-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 53

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I opened my eyes.. Felt some pains on my head as I involuntarily wanted stand up so I can go and see My Faith.. But what I saw was different from what I so wanted to see..
I was on top of something I didn’t care to know, everywhere was white and blurring for the first few seconds, I knew this wasn’t my room. I knew something was happening to me , I looked down on me and was cover with white robes.. This aint what WE are thinking right?

“Ehhhh? Na Heaven WE enter? Abi devil don dey wear white? I know say we nor fit make heaven at all! God can’t cheat!!!!”..
My ever living MIND started shouting as my heart started beating so fast..
I shouted “Where am I?”.. Not really like shouting but I knew that was the last energy I had.. I heard someone call my Name, I wanted to say it was God but that voice nor resemble that echoing voice for movies..

“Who be you?”.. I said as I heard someone cry, praying in my local Dialect.. This was when I realized the voice to be that of my MUM.. Besides, she is the only person I know that prays in local dialect.
I wanted to shout MUM but who sigh? I was f**king weak as all I was seeing were white lights and voices reaching out for a Doctor. I just chilled as I couldn’t open my mouth but I dey tell you!!.. Me and Doctors nor be friends ohhhh!
I heard the machine they use in measuring heartbeat(I still don’t knw d name) beep continuously, and I saw shadows of people checking me out..
I had a feeling I was being given an Injection as my eyes started closing.. But for where, I nor gree close am..
I didn’t know what happened sha, but I couldn’t control the muscles in the eyes any longer..
I was in a state of Hypnagogia for hours as I still heard feint voices.. then I finally fell into a trance, saw me and Faith laugh and smile as she kissed me in a very lone place.. Amongst other things. (Chai! Anesthesia nor good I swear!!!!)
I woke up once again but this time around, the white surroundings disappeared.. Turned out it was just some LIGHTS that were on my body that almost made me enter heaven by force.
Do I need to say it lOud that I was in a HOSPITAL? Ok.. I was in the hospital
My Mum, lying down there with her head down, I tried reaching her as I stood up(Strong Man) and when I touched her, she woke up(didn’t know she was sleeping sha), took me back to my small bed and started crying..
I didn’t wanted to cry, so I told her to stop crying that I was hale and healthy and all that, then I wished her a Happy New Year as the time on the wall says 3am. She gave me food to eat(she knows I don’t joke with Rice and Beans).. Just when I thought I would start asking my Mum about Faith and how she got to Lagos from Benin in less than 4hours.. One cute nurse came inside with one killer smile

“Them nor dey sleep? Ahan.. Make she nor near my yannxh oh!”.. Was what my Dumb mind said as I saw a syringe on her tray… Then she smiled, checked my pulses and gave me an injection.. The rest na story!!!

We left the hospital the following day (As in.. It was 3am already, so the next day) as I almost didn’t wanna leave because of the cute nurses.
And anytime I start asking my Mum about faith and the outside world, they come with a smile and knock me out with sleeping Injections. And no, I couldn’t ask my Mum about my Uncle because I was so ashamed of looking into her eyes, especially
when it seemed she was trying hard not to reach that topic.
Maybe the doctor advised?
Well, I got out the hospital and saw LUTH at the sign board.. I wanted to ask Mum another question as she could see it on my face, but she gave me a sign that had “Don’t ask” written over it.
I got to my Uncle’s house.. No! Not Daniel, this one is another one, Uncle Malik.. .. Uncle Malik was in the army and had a house in the barracks at BONY Catonement. I just knew it that my Mum won’t dare go to Uncle Daniel’s house because of my deeds.
After highlighting from the Metro Cab, I don’t know what led the CABman to tune up his radio to Brillia FM oh! But all I know was DR. LANRE IZAMOJE was airing his normal saturday show as I heard “4th of January 2013..”.. Then Jaywon’s THIS YEAR(Odun Yi) started playing.
Wait.. 4th of January 2013? 4th.. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th?
After hours of confusion, I started asking my mum what happened and why the date was 4th instead of 2nd.
It took me minutes for me to be able to break her down, as I knew her weak point.. (DON’T EAT!!)
She broke down in tears as she gave me a Nollywood story that was written by my uncle(Daniel)… And I will tell you all..

