-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 34

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After about a minute or two, she raised her waist side up, using her back to lay on the bed as she used her hands to support herself in the position.. I knew what was coming so I sat under her opened legs while I use my right hand to hold her A$$,
pushed her closer as I continued eating her.. Hair strands were in my mouth as I secretly spat every now and then.. Then finally, I saw some milky substance on my three fingers that were in her and voila.. I increased tempo as the thrusts were making noise. She said some words I didn’t hear but all I could feel was her legs shaking like say na she oyimbo look wey dem give “Shake” the name.
She didn’t just Kum though .. Right in my Mouth, and right in my uncle’s bedroom, I felt some liquid that weren’t so milky(thick) pour on my face and into my mouth.
“OMG! She is peeing!!!!!!”… I said in my mind..
Yes, she was squ**irting in my mouth!.. I had to act fast as a sharp man, even though I was lost in the “Ewwww” of what just entered my mouth.. In an involuntary attack, I had to arrange fast as I carried her to the edge of the bed, she placed her hands on her hood, rough handling it the way I wouldn’t dare.. The pillow on her face as all I cold hear wear screams under the pillow..
*Ok!.. This was ewwwww! But I just had to pretend I enjoyed it*

“Oboy!!!!!… You be man!!!!… Your G.F go truely enjoy you gan!.. Their papa!!!… Ghanian, now a Calabar girl.. We gonna finish them”.. My mind told my tongue and hands as I took time out to watch this girl squirt (those liquids aint pee right?)..
After few seconds, she came back to herself as she just lied down in silence.. Perhaps she was so weak because her hands and legs were still shaken and at least, she didn’t pass out like Yvonne.. Why won’t she be weak self? Me wey just enjanlaculated wan faint!!!!
After some minutes of resting/silence, I decided to say the first word as it seemed she was now
regaining some strength…

“That was awesome!!!”.. I said with some sighs painting the words..
She just turned around, looked at me and said she thought she was going to die as that was her first Organism( ), which she had been fantasizing about..
I just couldn’t help but ask her when she became sexually active, she didn’t wanted to say at first but after some sweet lies(or facts?) about how I loved her style/experience, she told me she was 15 when she lost her V. Told me she just had sex 6times but in her quest to look for orga(ni)sm, she do masturlabate with toys..
The convo was getting too much, so I told her we had to clean the mess we made in the room.. She just stood up, wore her mini-skirt and her shirt and told me I should clean it up .. She forgot her pan..t.ies and her B®A, and when I told her, she said “Keep it in your room, I might come get in soon”…
It wasn’t so hard cleaning the room, I changed the bedspread, mopped the squ..irts(or pee?) And almost finished an Air Freshener in the room as I could still smell pussay,A$$ and seamens all over..
While I was doing this, I started thinking of how Bad/Lucky I have been…
Ohhh! I took the condoms to the toilet to be flushed away.. Took me a long while before those small thingies could flush I picked the wet pan..ties and the B®a, a mind told me to sniff it but I just couldn’t(Y’all know that feeling after Kuming nah).. So I went straight to my room to droped them in the wardrobe.
Returned back to the sitting room with my Kaftan and my perry coles to meet my “Wonderful” soundcity.
PEARL was the VJ presenting something and I just admired her figure 8.. While I was still admiring her, my mind said:
“Oboy Arrange!.. Shey Pearl fine like Esther wey you F*U*C*K today? She get hips like Faith? Kak well jor”..
This made me remember faith but I once again shut her out as I went to load my plate with Rice, Beans, Stew and most importantly.. Meats.
I heard the bell(gate) ring immediately I finished washing the plate I used in eating, so I ran outside thinking it was Joyce that was back.. But when I got outside, the Car Horn sounded so much like my uncle’s.. Hence, the arrival of the smart(clueless?) Bros of mine .
He got down from the car after like forever making calls inside while I wait outside to collect his bag.

“Welcome Uncle, how was the journey?”.. I said in a calmed voice while I took his bag from the back seat..
He didn’t even reply me as the first thing he asked was if Esther was at home. (Esther? Like Esther?)
I told him she wasn’t home as she went out since morning with a male friend (..Amebo!!! Who asked me?)..
This kind of made him angry As he instructed I empty the goodies in the boot and bring the key to his room after I finish washing the car ..
I was still scared of the mess in the room so I insisted I helped him carry the bag to his room ..
The Maga didn’t even noticed anything, especially after I told him I arranged, swept and mopped the room when I heard he was coming..


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