-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 46

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Angela was telling me how inexperience and shaky(like I know she was saying the truth, I was shaky!!!) I was when she was on top of me as she took a selfie of both of us.. Then tweeted it as she gave me the phone to write whatever I want as the tweet..
Best I did was mention my Handle like “Nigeria Vacay just got adventure added with @_____(me)”.. And hell I told her I was shaky because her A$$ was too much of a load for a naija boy and I didn’t wanted to burst her Cerviiix because my D*I*C*K reached the Elastic Limit(Or breaking point?) of her pussay muslces.
*Sorry I spelted muscles wronged*
She started replying her tweets on her Iphone as I was lost in thoughts. Wondered the worst that Joyce would do while I smile to the fact that Faith was the person that called her. No! I was lauging inside!!
*autocorrect please!!!!*

“Hey Shaky Boy, you spoilt my shirt, and you even tore my designers You be akwesi(wonder wat it means)..”.. She said as she was picking up her dress from the floor.
She told me to dress her up as I switched on my white bulb to see the nayked body of the Ghanian Goddess(we know she’s Dark Skinned right) I was killing time with.. I somehow put the door on ajar so whoever was trying to hear us will hear us so well!!!!!!! (Y’all know the drillz)
I mistakenly wore her the other side of her pant..ies(Gee-string na pan..t?) as she laughed and teased I was still shaky.. Na so I vex start my so called Un-shaky self
I pulled the Gees as she wore her B®A, I didn’t bother wearing them on her again as I was playing with her A$$ while she kept my hands away from her pussay.. She told me I already spoiled the Gees as I could keep it.. That means I would have to give her a long shirt instead of a Tee she was about asking for.
Yeah! Another PANNT , Esther’s Gees, Abigail’s Gees and now Angela’s Gees.. Dem no dey wear better kpata?
*please don’t judge me.. Na me dey ask dem?*
I sha collected it with a smile as I sniffed the Gees(Pefect smell) and damn, I had this feeling that faith was listening. I gave her one of my Black leather(Yes! Leather, na my uncle dash me..
Like that one wey Iceprince wear for VIP Video) Kaftan which as we all know have gone under the needle, telling her the shirt was expensive and how I would collect it later. Hell, the shirt took US 5Minutes before WE could get it into her. The bosom come package up like say na Cossy own, the back side of d kaftan nor gree level with the front side again as I told her she is overload.

“Bros, In case show dey again, I don wake up oh!!!”.. My D*I*C*K ministered but I had to shut the thing up.. Sheewwww..
Shey the 10million sperm wey dem say e dey produce never finish?.. Unto the fear say make I no enjalaculate Blood, na so I put am for safety mode.
She left after I called a MetroCab for her, although me and the Cab Driver almost fought over the price he was saying. Nor be me pay oh, but the thing pain me!! 4k? I come begin dey
consider doing Taxi Work gan
I even warned the driver not to look at the rear mirror as he will mishandle the wheel if he sees the things at the back.
Angela laughed and gave me a Peck, A Hug and A Kiss right on the street.. Trouble!!!!!!
I even fear to hold her as she still teased me with the shaky word..
I watched the Cab disappear before I did my Boy Aliko kinda leg moves.. Even micheal jackson for jealous the movement of my Dunlup
Headed straight to the house as I smiled, scratching my head as I called Asamoah to tell him his sister just left my place.. Na so Asamoah self tell me say Abiagil dey with am..
Shocked? Same here.. I told him I would call him back for details (so wait!!!) as I entered the sitting room, getting ready for the so called Post Jealous actions between a BIG GIRL and a KID because I knew she was in the kitchen when I was seeing Angela Off.
No one was in the kitchen again, so I headed to my room. On getting to where her room was, I started singing Terry G’s Akpako master so she would know I was coming.
Well, it worked as she came out in Bum-Shorts and a loosed shirt in which I could see her neepples on display.
I was still checking out those b0-0bs I couldn’t touch on christmas eve when I heard something like catarrh in her Nose. I knew it was definitely not catarrh, it was that noise the nose makes after you finish crying(or still crying).. So I thought!!
I wanted to start laughing instantly but when I looked at her face, they were dead Red as she just stood outside her door with a strange face while I passed.. I knew she wanted me to say something and hell! I told y’all that the cry of a girl brings out the emotional side of me. But I passed her, entered my room as I continued singing Akpako Master.
I was smiling inside my room as I sprayed Air Deodorant and arranged Angela’s Gees(My trophies) in the wardrobe. Then I decided to go and ask Faith if she was the one that called her sister to tell her I brought a girl into the house.
I knocked for minutes before she opened and Just maybe she wanted me to ask what was wrong with her. Instead, I asked if she was the one that called her sister..
*Omo! Come see painment for her eyes .. I agree.. I wicked *
She told me she was the one in her teary voice and I swear the voice reached out for me but who sigh? I told her that she had to learn how to mind her own business, that even if she brought 12 MATURED men that are not kids like me into the house, I wouldn’t say a word because I am only fit for the sidekick kind of guy(surprisingly, my english was very fluent!!! .. And polished too).
She just stood there, looking at me with the red teary eyes as I continued “At least let the girls that sees me for who I am visit me nah! Why disturb my peace?”

“You know, I thought you were different, I thought you were someone I needed, now I see you for whom you are Dan.. And I hate you right now”.. She said as she shut the door on me while I heard her rest her back on the wall as she cried.


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