Story! Story!!.. Once upon a time:
“I went to a party without Daniel’s consent, and that wasn’t the first time I did it as it was regular, as usual, I got drunk and broke into a fight with my cult gang, I got hit on the head.. He called my MUM immediately he heard the news, my Mum entered the next Bus to Lagos, not telling my DAD what happened as she lied because if my Dad heard, na die…
She got to Lagos, I had to be transferred to LUTH due to a scare of brain damage as I was having seizures, reduced or pumped out the codeine level in my blood.. And I was under Anesthesia for 2days to allow the injury on my head chill”.. Bleh Bleh bleh..
At this moment, I didn’t know if I was to be happy, sad or depressed. Happy because my Mum(NO ONE) didn’t know what really happened, sad because I was in what I interpreted as COMA few days back.. Depressed because I was depressed and felt miserable!.. Well, I didn’t say any word till my Mum went in to sleep as I collected her phone, since mine was nowhere to be found.
Didn’t know faith’s number Offhand, so I just opted to go on twitter to check on her.. Her last tweet was on the 1st of december.. And it read “I planned a new year eve for Two, me and me”.
Headed to facebook as that was the only place I could send a message with my mind poured out into it but to my greatest surprise, my Inbox was Full of messages.. Opened it and gazed through all to see if faith’s own was there and behold, I saw it right there, just above the “See more messages” option..
I clicked it, it took YEARS for the page to open(EmptyHen!!!!!).. Meanwhile, the Dr warned me not to bother myself emotionally as my Adrenalins were still very much on high. So I
just did what he told me (Count from 1 to 100 when you are about being tensed).
After counting to 20, the page opened and what seems to be an essay with over 500words popped up.. I dey come make I look for the message for inside my message inbox. If I no see am, I go come write wetin I remember in a way my teacher taught me.. SUMMARIZE

*Edited copy of her Facebook message*

“Ummm.. Hey..
So I am writin dis After I heard yo in Intensive Care Unit and I pray you sometyms read this becos I am scared as f**k.. I guess you are reading this by now. And yeah, I pray my phone survives this salty water that I am soaking it in.
Sitting right at the back of the car, ur head on my laps as it bled blood, tears rolling down your eyes as I tried all my best telling you to stop joking with me.. You just laid there, going into seizures, deaf to my calls,indifferent about my punches.. and all I could do was nothing but pray!.
Den again, the nurses shouting at me to let go of you as they rolled you away in the stretcher, I forced myself into the emergency room as I watched you close your eyes, face with a smile as tears rolled down your eyes and the nurses trying their best to revive you. And it was all black out as I heard voices saying I shouldn’t be allowed in..
Woke up to find out dt I passed out, but all I wanted was to see you.. Then I was told you were moved to LUTH in an ambulance, sad right?
You know.. I had a suicide thought this morning.. No! I had a failed attempted suicide this morning, Joyce moving me and abigail into a Hotel pending the tickets of our flight to Abuja, Esther in a place I don’t know and you probably dying as I type.
Well, I guess this was my destiny.. To be heartbroken by the only ones I love.
Why do I write? because I jst want to.. because It gives me hope that you would read this. because I don’t know who to tell..
because I jst can’t live without you. I knw things will never work out for both of us but please! Stay alive and fight for your life, for me.. For Us!
And if you woke up to hear that I am no more, then the next attempt went well, guess what I just did.. I prayed to Got to take my f**ked up life and give it to you. Hey, I hope I don’t see you were I would be headed… I Love You and Will Always Do but this has to stop!
Bye Cherish..

