-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 37

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I took some seconds to appreciate the spotless skin of my Uncle’s wife as I rubbed the lotion on her body, when I got to her shoulders, I did some massage-ish moves as I pressed her collar bone and this made her jerked. Like she enjoyed it, looking at her reflection from the mirror, I saw her eyes closed and it was a confirmation that she was truly enjoying it…
By this time, I was so haroused that I was praying she doesn’t rest or tilt her back towards my direction as she will meet something she doesn’t enjoy from my Uncle..
I left the shoulder, down to her lower back as my fingers passed through her side ribs.. I could swear I touched her b0-0bs but hey!!.. My thinking faculty was gone as this wasn’t lotion rubbing again, it was now a romantic caress…

“No! No!!.. Back to the shoulder, I was really enjoying that”.. She said as she bent her neck for me to place her hands..

“Oboy!.. Na shoulder you dey oh!!.. Your hands never even reach that pussay and she don dey enjoy am? Carry on jor chaar!!!!”..
My mind said as I placed my hands back on her neck, massaging it as she closed her eyes..
Mind you, the towel was still very much on her but I swear, my mind don remove the towel as I imagined me F*U*C*King the same girl that was moaning to Abu’s thrusts few days back..

At this time, my conscience had no say in these as all I wanted was satisfy my urges which were on high on per minute billing….
But before I could think of what to do to hide my Attention, she was already standing up telling me I could pass for a Spa worker and how she has a friend that runs a spar somewhere in the Island..
She was still talking when she saw me putting my hands in my kaftan in an attempt to put that snake in between my legs inside the IN between my legs…..
In my mind at that very moment, I was like “Kill Me now please!!..because it was kind of weird you know?

“What are you hiding?”.. She asked with a smile

“Ummm.. Aunty, its not what you are thinking”.. I said with an
embarrassed face, but for my mind ehhhh.. That smile na proof say I dey on good path fah..

“Common.. Don’t be such a kid.. I mean, who won’t get a hard-on after seeing and even touching my half Unclad body? Its expensive maintaining you know?”.. She said with a naughty smile as she went to her closet to put on something..
At this moment, I knew it would be easier than I thought as I sent a message to my D*I*C*K saying: “Oboy, I don leave you oh! Am not a kid ” While I removed mY hands from the pocket of the kaftans..

“So Ladi, what else can your hands do aside give a sensible massage to a lone defenseless lady huh?”..

“Ahahaha! She is asking for my C.V? Give am fast!!!” My hands sent a message to the brain..
“They made a girl Kum and pass out, they even made your sister Tweet rubbish she later deleted, and finally, it also made your sister squirt”..
Ehehehehe! Not what you are thinking, that was me thinking.. I dey craze wey I go talk that kind thing?
Well, I told her I was yet to explore it as her body was the first I touched in a long time. She gave me craps about she talking to her friend to get me a job at the Spa all other crappy craps.. But the only thing I got from all these was when she said she will call on me anytime from now to give her a massage so she will see if really I am good at it.. *thats more like an interview right?
I smiled and told her thank you as I left her room.. Not disappointed but happy that I found out she was not different from Esther.. She was a lover of Banging (or so I thought).
Besides, I wouldn’t want Esther or Abigail to suspect anything because I was spending more time than expected in the room.
I got back to the sitting room, thinking of having my Uncle’s wife Unclad right in front of me and me ride her to the fullest while I watch highlights of the EPL match.. I called friends with my Awuf credits as I laughed hard, not minding if everyone was around..
After all, I had all of them under control .. (Mum’s dream was already coming to pass sha )
Nothing spectacular happened for the rest of the day aside me opening the gate for my Uncle, eating my dinner and going to bed.


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