-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 49

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“Do Something!!!!!! Fast!!!!!!!!”… My mind said as I wondered what I would do next.
She wanted to say something, or she was saying something when I turned her over in less than a second, looked her deep into the eyes as I lie on her, kissed her and she returned my kisses in 100folds. She kissed me like that was the last kiss she was gonna have, tongues dancing together as her legs tangled me to the bed. As my D*I*C*K that was already out from the thigh hole started grinding against her clean shaven Kitty-Cat,
she moaned and said “Talk Dirty to me”..
“Talk Dirty to me, f*u*c*k this wh_ore, make my pussay red”..
She continued talking as I was still shocked.
“So this woman wan enjoy wetin Abu n Daniel nor dey give am?
She nor know say I be learner?”.. I said in my mind as I looked for dirty words to say to her as it seemed she really wanted to be insulted.. Maybe to cure her guilt that she was about
f**ucking someone way younger? (But I get wetin snrs nor get sha)
The next moments where very weird to me.. I swear! I was feeling awkward as to say I was about talking dirty.
“Beensh stop talking.. I am trying to F*U*C*K the hell out of your tight little Kkunnt..”.. I said, as I told myself that it was too dirty, but hey, I swear it drove her crazy!!!!
“Omo! E plum ohhh!! Ride on baba… The coast is clear”.. I thought out loud in a silent way..
Na so I continue dey kiss her, her neck, ear and bit her lips. I pounded on her b0-0bs, sucked the hell out of it, sillicon or no sillicon, it has gotta be the best b0-0bs on earth as she moaned out loud, she instructed I suck on her pussay (na my work nah.. She need remind me?).
I reached down for her pussay with my left hand as I feeeengerred her roughly while I made sure I touched her cleeetoral hood.(My hand made a curve like shape, like that one Boys make when they are packing their sagging trousers)
This made her go crazy as she was as wet as a borehole tank… Filled with water..

“Beensh you are so wet. You want me to suck on your little drilled Pussay? You want me to lick you dry? You want your Kum in my mouth?”.. I said in low toned voice as I kissed her while I used my chest to caress her b0-0bs, my hands locked with her hands as she still used her legs to peg me down on the bed.

“Yeah baby.. I want it all.. Tongue-Bleep me!!”.. She said as I kissed her cleeeevages.. This made me stand up, spread her legs wide open (like the turkey I explained earlier) as I stared at a wonderful, arranged, moderate pussay.. I could see her cute lahbia. Then I said “Oh baby.. You got the nicest pussay lips ever!..” (Lie? I don’t know for you oh)
I went in on her as I sucked the liquidable liquids out of my Uncle Wife as she moaned. Yeah! I was sucking on her pussay, and my fingers were doing their work. I was shocked to find out that four of my fingers found it difficult to enter that hole of hers.. But it did enter sha.
I tried looking for her cleetoris as I now knew where it was (thanks to Angela’s Biology practicals) but no way, I couldn’t see it. Hence, the reason I will ask “Do they really circumcise their female kids?”
Well, I just kept on finger-F**king her as I was using my tongue to find her hidden cleetoris while she moaned, screamed, shouted and did every every. This made me increase the thrusts as I felt like tearing her pussay apart so my Uncle’s D*I*C*K go dey fall inside like .. (I won’t say.. I repect my uncle a lot! , so let me not insult his D*I*C*K.. Na be e choose am nah)
I inserted all my 5 fingers(I didn’t say hand oh!) in, this time, she wasn’t moaning.. I knew her mouth was opened.
*Ur Papa, Aunty, Uncle or Senior don ever flog you for school, wanted to cry but it Hanged with your mouth widely opened?
Close e nor close, cry e nor cry.. E just open? Well! That was the expression on her face/mouth*
Each thrust became more greasy as it was making the thrusting noise (Potum potum) and I could feel her legs shake.
I thought she was near Orga(ni)sm but I thought wrong, because she kept on shaking her legs for some minutes. At this point, I had to change my style as I held her hands, dumped them on her b0-0bs as she was left to teased herself up there.
I knew the 5 fingers in won’t do the work so I went in search of her Gee-sopt. I discovered that whenever I pressed my hands downward towards the Arswhole through her pussay, she left out a special response.

“Oh no!.. Not again!!!!!”.. My right hand said as it knew I was about sending HER into that bleached Arswhole of hers. (It was bleached!!!.. No traces of dark rectu..m pigment there I swear!!)

