-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

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I know this is going to be strange if I tell you but I was confused as to why this paragraph will confuse you… That’s why am writing it tho, but if its still strange to you, then something is wrong with OUR sense of humor .
I found myself opening my eyes.. To me I was just dozing but when I looked around, there was no one in the pool again but there were guys sleeping by the pool chairs arranged beside the pool. And no trace of background music.. Faith was still asleep as the towel was covering her alone.. Then I decided to check the time because I was thinking I did something I didn’t wanna do…

” What!!!!!? I slept OFF!!!!!? ” .. My mind shouted as I looked at my phone to see it was 6am.. Upon the pains I felt on my legs(Yeye shoes)?
Upon the stomach ache? Upon the fear I had about those druids? What if they have done something to me? Chai! Danladi…. Why you sleep? Even up to 3hours?
I was lost in thoughts when I discovered my Lagbaja was still very much strong.. “Like seriously? Aint that dangerous for my health? abi them don give me something drink?”.. I stood up quickly (this time I no send if faith wake up gan…
But I stood up slowly oh).. As I stood up, I looked at the Girl that slept on my body for a whole night and I just started hailing myself (Danladi Baba!, see babe.. See packaging.. Only You? Devil na area father, you be Province father ……..) As I just couldn’t believe what happened yesterday. Thought I would wake up and find out it was a dream (Wait! I can say this is part of the reasons I didn’t sleep shey? ) but hey! Here I am.. (Maybe I was still dreaming? Enemies….)
I thought of looking for Asamoah but I had a feeling he will be dying with a hangover by now.. So I did a gentleman move (cover ma baby(faith) wella with towel , pecked her on the forehead and said
“Merry Christmas Baby”) as I set out to look for Yvonne in the room I left her. Chai! Omo.. If I marry, I must repeat this style for my wife.. That was romantic right?.
I guessed most people had gone home by now as people were few in the sitting room.. Sleeping.. And I could still see Tobby’s HP latop at the bar stand..
Then my thoughts went viral….
“Tobby and Yvonne are together!!!!!!”..
With immediate alacrity, I dashed off to the room as I tried not stepping on few people who were on the floor.. On getting to the room, it was not locked so I busted in without knocking ( … I Know.. She was right after all).
A bedspread (finally knew it after months of correction that it wasn’t called BEDSHEET ) was covering people my mind interpreted as TWO..
I just went there to open the bedspread .. I must have been high on the alcohol I was drinking (directly from the water dispenser turned alcoholic dispenser) before I slept Off because this new morale cannot be found in my traits..
*You know me nah, cool headed niggah *

“Arrrrrghhh! No be dem ohhhh “..
I said to myself in a nanosecond. Fear come catch me because wetin I see pass wetin I expect..
Its just 6am on christmas day and I am seeing a shock I know will never be surpassed in my top shocks of 2012(so I thought).. ( )..
A Girl… And…… A Girl…….. On the bed!!!!.
After seeing this, my mind (that yeye something that led me there at first) disagreed with my eyes..

“Na Lie!! You are drunk, so you are seeing double.. Look am well”…

Mind ministered to the eyes. Then
the eyes went looking again (when will eyes stop obeying the mind tho?)..
I look b0bby, I look hair, I look b0bby, I look hair.

“Na Girl and Girl be this nah.. Aha!”..

The eyes got back to the mind but only to find out the mind has jumped out of its shell (shocked!) because one of the girls woke up (You see betrayal shey )..
*I never imagined Les–bianism in Nigeria though, I thought it was a Western thing, but here I was..
Looking at it with my eyes .. And it wasn’t sad….
It was sexy!!!!!!!!!!.. Let me not tell y’all that I once mastalabated while I watch two girls handle in a p0rn movie (locks phonepad)

*The girl whom I didn’t want to know (but damn she was hot!!!!!!) was kind of shocked as she was covering herself with the Bedsheet( ).. While I stood there looking with my Korokoro eyes..

“Mayday! Mayday!! Mayday!!!”, the eyes sent a message and the only thing the mind could think of was for me to smile and say Merry Christmas.
Well, I smiled, stammered and said “Me… mer… Merry Christmas.. Sorry, the door was opened, and this is my room(Didn’t think that one up but the lie make sense oh!)
At this moment, I wanted to feel like a king, as I thought the girls will start begging because it was an abomination(Not to me sha) but who sigh? .. She just looked at me like a piece of sh….it and said “Same to you”..
Chai! If you saw those eyes ehhhh, you go fear fear!!!!.. To some extent I thought she detected I was confirm Ajekpako forming Ajebota (Even alcohol couldn’t make me take those eyes for granted) but she no be winch na? Shey? Abi she nor know say wetin she dey do na crime?


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