-Conflicted Destiny

Must Read: Conflicted Destiny… Part 33

A story written by Jakemond… If you missed part Thirty Two, read it HERE

The next morning I woke up as usual and went to work. Returning to Torrejón in the evening, I noticed lots of cars around the apartment complex. As I got closer, I observed more than a hundred police officers and twenty to thirty police cars. I slowed down and ducked into a side street so I could observe from a distance. It became obvious that they were raiding the apartment I was living in. This was confirmed just two minutes later when I overheard a conversation about the police and drugs. I didn’t need to speak Spanish to put two and two together. My junkie drug-dealer host had been busted.
I had nowhere else to go, so I stayed outside, hungry and tired. I waited for several hours. At about midnight, the coast was clear. The police were gone and apparently they had taken my host as well as a few of his friends who were with him at the time. Obviously they didn’t think anyone else was living there.

To Be Continued…

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