-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 29

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She was breathing as hard as I was as I felt like sleeping(Or should I say my eyes were turning me?).
She stood up and started saying “What have I done?”..
Some stories about why I shouldn’t have released into her and how she wasn’t thinking (Mtcheww.. Girls self, na only you come, na only you say make I no use CD, na only you dey regret? Why? ).. but I used my last strength to tell her that I couldn’t help it as she was so sweet and that that’s the best sex I ever had. (Best!!!!!! I tell you)
She wasn’t happy, I could tell from her face but I didn’t really have a conscience to apologize, besides she was a master in this field and should have allowed me use a condom.
Off to the toilet she went to wash herself up as My millions of potential children (Sorry kids .. Daddy had to sacrifice you all ) dripped of her pussay that was shining like Gold… While she was in there and the shower started running, I started my own madness
“You this boy, You be bad man!!!! See as you make esther dey waka like say na Ramsey kind of injury she carry.. Oboy I feel you… But wait oh.. You no wear condom? Aids is real sha ”
I was pointing at my D*I*CK(SEAL) and talking to it in my mind when I suddenly remembered Asamoah..
He didn’t call, didn’t send a message.. Or maybe I didn’t hear anything.. But on checking my phone, I discovered the phone was Off!
“This must be my head at work!!! (Remember I hit my head for the phone shey? ” I said in my mind as I switched it on.. But at this point, I felt some worms protesting in my stomach, shouting:
“We want food ohhh! Abeg today na christmas ohhhhh!”..
If someone told me I would do what I did few minutes ago without a single food since 6pm the previous day, I would have slapped the person and slap the person again after I did it for the fulfilled prophesy.
I entered the bathroom to ask Esther if there was food in the fridge since the shower didn’t allow her hear my previous callings, especially when remembered I was having headache.. I got the shock of life when esther covered herself with the shower cottons as I walked in.. (wetin I see just now na him dis girl dey hide again? How strange huh?)

“Esther is there food in the kitchen? You have emptied my stomach fah”.. I said with a mock smile as I still wondered why she hid behind the cottons..
(And No! I wasn’t afraid of her again, let’s just say I started seeing all women as the same age from the moment I enjalaculated inside Esther who was 5 or 6years older than me.. Hence, the name “ESTHER” that I called.)
Went to the kitchen after finally wearing my underwear to where she said food were(Deep
Freezer), I didn’t know how to use microwave(or I hate it!! ) so I used the Gas cooker to warm up the stew in the fridge as I boiled rice to eat.
Off to the latest room smelling of A$$(That Do..ggy style get as e dey smell sha ), Pussay and Seamens to wear some decent clothes so I can sit in the sitting room to watch EPL highlights and also keep an eye the food I kept in the fire. Esther was already dressed up, leaving for wherever she was going when I met her by the door.. She didn’t say a word to me and this made me feel like I did something bad to her..
I held her by the hand to ask what was wrong and she didn’t say anything, all I could see were tears rolling down her eyes..
*Ok, I have phobia for tears, I hate to see people cry.. Especially when I feel I was the reason behind it.. So those tears activated my conscience as I once again became that caring man that I am *
After minutes of holding her, touching her chin and cleaning off her tears , petting her to tell me why she was crying, she finally broke down to tell me what was wrong.
Turned out she was this emotional unstable kind of girl who covers her insecurities with being mean because of the way she poured out her heart felt super story.. Trust me, the only place I have seen this vulnerability was in the movies. . (Could she have been using psychology on me?)
She told me I would start seeing her as a slut(She read my mind?), that I should promise no one knows about what just happened and she won’t bug me again(I pray make I believe) and bleh bleh bleh bleh *in Dracula’s voice*

“Why did you do it?”.. I asked her as she looked at me and said she couldn’t help it as she just wanted to ride on what she saw in the morning . (and she said I shouldn’t see her as a slut? Then she is a go getter I guess..)
I intended kissing her on the forehead, then peck her as assurance that everything will be Ok but after I kissed the forehead, I met her eyes closed and when I wanted to peck her, she turned her lips for me. Couldn’t help it though, I was full of guilt enough that the only thing I could do was to give her what she wanted.
She pushed me to the wall of the Lobby as she turned her A$$ facing me while turning her head for me to reach her lips.. “No Dulling!!!!”.. I said to myself as I was kissing and playing with her B®Aless bosoms(Funny she didn’t even do what was written on the shirt..)
She was grinding/moving/whining her A$$ like a makosa dancer on my D*I*C*K when suddenly I felt it waking up like The Undertaker(WWE) standing up from his casket..


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