After I read this, I felt something die in me.. No! I didn’t finish reading it, I stopped at somewhere but I knew I didn’t finished it..
How could I have forgotten the the morning of 31st December?
How did I not remember the feeling I had? Where was that soft me? What did the doctors did to me? Why the sudden return of that feeling? Why am I alone? How come I didn’t wake up to look for faith?.. I was so lost in thoughts that all I could remember in what I read was “Bye Danladi”..
No!.. That wasn’t just a bye bye.. It didn’t sounded like the bye bye she told me before I went to the party.. It was a BYE that sounded like the last.. Like that was a BYE .. Right? Was she dead?

“Take this basssstard to church because I am about being possessed!!”.. I said to myself..
Voices of legions.. All I could remember were the words my doctor told me and how faith used to call me a Dummy.. I felt an awkward reaction in my body.. My body metabolism went up as my eyes started working the other way..
Was this love? Or was it me feeling guilty for what I did to her? If it was love, how come I didn’t feel it few minutes ago? Why was I occupied with other stuffs? Yeah? I was pretty joking some few minutes ago right? Yeah! That was it..
Last time I checked the time, it was 11pm.. I started counting numbers.. This time around, not in my mind but I was using the last energy I had in shouting it.. 1… 2… 3.. 4…. 5….. 6….. 7…
8…. 9….10…….
I remember my Mom come out from the Guest room she was in, my Uncle came too as everyone thought I was mad.. No, seriously.. I knew what I was doing, I knew it wasn’t what a sane person would do but I just couldn’t help it.. This wasn’t love right? It was Guilt and Pity?
Just like it was before, I stood up.. Looking at Uncle Malik as he walked up to me, memories flashed.. I thought he was going to slap me the way Uncle Daniel did, so I acted in self defense as I slapped him first .. And then I heard my Mum Cry as she said “Ladi Stop!!!”..
No! I don’t like my Mum crying.. I hate when I make women cry.. but I didn’t know what was wrong with me.. My legs started shaking just like it did few days ago as I started entering the ground.. First I saw Faith cry before that happened, now I heard Mum cry before this? Why is this happening?..
I just imagined my head hitting the floor again as I lost balance but according to my lost senses, I didn’t hit the floor.. My uncle caught me.. And I was rushed again.. To an hospital.. This time around, on my mother’s lap..

“Oh! Lord… Make the voices stop!!!!!”.. I said in my very semi-conscious mind.
I woke up.. The next day, told my Mum if she doesn’t ask if faith was alive, I would kill myself. Ended up in a Rehab centre, Mum said a doctor suggested it.. Oh! That cute nurse came to the hospital I was in, counseled me and made me go to the rehab..
After she told me I had STD..
Faith didn’t die .. The attempt failed again? Heard she was in a critical state though.. Her Dad wanted to arrest me at first. Lol!
And yeah! I got to speak with her because I threatened them again. My Dad, Mum and everyone got to know the full gists (Uncle Daniel’s house shiiii) as Uncle Daniel sold his properties, traveled to switzerland with his other mistress to start a new life.
Esther, Joyce.. Still sitting here, wondering which one of them gave me STDs because the two of them were over clean in the eyes.. But I heard Joyce is a lawyer(single) in Abuja, Esther is in London and Abigail.. The worst of them All.. I seriously haven’t heard of her.
I was in the rehab for three reasons.. Drugs Abuse(Codeine and Sex..ual stimulants), Heartbreak and.. Accepting the fact the I was HIV Positive (not aids oh)..
I saw a picture of Asamoah in his matriculation robe some few days back.. Tobby also put Adeleke University on his facebook Profile.. Angela? She graduated last year with a 2nd Class..
Yvonne? Somewhere in london forgetting there was a boy that once made her Kum. And me? glad everything happened.
No! That was a joke.. How can I be Glad? I accepted my mistake and realized it was not too late to make a difference.. To reach out to people like me out there who think they need to boost their self esteem by associating with people.
Ummm.. I guess this is the point we call THE END




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