-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 15

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I lied on the side of the chair as she laid on the other side, resting her head on my chest.
Camera flashes were BANNED from the pool anyways , reasons best known to the girls that were in bikinis.

“Now that’s a heartbeat of a hungry lion”.. I said as I guessed she was listening to the heartbeat.
She laughed and said “Shut up jor”!!!..
At this point, the problem of my mouth smelling was a huge burden on me, so I decided to let it out so I will be free with her at this point. (May HE see me through)

“Mehn! You didn’t tell me to brush before coming, now my mouth smells of food particles..” I said with
an Hiss(mtchewwwwwww). (This I learnt from ummm.. No one?)
She laughed and said “Ewwww! That’s so Ewww” and her hand (left) scaled through my chest. This
sent an electric shock through my brain, down to my spine, into my hands and finally, into the ever hidden lagbaja.

“Shift! Don’t tell me you can’t perceive your own Scent (I nor get mind talk odour) too.. Because I am just trying to be a gentleman? Did you brush ney?”.. I said.

“Oya shutup, I can’t hold my breath any longer!!”..
She said in a mocked sincerity, but with a smile to show she is enjoying the new honest convos. (Chai! Girls self!!!)

“Omo she dey enjoy am oh! Add another problem fast!!!!!”.. My mind said, as I noticed the dude wasn’t there any longer. (Who cares? )

“Actually having a stomach ache from the excessive hormones you woke up in me few minutes ago”.. I said it like its nothing .


Faith: Awwwww! Sorry SEEKER, how may I be of help?

Me: Look into my eyes and confess me! (No longer afraid of the mouth problem )

Faith: Olodo! Do I need to look into your eyes? Mcthewww

Me: Ok! I can do with a little massage (I said jokingly)
Ladies and gentlemen, I was waiting for her to reply with a sarcastic statement when I felt a cold hand raise my shirt up, under the towel.
At first I thought a snake climbed me as I jilted but when I discovered it was her hands, I was shocked and excited. Like “Chiiiisusssss! I remember reading a sex story that started like this ohhhh! ”
She placed her hands on my stomach (#Team4packs ) and as she pressed the stomach downward, I didn’t feel any pain again!!!!!!!! (At least for some seconds ).

“How is it now?” She asked in a voice I could only explain as Yvonne’s whispers . Only difference now was the low music.
I couldn’t say a word!.. Should I say I was stammering or just didn’t know what to say? All I know was I was short for words, with my eyes closed (My Biology teacher must have missed this action when she taught INVOLUNTARY actions..)
Its no longer news that I wasn’t sessxually active
*Just saw a thread that says mastalaation can pass for a (active).. Ahahahaha! If only that OP knows what this girl’s single hand did to me on my stomach!!!!
* imagine the hand somewhere lower
.. Chai!!*

“Its Moving!.. Its coming to me!!.. Its reaching for me!!!”.. This was the revelation I received from lagbaja and his band (Balls n every every ) as I started feeling the hand moved down there.
“Mtche www.. False Alarm!!!!”.. I received this a second or two later. Seems she was just trying to position her hands very well, thereby touching my Perry Coles, hence, the thoughts she was going down there. I haven’t even shaved for like umm..
2months? So I kinda thought it was for my own good she didn’t go there (Before lion go chop her hand inside that place )

“You are a ?eta®ded pe?vert I tell you” (Anyone seen my Personal text on nairaland? ), she said with a huge smile plastered on her face.


Me: Wanna know how a ?eta® ded pe?vert acts right? (With a ” ” expression on my face).

Faith: Only if it will be of benefit to me right now.

Me: Oya, let’s change positions.

*We were sitting/Lying down in a “| i” position facing upward (NOTE: “|” is me and “i” is faith.. Lol!
She wasn’t that short tho ) …… But we now changed it to a “( (“.. Do I need to explain this paragraph again?meself nor understand am ni! .
Ok, , I will.
*She was now facing her left hand side with her ever soft A$$ looking at me like an albino in the afternoon (no offense peeps), perhaps waiting for me to also lie like that (like I needed an invitation..
Nor be me tell am make she do the position? ).
Lagbaja was in pain though, or maybe I was the one in pain sha but bad mind nor gree me rest am as I still pressed it hard against her A$$.
Don’t forget there was a towel covering the lower side oh! (Cold plus private properties insured)


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