-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 6

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“Piiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, the Inverter at home sounded, UP NEPA I said as I ran to get a Polo Ralph’s shirt (Still dashing oh) and some camouflage chinos to iron, it was 7pm and from the look of things, everyone was getting ready to go out. While I was pressing, esther gave me a straight skirt to iron for her, with a cute smile, I collected asap, ironed it twice and headed to her room.
Getting to her room, I heard the shower running, I thought of hiding in the wardrobe to watch a new movie , but looking on the bed, I saw a thong and a brassiere. Chai! “This bra too small for this girl nah” was all I thought, as I was once again sexually excited. In this moment, I heard the shower reducing, Jack Sparrow whispered into my ear
” Cut!!!!!.
Just like the speed of light, I ran outside with the skirt in my hands, and Jack Sparrow whispered Re-run, Action!!. Like some innocent nigga, I burst into the room with the the skirt (like everyone at home knew I don’t knock ), and behold! There she was, picking up her towel in speed to cover herself, but damn my eyes were faster than her speed, and the towel was phucking too short!!!!!!!!!

“How many times have I told you to knock before entering? Ehhhh?” She asked with her weak sick-ish voice, still trying to balance the position of the towel.

“Skk.. Sk.. Skirt”, was all I said. Funny how I only stammer when I stand in front of cute creations.
She collected the skirt and gave me a killer red eye that had “Get The Phuck Out Of Here, but I Like your style” written all over it.
Mind you, I felt this girl was a big girl, not my class, so I wasn’t interested in flirting with her, all I wanted to see was her unclothedness, someone said I was a pervet few days ago tho.
Heading back to the room to wear my clothes, thoughts of Esther’s unclothedness engulfed me.
She had some “C” cupped b.o.obs (Trust me, iont know what C-Cup means but this was my mind at work ), which I was fortunate enough to see because of the towel. Laying on my bed, I started creating an imagination of how she was gonna shave her pubis.
Na “V” shape, “I” shape or “?” shape? Abi she go just leave am like chinese Indecency stars?. At this point, I was super Hot, but I couldn’t self-service.
Why? Because some OP on nairaland said self-servicing twice a day is unhealthy. (Make I nor catch that guy ohhhhhh )

“Oboy! Where the babe nah?”, I asked Asamoah codedly with my hands as the woofer of the Honda Element was raving some vibrations on my body.

“Charlie cool down”, he answered with a mocked sincerity.
We were on our way to the party,Joyce, Esther and Abigail were preparing to go for a show at Eko Hotel and Suites when we left in Asamoah’s car.
Joyce was still not herself, always trying to eavesdrop on me monitoring my movements as she was curious of what I think of her now. I just had this feeling that she knew I wouldn’t tell my jew of a uncle.
But for the first time in history, I felt staying out the house till 3am wouldn’t attract punishments.

*power of blackmail *

Asamoah drove into Ikota Shopping complex to get some booze for the party, leaving me and faith (who was busy tweeting and laughing her a$$ out) in the car. I looked at her via the rear mirror as the phone backlight shone on her face. Damn she was beautiful, adorned in a black dress, just a little space between her neck and her packaged

“Nice bosoms” I mentioned her on twitter via writelonger, she laughed looking at me. My head was spinning!!!!!!!

“Ode! Shy shy baby :p” was all I got as the reply via twitter. (Omo, she no vex ohhhh! )
I looked back and told her I was not a baby, she laughed and dared me to look her in the eyes and tell her what I tweeted in a honest way, since I was naughty on twitter and shy in reality.
Was about gathering courage to say this when Asamoah opened the boot, kept something in it and off we went to the party. Like seriously? Why
nowwww? (Rihana stole this words 1year later to sing a song sha)

“I owe you a compliment “, I DMed her.


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