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Must Read: Christmas Chicken… (Short Story)

Written by Momoh Hakeem(keemtales) Call/Whatsapp: 07034492713…

It was in the morning when the cottons were blewed away from their pores by the mild breeze, David got up and dressed up in his big coat and a hat to match with his old fashioned coat.

“Honey am off to work” David said while moving his hand to the door’s handle.

“Dont dare come back to this house if you fail to provide a chicken for christmas” David’s wife yelled from the kitchen.

“Daddy tomorrow is christmas and we dont have a chicken to celebrate jesus birthday” Destiny said while holding David’s briefcase Destiny is David’s five year old Daughter.

“Dont worry Daddy will get you a chicken when coming back”David assured Destiny.

David made his way out of the house pretending to be going to his secret work place that no one knew of.

David stopped at a news paper vendor after walking for miles, David purchased a news paper with the last peny on him and walked up to a cashew tree that was not far away from the vendor.

David sat on a bench placed under the tree and read his news paper.

David stood up and walked up to a road side bush to urinate when he saw a boy holding two white large chickens Davido hurriedly zipped up his trouser and held the boy ‘s shirt.

“So you were the one that stole my chicken abi?” David asked the boy, Without letting the boy answer his question he colected a chicken from the boy and started running the boy yelled out for help and Ebuka showed up, Ebuka was the boy’s senior brother he was cheeky in nature and was feared by his age grades in his community because he won a weight lifting competition of 200kg.

Ebuka ran towards David and caught up with him, Ebuka slammed the heavy plank he was holding into David’s head.

David reluctantly opene his and found him self in a hospital room and his head wrapped with a bandage.

David confirmed from a nurse and he was informed christmas was celebrated seven days ago meaning the date was the 1st of january 2016.



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