-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 25

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*Feeling like sahara reporters with feint breaking news*

After minutes I couldn’t really tell (let’s estimate it and round it off to 15mins), I still haven’t ejanlaculated. And to make matters worst, my hands started having spasm(natural tho but my mind was dead), I thought the final hour have come for me to die.
No be Person tell me make I contact A$AP blackey(Asamoah) to re-negotiate the contract he proposed. As I wanted to wear my fold my “Snake” tool a.k.a Lagbaja into its mask(Chinos + Boxer + Boxer), something just told “I” that those underwears were over-dirty!!!(What happened in 2135 .. Remember?)..
So I decided I will just go to the wardrobe to change, with speed I ran out to the room as I left the mask( ) in the bathroom.
Before I opened the wardrobe to look for boxers which I knew would take time to find(Dear Guys, let’s encourage ourselves to arrange clothes in wardrobe, emergency dey happen oh!!! , I sent a “call me back” text to Asamoah so he would call on time. Down to the wardrobe I went, surfing for underwears which I had in few (ehehee! U expect me to also collect used ones from my uncle? Abegi.. No be only female Jenitals get bacteria jare)

“How far?l” He asked hurriedly. (Yeah! The phone rang and I picked it, I had to tell you that?)

“Guy! Arrange fast, as I dey talk to you so, I don dey wear kaftan to enter that hotel, abeg do fast”.. I said in a hurry. (Kaftan was the only thing that would cover the bulge right?)
*i was talking on the phone and still looking for underwears*
I finally found one swimming pan*t and perry cole (Sure! My uncle gave me the perry coles but they were new!!).. On turning so I can wear and fold the lagbaja who was still pointing at the ceiling, I saw an angel sent from hellven to ease me of(off?) My Insatiable desires(Not mine actually.. Na dopeness)!!!!
With the quickest speed ever, I used bedsheet( ) to cover myself while I was still trying to see the face of who it was even when I already saw the “I Love BJ” inscripted on the shirt the angel wore .

“Can’t you knock?!!!!”.. I said in an angry disrespectful way as I was wrapping myself, still didn’t see the face oh. (Ahahaha! Like did I just asked that? Me wey no sabi knock? So na like she feel in the morning? Chai! Karma is a beensh I swear!)

“Ayaaaaay! She have seen me! See just saw my face!!!!!!! She don unmask me!!!!!”.. Lagbaja sent a message to the brain which in turn was doubting if she really saw it.
She laughed(weird) as she said “So you can also say that?”.. Ok, at this time, I still wasn’t thinking of anything to benefit from Esther as my mind was already on the Ashiewo that would be arranged for me. But I swear! The naughtiness written all over her face was just too naughty. I felt like Peter Petrelli(Because I could read her mind.. I think) and I just knew she was Hot. (Like a 22year old? She no get BF? Shewwww)

“He is Hot, and he is large, why not take this opportunity to ride on this poor boy? Why do you always see his d*i*ck* up huh? Afterall it seems he likes you a lot”.. IN MY PETER PETRELLI mode oh, I think I was reading her mind very well, right?
(just learnt that smiley)
I was startled and couldn’t say anything(if na you, you for fit talk?).. All I was praying was for her not to ask why I was so Hot.. Meanwhile, I was still rock hard-on!!!! (Remember the 3hours left maths?

“W…wh..what are you doing here Esther?”.. I asked with some face I could pass for “Sh*it”


Esther: I came to ask if you were going to eat rice, but I see you are having fun (she said.. One of her legs was standing on a its toes and it was swinging right n left)

Me: Its not what you think..(See 4*uck Up!!!)

Esther: Owing to the fact that you have been spying on me, I guess Its what I am thinking. (Gap tooth showed up)

Me: Spy? Me? (Confused.. Make dis girl leave make I fold this lagbaja nah…)

Lagbaja: Taaah! I no be lagbaja again! Person don see my face (See me ohhh!)

Esther: Yes, Friday.. In my room.. Monday Morning.. Through my window… Monday Evening..
You spied on my n*aked body.. This morning.. You checked out my back… (she was even smiling when she was talking)..
At this point, I Just recollected what Asamoah said the previous day.. I quote:
“Asamoah: You be Banku pah, you want greenspring girls when you have some caged Hot beenshes right in your house? Charly, those two girls in private universities that leaves in the same house with you na hungry lions!”
And I just concluded Asmaoah was right.. (No! Faith was different , she wasn’t that Hot.. She was perfect..)
But wait, no wonder she has been smiling!!!!.. Let’s do a little calculation together. I put two and two together and you make it 2two. (TWO + TWO = 2TWO *Tested, Proven*)

On Friday(21st of December 2012).. I hid in her wardrobe to watch her dress, she knew I was there, but didn’t say anything.
*First time I saw a real matured pussay in broad day light .. Wait, I didn’t see yvonne’s pussay? *
(But why was she so mean on saturday? You answer it!)

On Monday Morning(24th), I was standing opposite her window when I was thinking about who the girl with Bros Abu was… I guess she was mastalabating on bed.. (Now let me make this one 2TWO(Four), she must have thought that morning hard-on was for her kwo?.. And that weakness/shock she displayed when I asked about Bros ABU had something to do with her, especially when I told her I was only playing… And then she saw my Lagbaja which I know was beyond average size)

One Moday Evening(When I Pressed her skirt), I didn’t spy oh! But she probably thought I spied on her while she displayed her selling points .. Chei!
Girls self, why didn’t she just tell me? I for watch I swear!!! . (This explains the sudden change in attitude)
This Morning.. I didn’t check it out oh! Abi she see me for mirror wey dey kitchen wardrobe? (I don’t like lying sha)


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