-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 4

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“Friends hurts the most, be careful of the friends you keep”..

Funny how I remembered the words of my teacher advising me to stay away from the kind of friends I associates with while I stood there, looking at Bros Abu and the woman, I guess she was the one I called my Uncle’s Wife few hours ago but at this moment, she was just a woman.

“Ummm.. Ummmm.. Danladi, what are you doing here?” She asked in the most vulnerable voice ever, as she stood up from the Old sets of mattress that were in the store,sweating profusely like some stainless steel with ice block inside! while Oga Abu was busy wearing his trousers. Damn! He was also
wearing perry colev? and I didn’t remember seeing him remove the condoms. Like he used it anyways.

“Joyce weds Daniel”, as I saw it on their wedding calendar the previous day, Joyce was from a
wealthy home, a graduate of Law in A.B.U Zaria in her mid 20′s. Didn’t really pay attention to her physical appearances as she was my uncle’s wife.
But she was a beauty to behold, especially now that I got to see those b.o.obs she has refused to let sagged. Unfortunately it was all physical beauty, because I just saw the ugliest woman ever!
What went wrong? Could it be that my uncle with his pot belly (which explains the XL shirts he keeps giving me ) couldn’t satisfy his wife in bed? Or is it because he is hardly at home? Why? They are just 2years old, no child yet, is that uncle of mine impotent? Abi this Abu of a man use jazz?

“My Guy!, its not what you think”..

Abu interrupted my thinkology(pardon! ). I looked at him, I felt a rage inside of me and wanted to break his head, but thank the gods, they over took my actions, I just looked at him and left the store room. (Oga Abu grab oh! Make he no use style beat me for that room because na danger zone I enter.)
The phone rang, it was asamoah, I picked it and he started saying words I don’t understand. All I understood was “I don find girl for you”.
I have been thinking for almost 2hours in my room, as to why Joyce will cheat on my uncle that worships her. But I thought to myself that enough was enough, so I brought my phone, opened my opera mini, opened my Saved Pages, I was a fan of Lisa Ann and Kapri Styles, so I had pictures of her on web pages saved in my browser. This was an attempt to stop thinking of my uncle’s wife Unclothedness abomination. Or so I thought .

“Grrrrhhhhhhhh! Grrrrhhhhhhhh!!

The bell by the gate rang, while
your boy was busy looking for soap to put lagbaja to sleep (Same soap I left outside oh!). At this moment, the thoughts of Joyce came again!.

“Why did this Uncle of mine listen to his wife in not having a gateman? How am I supposed to go out there like this to open the gate?”.

Wssssh! Back to my kaftan, with some hard-on lost, I went to open the gate, taking note that the Honda EOD was missing, meaning Joyce wasn’t around, Faith and Abigail came in. Abigail didn’t greet me, but faith did.
Faith was a chubby girl, more like the younger Toolz in person. An engineering student in Landmark University and with an inquisitive brain.
She greeted me and I asked how her outing was, she didn’t answer but asked why my eyes were dull, told her I just woke up.
I closed the gate and walked behind them, I don’t know why my eyes went straight to faith’s A$$, but
whatever it was, “Blood of Goat” was all my brain could interpret to my eyes, I tried comparing it with that of Lisa Ann’s but I was more interested in knowing the kind of panties she wore. So I abandoned the comparison and tried tracing the panty lines, at this moment, I wasn’t conscious of the environment. All I was following was an A$$ and the rhyme that came to mind was “17, 18, 19,

I saw legs climb a small stair, this was when I realised we were at the entrance to the house, and like someone snapped out of being hypnotised, I ironed my movements, put both hands in my kaftan shirt to position myself. Ohhh! I went to the
backyard to pick up my soap because this new era of temptation was getting much.
Got to my room, straight to the bathroom and I masturbathed with Joyce’s Unclothedness, Faith’s A$$ and Esther’s Smile in mind, I was so sure I was gonna cum twice but phuck this silly brain, it always decieves me. Just once and I have lost the hormones? Upon all the build up? Hope say I nor resemble my uncle oh?


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