“I am about finger-f**king your shitwhole” I said as I tried inserting my middle finger in her arsewhole.
Well it went in and hell she welcomed it but this was after I took some lubrication from her super wet pussay. She moved her waist to the rhythm of my thrusts as she kept on moaning.
Her shitwhole was so tight! And over hot!!! but definitely more spacious inside than the pussay walls. This made me crazy, especially when she used her shitwhole to grip my finger as it kept on making movements like that one you are about making down there.. That Waka-Shagyei movement you make with your rectuRrm!! *GhostMode!!!!*
I had to let my right hand take control of the situation as I inserted my Thumb in her pussay so the two fingers will work towards each other to form a “C” like shape . While I still sucked on her (trust me, I was tired of it)

“Arrrrrghhhh… Gosssshhhhhhh!… Arrrgh! Argghhh!! Am Kuming!!!!!!!.. arrrrgh”.. Where words I heard when I was obviously now playing with her pussay … Lol! I lost my
Attention before ni , 20mins of sucking and finger-ferking and her pussay didn’t even pity my dead hands.
Something came upon me to F*U*C*K her while she reach her Orga(ni)sm and hell, I removed my D*I*C*K completely from the perry coles as I dived it in her pussay and began thrusting(it took time before the thing enter sha, because it was almost sleepy)…
Without condoms
It felt like SWEET as I felt the walls of her pussay go into spasm as it became liquidated(forgive me), I continued thrusting deep as I my D*I*C*k expanded and filled her in.. I put my hands on the bed to support myself while she dragged the sheet of the bed and wrapped her legs around me as she screamed, her body went into something like an electric shock as she ummm..
Screamed!!!! ..
She kept on screaming for some seconds as she once again entered the MOUTH opening reactiong as I kissed her on her b0-0bs while my waist was moving like a Dog mating for the first time. The combination of my D*I*C*K and her pussay started making the “Pah! Pah!! Pah!!! Paahhhh” noise.
She finally stopped screaming as I removed my hellrected still D*I*C*K from her pussay, then I remembered I was to talk dirty..

“Suck my D*I*C*K wh_ore, taste your Kum and milk mine off”.. I told her..
She was up, a thought of “Ladi what do you think you are doing” came to my mind but I had to shut it out asap!!!.
Save the regrets for later!!.. This na Empire State of Ferks
She gave me a BJ in a tantalizing way, in the sense that I was standing on the bed while she knelt down, she placed my hands on her hair(she was wearing a net sha) as she told me to threat her like the LovePeddler she was…
I started controlling her level of BJing oh! I made her Gag.. Her eyes like she wanted to cough and her saliva all over my balls.
She deepthroated me to the extent that only 1/4 of my shaft was remaining outside. I guess it was because her hand was also stroking it..
Power horse was at work, I didn’t Kum from the BJ so I got down from the bed, wanted to go to my room to look for a condom but she stood up, told me she won’t allow a condom in her pussay as she wants me raw
I kissed her as the voice of that sounded cool to me , if to say HIV knock door that time, I for tell am say make e enter.
Them born me well to turn it down? Skin Dive!.. Them say aids no dey show for face but for her face, the thing show NEGATIVE.
She returned my kisses as I raised her up, took her down the bed, pushed her towards the mirror, placed her on the mirror shelf as I cleared all her Cosmetics and other shii with my hands, plugged my D*I*C*K in her not so wet pussay as I f*c*ked her so roughly I thought I would Kum within 1minute but who sigh?
The Pussay became slight dry as I stopped thrusting, reached for whatever it was I saw standing on the shelf, applied it on her and rubbed it on my D*I*C*K as she played with her B0-0bs.
(Btw.. My Uncle was 40. Imagine 40 marry 25, its unfair nah akwa Ibom girl for that matter)
Do I need to tell you I made Daoggy my new favorite style?, well, I just did.. As all I wanted was to Kum in her with the style and watch my Kum leak out like in Purrrnnn.. I didn’t need an excuse from her as I was super Hot, besides, she was my beensh…. Dropped her down from the shelf, laid her on the bed with her kneels touching the floor, I teased her with the tip as usual as she said “F**k me!!*
Then I went all in, kneeling beside her with one leg and the other leg stand(or squat?) as I gave her thrusts of life. I knew I was hitting the wall of her cervix as I finished all my length in her.
I didn’t enjoy the daoggy that much because about few seconds in of thrusts, I felt I was going to Kum and hell she knew it.. (How dem dey know?)
She stood up (damn I didn’t hold her A$$ down) as she spat on her bosoms (on a second thought, I think it was good riddance to anyhow rubbish).. And then she used her hands to pack up those b0-0bs of hers.. Y’all know what time it is!!!
My D*I*C*K was rock hard as I placed it in the valley between the two mountains.. Off I went with thrusts as each one touched her neck. And for the first time since 24th, I saw my self enjalaculate..
It was a combination of Fun and fantasy as she looked at me, her b0-0bs cuped as I kame all over her. With my legs shaking as hell!!!!, I felt pain in my balls as I knew it just made away with the sperm production of the whole day.. Hell! I was moaning like moaning!! And no, Mr Promking, this wasn’t fake, these were like that of a cat *Covers Face*..
Then she said “Good Boy.. Momma loves you“..
I passed out.. No, I fell down flat on the bed breathing so hard, trying hard to believed I just bleeped Joyce, made her Kum and she also Kame.. And she, just lied down there.. Saying
that was hell of a pleasure.
My conscience wanted to creep into me but the fact that she wasn’t having any sign of regrets gave me morale as I was the most confident wifeefawker in the planet.

“So what happens to me and Abu?”.. I asked in a bossy manner, she said She and Abu broke up the other day that my Uncle lied he went to her place, not like they were dating, it was just a fling and bleh bleh bleh.. That she has found what she has been touring for, right in her house, in a place she suspected..…
Now, I felt like a slave to her as she started taking control of the room again, while I just lied there, thinking how my Uncle married her.


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