-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 40

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I had to move my legs to tell her to stop stroking as I wanted to focus on her alone since it seemed I would kum any soon and I so wanted to Kum in her mouth..
Minutes later, she tightened her legs more as I could feel her shake to the rhythm of her Kuming body and then I felt those whitish liquid popped out of her..
*How did I feel it? It is thick and feels like natural cow milk.. You get? .. No! It doesn’t taste like milk *
Then I knew this was it as she got down from the position we were in, reached for my pillow as she screamed into it.. I had to place another pillow on top of her as she shook her body and touched herself where she knows best.. If anyone came in to meet us at this moment, you will probably think I was killing her because I placed a pillow on her face while she shaked like someone running out of breath..
For about 10seconds, she continued the spasm but hey! Excuse me!!.. I never Kum nah, why all this fronting?.. I felt she was going to give me a head once more but she was just lying down there telling me I am some na…sty old marafacker that comes once in a millenium .. Like I care.. Mtchewww!
I just pretended I was ok
*Dear women that doesn’t Kum after sex, trust me, this made me one of you!*
I gave her tissues to clean myself up as my mind and nose started battling..


Mind: Smell that hand make you see how e dey smell jor!

Nose: Guy no try am ohhhhh! I never try for you since? Aha! Abeg stop that play

Although I wanted to smell it, but I just had to listen to my nose as I lied down there loosing my hellrection to frustration..
She laid on my bed, told me that was her 3rd orga(ni)sm and the other two were gotten from toys.. She cleaned herself up, wore her nighties and she walk sheepishly towards the door with a grin on her face as I could still see her Kum on her legs from the reflection of the light in the lobby.. Goodnight.. She said as she went to her room whatever way she came.. I just lied down and couldn’t sleep on the wet bed, so I decided to lay on the floor thinking about the painment in my balls.. Ended up stroking myself sha
Mind you, She nor carry her panties again oh
I woke up very early in the morning to set and arrange somethings and damn, my mouth was super Acidic, so I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth. While I was brushing, I saw
traces of dried mucus(her Kum?) On my face, this made me remembered the yeye mission I embarked on.. Anyway, she warned me didn’t she?
After doing the needful in the room, sprayed Air Deodorants and every every, I headed straight to go do my chores at about 6am.
I didn’t bother about Dishes and sweeping because I knew my personal persons will take care of them, so I went to wash the cars that weren’t so dirty..
Just finished washing the cars when Joyce came down in her nighties to come check if I had washed her car because they would be leaving to go pick up Faith at her Uncle’s. As usual, she gave me the normal mean face but I didn’t realize I was smiling like a Goat that is being roasted in the fire until I saw my reflection on the clean glass of my uncle’s car.

“Guy na lie!.. She come see you jare.. All this her excuse na fronting”.. My mind said as I questioned the reason it made me smile.
At about 9am, THEY(Joyce and Abigail) were already off to Ikeja to go and pick up Faith, Uncle went and exactly 10minutes later, Esther told me she was going to see a friend as she give me a peck telling me last night was the best!..
Actually, I believed her.. But a silent whispering came to mind saying:
“Guy arrange!.. A friend by this time? Why e be say na as ur uncle commot she sef commot?”.. I was letting my mind wander, at last, I decided I was going to call my Tailor friend that is opposite the estate to ask him some questions.
He told me my uncle’s SUV was just opposite the estate gate and it seemed he was waiting for somebody. I dropped the phone as he started asking when next my uncle go dash me make I bring market for am.. At least the silent whispering wasn’t wrong right?
I became very angry.. No!, I wasn’t angry at her, I was angry at me for believing the lies she told me yesterday… And I was also smiling, imagining how Uncle will ride her..
I called Asamoah some minutes later, he asked why I haven’t replied his tweets and all other craps.. Told him I have been busy and all other good craps.
Funny enough, I asked him the name
of the drugs they mixed in the vodka I took some days back, he didn’t really say but he said he was gonna get some for me.. If and only If I told him what I want to do with it.
Couldn’t tell him, especially when he came to my house with his Senior Sister who was 2years older than him.. My Oh My!!!.. She was a black beauty to behold with some fatty legs. She wasn’t that fat but her legs na bulldozer(nor be yam legs abeg!) and I didn’t really listen to her name when he was introducing her, all I heard was that she schooled in Ghana and comes to Nigeria once in a while. Hell! She had a typical Ghanian body..
*Google Jackie Appiah!*


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