-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 39

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After much stroking, kissing and every every, she reached down for a pillow and gave me to rest my head as I watch her return a favour she promised on christmas day..
She kissed me once again as she went straight to my tight boxers and within a second, she drew it down to reveal the celebrity of the moment as it came to standing like “1″, with a self praise stand like that of balotelli’s 2012 Euro goal stance..
*i could imagine it say “I don show! U be no wan release me for the over perfumed mask shey?”*
She smiled again as she kissed the tip of it and then took it in her wet mouth.
Ok, I just have to describe the feeling I had that moment.. IT WAS AWESOME!!!….. She held my D*I*C*K with her hand, stroking it with the hands with the help of the lubrication that came from her mouth and the movement of her tongue at the tip of my D*I*C*K..
Holy Cow!!!!!!! And for the second time, I didn’t know when I started letting out some moans I find funny up till now..
I knew she would want me to also touch her but damn she was out of reach.. The only thing I could do was help her hold her brazilian hair to keep it from disturbing her.. Hence, helping her maximize my pleasure but mbanu!!! I felt I wasn’t doing enough as I raised her head up looking into her eyes and noooooooooo..
She was coming for my lips….. Shiiiiiiit! She wanted me to taste my pre-kum!!!!
Well, she kissed my lips and……… I liked it as she set down again to continue her work on my D*I*C*K which she never really left as her hands were still holding it tight!!!!
I caressed her bosoms and told her I want her to also taste herself from me.. Then she smiled nawtily and said I should let her prove to me that truly, she Loves BJ..
Now that wasn’t funny!.. Knowing fully well that if I enjanlaculated, I wouldn’t want to give her a head again so I quickly turned around telling her I wanted to lick her dry too that I also loved going down there , placed my face in between her legs as my legs where now resting on the wall.. Oh! And my waist was on the pillow..
There it was, the wonderland that I banged for 20mins under the influence of Aphrodicodi on christmas day, staring in front of me, wanting me to eat IT up as I rounded my left hand on her thighs, just below the A$$.. She moaned to this as I asked her “How About a 69? Heard it never fails for a searching mission”.. She smiled and said my wish was her command in some “Give it to me already”
She started first as she took my snake into her as she continued the stroking, tongue movement, but this time, she was now playing with my pained balls.. Chai! I swear Lisa Ann na learner!!!!!
I breathed into her pussay as I used my right hand(fingers) to path those shining La….hbia in which just beneath lied a pink shining wonderland.. I kissed it and started eating it out while she was still BJing me..
I could feel her moans on my snake(tired of using asterisks to separate deeek! ) as I felt warmed breathing all over.. My tongue went in on her hole as I could bet my lower jaw was
caressing her cleetoral hood and the more I use my tongue on her, the deeper she deepthroated my D*I*C*K.

“Chuck one finger for her yan…sh!!!”.. My mind suggested as I look for a way to make her kum before I kum .. I read in a novel that a female’s center of gravity lies just between the walls separating the A$$-hole and the Pussay-hole.. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a bad Idea to me as I was super high..
I obeyed my humble mind as I inserted a finger into her Yanxxxxh while I tongue-*F*U*C*K her(Don’t even say ewww..
Try am and I will break ur head ..) and at this instant, she left out one crazy moan but she closed her mouth immediately to reduce the intensity of the moans.. She stopped giving me my normal BJ as all she was now doing was stroking at a very high speed while she used her legs to hold down my head!!!
*Omo! I thought my ears will just die that moment *.. And for you that
said “ewww!”, pray your G.F never meets me
When I saw the effect of this, I wanted to be stroking my finger inside of her yanxxh but the way she tightened her legs on my skull, it was so tight that I couldn’t move my hands again so I resulted into pressing the finger downward towards the pussay hole and voila!!!.. I found her G—-spot!!!!
*trust me, nasty things drive them girls crazy!!!!!!*
The strokings I got were so high that I had that kuming feeling, so I swore to myself that we will Kum at the same time(I mumu shey) as I continued the forward pressing and tongue-f*u*c*king her little hole..


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