-Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)

Must Read: Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (Another Sex Story)… Part 12

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“Abeg smirnoff Ice no dey shark human being jare!!”.

That was what I would have told anyone that told me smirnoff ice sharks (intoxicates).
But Omo, the only thing I could blame the sudden vulnerability of faith on right now is Smirnoff Ice oh!.
Firstly, I put lagbaja for her back, she just smile (or so I thought).
Secondly, she stopped being sarcastically naughty, she was just this soft girl with a body language I was yet to unlock.
Thirdly, I didn’t believe she could be this soft on me.
(Don’t even blame self esteem!, una remember say I be like houseboy for my uncle house ney?).
Standing by the sharp corner closed to the packed dining table after talking for about 10mins and became bored, she asked “So, what’s on your jealous mind sire” As she rested on my huge chest with her head(Her b.o.obs were so big! Or “Packaged” to the extent that her stomach was centimeteres away from my own. Body no gree join becos of B…..ooooo…bbbbyyyy? ).
Ok, at this point, I had to be blunt or I loose whatever I thought I would loose.

“Waking up tomorrow and being your errand boy once again, or perhaps meet a sober girl early in the morning with the “HI-DEE-GEE-HAY-EFF (IDGAF)”
all over her eyes when all I see right now is “Kiss Me Already” in the eyes”..
Damn that looked like me quoting a bilble verse (if ah hear say I fit quote bible verse wey long like that!!! ). But whatever that was, I had a feeling I killed it!!!!.

*feeling like willian shakespare .. That man made teachers label me a dummy, dats why I always spell his name wrong I guess . Or maybe I just don’t know it (no forming) .*

Meanwhile, it was almost 11:30pm (no be say I check time oh! The time na fiction , but I get proofs sha) and I could smell(HEAR) my own mouth odour (alcohol + normal daily things nah.. Ok, make we add Yvonne’s Kum to it, heard it contains millions of bacteria ) but I felt comforted when I now perceived Faith’s Mouth Scent (I dey craze wey I go call am odour? Shift!) As she was talking.

“Maybe her own SCENT worst pass ma own self” so I thought .

“How about we focus on right now and leave the morning for ummm.. Tomorrow (Bitting her lips..
Like how did I know what she was doing this while whispering in my ear? ).

“Blood of Goat!! Tell her to repeat herself!!!!!!!!”

Lagbaja sent a neurone to the CNS. Omo, morale don high oh but I never still understand that statement, or my brain just wanted another interpretation, or I am just dumb . “What?!!” I asked…

“KISS ME”.. She said. (She wasn’t a master like Yvonne I guess, so no Druid-Merlin ).

It was Happening again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Standing just opposite me, she looked so beautiful, sexy and vulnerable.
“Ineffable’ would have been the word I used had it been that I knew the word then (Thanks to Jamb sha, I don know am ) but all I can tell you right now was, I was, as in……. I was lost(seems pidgin will give you more insight).. I nor come know where I dey again!!!!
Like if you were looking for DANLADI, the only place you would find him was in faith’s eyes. He was lost, confused and excited at the same time…..
In those eyes I saw myself melt!!!!! (2face’s Love is a crime comes to mind “Anytime that I look into ur eyes I see fire in there!!!”
With my hands placed on her hips and her hands in my back pockets (If to say nor be ajebo, I for remove her hands oh! Dat one na rough play nah), I just leaned over with my eyes closed hoping that what I see in movies will just happen .
I Planted, or was she the one that planted it self?
Woo.. I sha kissed this girl for the first time, all eyes closed (only if I could close my eyes like that when I pray, HE for don bless me) and I felt some sparks in my brain!!.
I wanted this to be romantic so I think the kiss lasted for like 10seconds(Yeah! That small ). But till tomorrow, I never get that kind explosion for my head just for ordinary kiss.

After the kiss that I didn’t wanted to end, I looked straight into her eyes and smiled (afraid to laugh because I was now judging my own mouth odour). She smiled back and said “wow!!” (Didn’t hear it but I saw her mouth say it).

“So, Can I look for my senses where I lost em now?”
I said into her ears. (I dey fear to talk directly to her nose .. You know why nah )

“Nope.. Police Station closed till tomorrow”.. She replied.

“Chai! Na wah oh, first na Santa Clause(who collected my gift and left my lagbaja depressed), now na POLICE? When I go meet the one wey go be Ashawo nah?”… My unsatisfied mind thought but the satisfied part was smiling like madt!!!!!!
(That was an indirect invitation.. After the party.. In our House .. )


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