-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 26

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All the things above are things I didn’t or I still don’t know how my Peter Petrelli mind arrived at it..
Perhaps the aphrodicodi enhances intelligence too (Please don’t believe me!). And, it was pretty fast!!!!
But something happened… I started considering this girl standing right in front of me as the angel Baba sent to come ease me of my predicament. I started seeing her for the naughty girl she was and not the senior or 400lvl or the “She don pass my class” saga. I come dey bone the contract wey I be wan go sign for hotel..

“Hmmmm.. So I guess you want revenge, here I am”.. I finally said.. Giving a guilty smile like all she accused me of was all true.

“I haven’t seen you newde, so let’s start from there”.. She said..

“Chai!!.. See jackpot!!!”.. I said as In my mind as I was a little shy.
Yes, I was shy.. No girl don ever see me Unclad nah.. I gotta be shy.. Its my right.

“You wan die? Abeg if you wan die, I never wan die oh! Loosen this bedsheet jor!!!!!”.. The so called lagbaja messaged the hands and Voila!!.. Down the sheets went.

“Hello World!, Hi, I am Seal(Heroes Movie)”.. He said with a *YIMU* Structure, point straight to the ceiling(Only if she knew I wasn’t having hard-on because of her.. But who cares? ).. Ehehehe! The moomoo don change him name as it was not in the mask again, so from this moment, its called Seal on the outside and Lagbaja on its mask She said something I didn’t care to listen to but I was staring at her shirt… Then she laughed and said “Sure you love it!”..
Now that was the most seductive voice I have ever heard as of 2012.
(I couldn’t believe this was happening.. I still couldn’t.. Why? Why? Why?)

“On christmas day? You wanna straph? Faith’s sister?”
My conscience wanted to talk but f*uck it!!!, where was it when I was preparing to go the party? Or where was it when I was drinking from the water dispenser? Mtchewww
It hurts when girls say ALL BOYS ARE THE SAME though, like it doesn’t make sense . All boys cannot be the same but they share something in common.. THEY HAVE A D*I*C*K! .. Men have conscience, but I tell you, D*I*C*Ks got no conscience.. All they want to do is DIG HOLES, ENJOY AND KUM
(No! They don’t like making children.. That’s the work of the kitten).. And they don’t care the holes they Dig.. Hence you see why we Masturlabate, we sleep with Ashiewos, Old and Young, even disabled and mad women . And F*U*CK it, they don’t like digging wide holes .. That is why we have people like SENATOR YERIMA and co
(with finger like preeks)
*I no insult anybody oh!.. Na only CO I insult .. But hey, All Joysticks are the same, and kitten loves them.. (Let me not enter into another realm of story sha)
Well, back to the moment , SEAL( ) was on high, so it overshadowed my conscience as I moved closer to her, didn’t dare to touch her as I looked into her eyes.. Damn! They were so blue!!! (Yesh! She fixed them) and I couldn’t help but hurry up to bleep the hell out of the hungry caged LovePeddler….

“Kiss me already, put me on the bed and give me your love”.. My peter Petrelli mind interpreted the gesture of her eyes close..

Omo! No dulling, I kissed her and to my surprised, she responded!!!… Although the kiss wasn’t that magical, as in.. All I wanted to do was get the drug effects off my body.. But na wetin man go do? Man has to follow protocols nah make I no go drive motor wey engine oil no dey..
But everything changed as I felt her hands rock my SEAL(get used to it!!).. Ok, that was the first time a girl touched it and it was awesome!!! Not like I cared about the awesome feeling anyways.. Like the hands were so cold! (All my years of mastulabating, I never feel those kind hands.. Come imagine the hands moving up and down.. And one man is their saying once you have maturlabated, you have had sex? Mtcheeewww.. Smellos!)
Now, she was the more experienced girl, so I had to open up to her.. I stopped kissing her and told her I have never done it, but she just planted a kiss on my lips, pushed me to the bed and said: “Watch me spoil you.. You liar!!!”…..
So am the liar?
Really? (Tell them the truth and they say you lie, tell them a lie and they blush.. Really?)
I did a little fantasy as she pushed me(I nor wear anything oh) into the bed as I closed my eyes and I landed on my bed(I used to do this when I was younger). My head hit the phone on the bed but who send? Shoot me and I will tell you Odeshi.
She climbed on top of me(by this time, I lost my guilt, was already seeing her as a beensh.. And I
loved it!!!) As she kissed me passionately.. My hands went down to her A$$ and damn, they were not as soft as I imagined.. As she was kissing my, Mr. SEAL who was now lying down on my stomach, still jerking (like human being wey dem cut e head for Nollywood film) was feeling her Pussay through the Bum-shorts she was wearing, felt Good.. So I started using my hands to push her A$$ up and down so it will grind my SEAL.. I wasn’t afraid of enjanlaculating as it was what I was praying for.
She left out a moan as she stopped kissing me, her mouth went sideways towards my ear and I could hear her breathe so hard!!! Na for here I open my closed eyes to see what’s going on(the only reason I closed my eyes was because she was kissing me, make she no c my eyes opened).. I was so sure she was enjoying the feeling of Mr. Seal so I increased the temple but her hair was really disturbing me because it was all over my face.. So I brought back my hands to hold her hair and I thought the grinding would stop, but she kept on moving up and down with moans I know had “OMG! Its been long” all over it.. (Abeg, shey her University boys no dey bleep? Na only weed dem sabi ney?)
*i no call names..*
Seems she knew the hair were disturbing as she was moving her body to the right, which to me signifies that I should now be on top of her. So I obeyed the signs and I turned over.. This time around, contact with her pussay as I pressed Mr. Seal on her Bumshorts was so free as I could tell she enjoyed it.. Then I remembered she had b0*0bs..
I raised myself up so I can remover her shirt but I couldn’t just help it but admire the girl below me, she was adorable.. Her head surrounded by the long Brazilian hair she fixed on which she was resting on. and she looked like a WINCH(with her blue eyes) but who send?.. (Na so I forget my original mission oh)


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