-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 48

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I asked her why she lied, she told me it was because I also lied as Ken(that boy again?) told her that he saw me kissing and entering a room with Yvonne..
Although I felt sad, I was still happy all these things were unfolding as I stood up, looked at her as she smiled and said
“Don’t even try that look on me, Been On since 25th.. So just go to your booty calls.. And to even think you were punishing me in my most vulnerable moments, chai! Ladi I will kill you when am Off!!!”
*I hope we Know the ON n OFF there?*
I laughed at her as I kissed her, told her I would never hurt her again.. Then I heard my D*I*C*K say “Na you be that!
She hugged me for more than 30seconds as she smacked my hands Off her A$$.. Laughed and called me my Alias.. ?eta®ded pe?vert!.. Then we sat, got something to eat and watched T.V together while I helped her place hot water bottle on her stomach accompanied with kisses. *Dear Future wife, you go enjoy ohhhhhh!*
Now from all these, I concluded she didn’t have problem with me double dating, because she knew I felt something special for her,
something I have never felt before.. Besides, I told her point black that when she goes back to school, am gonna need more b00ty calls..
*I was that free with her.. LOVE is beaurifool oh!!!*
My Uncle and Wife were the last to come home(I wasn’t around) as Abigail came home before Esther. Abigail told me she decided to go see a friend she met on Facebook (she think say she sabi lie?). Me and Faith went for a walk around the hood as we gisted, laughed and I must say, it was fun getting to know a girl I will pass as my First Love. (I guess this was when The Cheating couples came back home)..
On coming back in the evening, Faith was holding my hands even after we entered the compound. I had to look for a way she would leave me before she spoil my plans.
Immediately I got inside the house, I knew Madam Joyce wouldn’t dare talk as she was sitting on the same chair with Oga Daniel.. So I greeted them and did the formals.

Few hours later, I heard a knock on my Sacred Room. Opened the door and behold, it was my Uncle’s Sultry wife.
I smiled as she stood there and even asked if she could come in..
She got in and started saying shii I can’t remember. All I heard was I shouldn’t try it again. Even after I told her that Faith and I were only playing a game of Do or Dare (na wetin two of us plan be dat).. She was still hell bent as she said a shocker!!!..
“Then Explain the oversize condom packs I saw in the bin just beside your bed”.. She said with a face I would pass for Jealousy.
I laughed and told her it wasn’t oversize but slim fit , after I admitted I did invited a girl in the house since I couldn’t deny it any longer.. Seemed that Oversize and Fit words rang in her head because she told me she was going to tell everyone that I am grounded and won’t eat for 3days. (She was going to TELL, not punish me oh.. She fit? Mtchewwww)
30th.. On a sunday morning and everybody was getting ready to go to church, the previous night was dramatic enough, with Uncle not saying anything after he was told I brought a girl into the house, Esther acting Jealous and Abigail indifferent. Faith was indoors when all these were going on, and we ended up sleeping in the same room.
I didn’t go to church, and Joyce didn’t either, didn’t care to know her excuse but I know she convinced my Uncle not to take me.
Perhaps, I was supposedly grounded?

“Ladii…”.. I heard my name, it was obviously Joyce because everyone else had gone to church for the last sunday of the year.
I dropped whatever I was doing in the kitchen(fixing some pipes) as I headed straight to the sitting room. She wasn’t there so I headed straight to her room. Getting to her room, I met her with a smile as she turned her 360degree room chair with her legs crossed facing me as she asked if I got some spare time to rub her lotion..

“On A Sunday? This woman!!.. lord! Lead me into this temptation and forgive me after it”.. I said in my mind as I looked up the ceilings while I said “Sure.. all the time in the world”.. Oh! I drank Two Red BULL earlier in the morning because I was feeling weird
As usual, she dropped some on my hands as she turned her chair to give me her back. I was wearing perry coles only, no tight boxers but I was wearing my Kaftan. And No!.. I didn’t try to hide the hard-on. Am I a kid?
I once again massaged her shoulder as she closed her eyes to enjoy the massage, I did the massage for some few minutes as I continued rubbing the lotion. I looked deep down her back and could see her A$$ crack, the towel wasn’t that tight, and I was looking for a way to make a move.
Didn’t have to wait longer as I heard her say “On a second thought, how about you also rub it on my legs? Then give me a full body Massage”..

“Guy!! Turn the chair fast fast and kiss this woman.. She need the thing!!!”.. My mind said as my D*I*C*K was looking for a way to burst out to point at the heavens to thank it for the offer.
She could see the shock on my face through the mirror as she turned her chair herself, stretched her legs and gave me her Lotion which I remember seeing #6200 on the cover.
When I bent down, placed her leg on my lap, I wasn’t comfortable so she said I should sit on the bed. When I sat on the bed, she raised one of her legs as I saw her cleaned shaven Pussay , I acted like I didn’t see it as she quickly said sorry and covered it with the towel. I pray say I never see am.
She was using her legs to look for my supposed big D*I*C*K but for where, she nor see am!!!!

“Ghost Mode!.. Oga e mi gi voom n’anya.. She nor gor see me!!!”.. My D*I*C*K said as IT followed one legged size of the boxers’s way. Like it was hanging out with my one of my Thighs.
She moved her leg once more to look for it, seems she knew the thing was playing hide and sick as I rubbed the cream on her legs. I got to her kneels, thought I should end it there but my hands nor gree me.. Na so the thing dey enter ThighLand. I rubbed it to the upper thigh, touched her inner thighs and I could feel the heat oozing out of her pussay. Na so she moan oh!
“Let’s Minister to her.. From the book of fornication and adultery!!!”.. My D*I*C*K sent a message.

“Joyce, how about we go straight to the massage?”.. Yeah!!!!.. I called her by her name , and she loved it!!! .. Coman see speed she used in lying on the bed, lowered the towel as she used her bare b0-0bs to lay down. When she lied down, I was up looking at her shape.. The b0-0bs made a “c” shape with her body as it was quite huge.
*heard she did some sillicons though*
The bed was too big, so the only way I could massage was climb on top of her, and to make it effective, I had to rest on her body..
So I removed my kaftan to remove the disturbance of me kneeling with my two legs at both sides of her hips.
My D*I*C*K which was hanging and chilling with my thighs was now on Display as I felt it touch her while I was massaging her shoulders and just like some drops of water, I knew pre-Kum dropped on her back(those dimples at the back of a woman) as she kept on hmmmmming.. Was it to my massages? Or to my D*I*C*K? Only time will tell.

“So, perfectly fit for an 7.5inches condom right?”.. She said as she still HMMMMMMMed to my massages.
I didn’t reply her as I left her shoulder. This was when I knew I had to make a move because I didn’t want her to make the first move. So I massaged her rib bones as I mistakenly(story!!!!)
Touched the b0-0bs of her.
She didn’t hmmm this time.. She moaned .. Then I FELT my hands travel inside her towel to hold her A$$(who send am?).. Then I said “I think it gets to 8inches when it chils with the hottest woman in the world” as I held her A$$ tight.. Hell! I was ready to pump that A$$ with my charging charger.


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