-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 13

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I have been using English names for all my Nigerian characters, not because they all have english names but because you might be SMARTER than me and detect a tribal sentiment in a way I didn’t intended it (YOU GO FEAR TRIBAL SCHOLARS NAH ) But at this point, I must tell you the part of Nigeria Faith and her sisters (Joyce, Esther and Abyy) came from. They are from IBIBIO, can’t really tell if its Akwa Ibom or Cross River but me and you know why I am telling you this . But I wondered why she didn’t want romance. Thought they liked it .
*Please! No offense intended..*
Ok.. Back to business!.


Me: So….. What should I do with my senses all in you? I can’t think, feel, smell, see anything but you.. You know right?

Faith: Sit by the pool and watch me watch people? (She asked in a rhetorical way)

Me: Alright, your wish is my command le confessor, but you got to buy me some time, my is on high key . (Like where on earth did I get the courage to say that? Omo! See groove!)

Faith: Naurrie Boy, you are so dirty! (She smiled and said.. But wait, am I the only one that hates the word “Naurrie” instead of “Naughty”?, “Sowie” instead of “Sorry”? … Maybe sha) But anyhow, we walked to the pool as she led the way, holding my hands behind her A$$, I was glued to her like umm.. nothing I know of . Was I crushing? Or was I falling Inlove? (Questions for the future sha) but all I know is her A$$ was probably softer than Yvonne’s . *Ofcourse I touched it! No, I grabbed it with that woman’s “Rough boy” statement in my drunken mind. Trust me Swegzfreak, I fit bet my 50naira Gala say you never touch this kind yannnxh before

“Chai! Ladi you don Bleep up!!! You be Okobo!!!”.. I felt my hands minister unto me in a revelation .
Ok, how on earth did I not touch and feel that huge A$$ that I was following like moomoo this morning?
I had those bo……obs right at my reach and I couldn’t touch them? Na only hips my hands feel? I am not in Jah.. This one na wetin George IsiAbasi (former Brillia FM Lagos presenter) calls ” What a rush!!!!.

“Guy chil! You were only being romantic, I liked it”..
The brain ministered but I shut it up like ==> “Get thee behind me Ye brain of little touch”.

“Guy, I still dey hear oh! I never comot for my mask, you just dey disturb me since, na dia stomach pain go kill you today”… Lagbaja sent his own revelation and at this point I started feeling the lower abdomen pain again but I couldn’t tell anyone, especially faith cause I didn’t want her to know I was a virgin(so I thought).
I snapped back from the spiritual realm as I sat on a chair, faith sat on the one closed to me.. But looking around, all the guys were either carrying their babes on their laps or them doing naughty things. Na so me I wan form james bond oh!

*Kpanla like me sha *..

For the second time, faith looked like the junior toolz (didn’t know toolz then sha) and with that in mind, you go know wetin she weigh. So I use James Bond face look am once again, na there Jack Sparrow whisper (Change of character!! You are now Chuck Batowski!!! ). With immediate alacrity, I choose to be myself and not let the environment influence me into carrying wetin pass me just to feel among .

“Babe I think am sleepy”(yeah! Smirnoff ice at work).. This I heard as I was trying to look for Asamoah and his gang.

“Be right back babe, gotta look for Asamoah so he can give me a room key”.. I replied as she nodded her head and lied down on the pool chair.. For people like me that doesn’t know what I mean by a pool chair, it looks like this =====> ____/


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