-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 33

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Her moans were so high that I had to stop kissing her, gave her a pillow to cover her mouth with as I worked on her b0-0bs and feeeengered her hole while I did my normal cleeee*toral hood massage with my thumb.. At this point, even if I told her I didn’t love her, she wouldn’t want me to stop because she was so wet and her body moving like worms inside salt.
Make e nor be like say I lose, I used my my right hand to place her hands on my D*I*C*K(Esther’s Move). She held it and squeezed the hell out of it, na so the thing shout “Correct Guy! I think say you don forget me ‘ but I just had to give out a fake moan. Why?.
She slip a hand into my perry coles and had direct contact with my D*I*C*..K, then that tinkling feeling came again as her hand stroked it. She was pointing it to the direction of her Pussay, stroking it at first was kind of dry but she went to the tap(pre-Kum) and used it to lubricate it (Omo! This one na professional ohhhh! – My mind said in its excitement).
As the perry coles wasn’t helping matters (the rubber on the waist kept on leveling my D*I*C*K on my stomach), she pushed it further down as she once again tried placing it on her Pussay entrance (she was still in panti….es)..
“Guy arrange, she wants me inside of her, do fast”..
My D*I*C*K. Ministered as I stood up in a speed, removed my boxers and my D*I*C*K started pointing at Joyce’s Picture on the wall (Ashiewooooo!!!!). She also removed every every as I looked for condoms from my uncle’s room. (Btw.. Na here I know say na my uncle room I dey)
“If she asks for skin dive, no do am ohhhh”.. My mind said as I was in search of condoms.. Praying she doesn’t ask for skin dive because I will just give it to her as to say me I don over high!!!!
Finally found it , and I was set to wear CD for the first time.. I tear am sharp sharp with my teeth while I tried wearing it.. Na for there I know say CD get L(large(, M(medium), S.. Guess what… The ones I saw in the drawer were S(small)..
*Are you thinking what I was thinking? *..
She helped me put it on and this made me madt!!..
My D*I*C*K started jerking.. Like say he dey do press-up “UP!!!!!!!!…. down… UP!!!!!!!!.. down”..
But she did something that made things worst.. She kissed my D*I*C’K(the tip)..
“Their Father!!!!… Them say I too dirty, say I dey always dey pee, who dem dey kiss now?”.. The tip of my D*I*C*K shouted!!! as it continued his press Up movements..
She helping me wear it(the thing nor cover my thing oh! Na half way e reach) shows that she was ready for sex.. So I kissed her after she finished and asked what her favourite position was.

She placed a Pillow just below her hips, her A$$ lit up the roam as I could see the pink pussay through pussay hairs.. Chai! Words can’t explain the sight of that moment I tell you.. She looked at me with a hell of a killer looks that had “You asked for it” in it..
*wait, that’s canine style shey? *
But before I entered, I just wanted to do something nasty to make her crazy as I bent down to suck on her Pussay but I opened her pussay lips first to study that hole.. Make I know the position well well.. I had to retreat after few seconds because my nose was directly on her harnus.. (Don’t say ewww. That is my line).. But damn.. She loved it!!!!!!!
I teased her with the Tip of my D*I*C*K at first as I would put it in and remove it, did this for like 5 times before I finally went in.. I placed my two hands on the bed while I watch my D*I*C*K disappear into her pussay and the sight of it and that wonder A$$ raised up like that of an ant was fascinating….
She wasn’t as tight as Esther( ) but damn she was sweeter.. Probably because I wasn’t in a hurry to Kum.. Or she was just too sweet . I started thrusting slowly as she buried her face on the second pillow, holding the bed and squeezing the bedspread that normaly takes me 20mins before I arrange..

Each thrust gave me a feeling out of this world but I discovered I was only entering unto the reach of the condom.. So I decided to Go all In.. I thrust in deeper and I heard a scream decorated with moans as she said I was hurting her .. So I had to behave, rest it in there a little and said sorry to her. Then continued some seconds later.. She tried turning her head to kiss me because I was kissing her neck as I told her sorry but it didn’t work.. So I thought it was time I changed positions.
I was already having the feeling of Kuming, so that change of position will help me a lot..

“I want to ride on your D*I*C*K”.. The small girl (few minutes ago) turned a loveable said in her moans as I stood up..
Lied down as she climbed on top of me, my hands on her b0-0bs as she kissed me and then used her hands to direct me inside.. But in order to extend that Kuming feeling, I told her I needed to change condoms .. She quickly reached for it, removed, changed and kissed my Thighs.. (Ehehehe! Ladies please kiss our thighs also)
Off she went as she rode me to an Island of fantasy with her kneels kneeling just besides my lower abdomen(on the bed).. I was still holding her bosoms when she took my left hand and placed it on her cleetoral hood .. I tried massaging it but it wasn’t that lubricated so I spat on my fingers and took the merchandise back to the hood..
We were on this poisition for some seconds when I could tell she would Kum.. But unfortunately, I was the first to Kum as I for the second time within 24hrs, I felt I was going to cum 3litres..
I came for more than a minute(fiction?) As it didn’t just want to stop coming.
*The thing hot me oh!
That small hole at the front of the condom definitely couldn’t hold the amount I supplied*
But I couldn’t just let this girl down, since I knew she was almost cuming(she was near spasm), I still tried thrusting and massaged her hood but thrusts became irritating.. So I raised her up, placed her on the bed, finge*….red her and ate her up.. I didn’t do this because I wanted to do it, but because I wanted to satisfy her.. (Read somewhere that women always feels disappointed when they are near heavenly feeling and didn’t reach it)..


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