Which was my favourite song I could think of that moment. Her gown was already up above her hips, she was wearing a black floral thong. Chai! I wanted to turn that a$$ over to see it in a thong. An ideal just came on “suck on her
nipp..les and press your lagbaja against her cun..t”
and this was contrary to what I wanted.
She took off the gown and the tube(which explains why the b.o.obs escaped like Michael Scofield.) And I started using my lips on her neck, down to her centrefold(cleava.ges), I didn’t pay attention to the bosoms as I travelled down the navel, sucked on it and went to the hips side(where the ovary is) to tease them with my mouth, this increased the sound of the moans and I knew I was doing a good Job . I come dey feel like James Bond!


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