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MUST READ: Campus Dilema (18+)… Part 9

A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

I showed her my driving skills as she kept shouting till we got to Manor hotel. Few minutes after we arrived, Dave came in with a beautiful and endowed looking lady. We exchanged pleasantries and headed towards the club.
Dave is a known figure in the hotel as the bouncers didn’t even try to stop us from entering or even to search us. They hailed us as we entered. A waiter came as we settled down and Dave ordered for a bottle each of champagne and Hennessey. The DJ was blasting the speakers with a mixed tape.
The waiter arrived with the order and left after Dave tipped him.

Shania stood up and started dragging me to the dance floor. She wasn’t acting drunk, but I know she was tipsy. “Show me what you have got dude” she said as she dragged my hand. I stood up and followed her to the dance floor. The dance floor wasn’t crowded. Few people could be seen dancing together. We made our way into the dance floor and danced. Shania showed me that she have got dancing skills more than I do as she whined, twisted and did all sorts of dancing step to the amazement of everyone on the dance floor. We were the center of attention in the floor. I got tired of dancing and led her back to the seat. There are more things to be done than dancing. We drank more and over a little time she started feeling dizzy. She rested her body on mine as I rocked her gently. Dave was still at the dance floor with the girl he came with. After a while, they came back to the seat and started smooching. It was funny as they acted like two teenagers on heat. With the club dimly lit, worst things were going on in the corners. I didn’t want to disturb them so I typed a message and sent to him. He will get it whenever they are through. I guided Shania to the car and drove straight to my house.

“I need to bath” she said as we got to my apartment. I threw her my spare towel and showed her the bathroom to which she entered without a word. Ten minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened and she came out stack on her birthday suit. I stared and lusted after her immediately. It was really a sight to behold.

“Can you help me with something to wear, if you don’t mind” she said bringing my sense back.

“Well, that is the wardrobe, go help yourself in there” I replied her my gaze still focused on her unclothedness.

“Ok…. But can can you do me a favor” she said again walking towards the wardrobe.

“Yea… what is it”

“Can you help me remove your eyes from my body before you peel my flesh with your eyes.”

That was unexpected and a bit embarrassing to me as I smiled sheepishly drawing my attention away from her.
“Then maybe you should have asked for something to cover your body before walking out from the bathroom like that.” I replied her repositioning myself to hide the bulge that have already formed on my short.

“Well you didn’t tell me that walking out from your bathroom Unclad is crime punishable by staring” she said laughing.

I searched for words to reply her but it seems my mind was more interested in watching her as she rummaged through my wardrobe looking for what to wear.
She pulled out a big round neck polo from my wardrobe and threw it over her unclothedness.
“You might need a short to support that” I said as I surveyed her on the top.

“No am ok like this” she replied drawing the polo a little below her bum. With little or no stress, one can see everything as the top barely covered her bum.
She walked to the bed and laid on me. She noticed the bulge on my short and slipped her hand into my short. Cold shiver ran down my spine as she caressed my rock hard Joystick with her soft palm. I gave out a soft moan to which she smiled and continued with her exploits. As if my short was becoming a hindrance, she pulled my Joystick free from it.

“Jeeeezzz!!!” she exclaimed, “ what are you doing with this” she asked laughing as she held and stared at my Joystick. “Tell me” she continued, “ how many waist have you dislocated with this?”

“I think yours is going to be the first” I replied laughing.

“No way, this thing is not going to enter inside of me. Do you want to create an express road inside me?”
We both laughed at her pretending seriousness. “Well lets see how it goes” she said as she started giving a slow stroking to my junior. Waves of pleasure ripped through me with each stroke of her hand going up and down my Joystick. After a while, she readjusted herself in between my parted lags holding my Joystick at the shaft. She cupped my scrotal sack in her hand as she bent and took the cap of my Joystick into her mouth. I shivered at the sensation that ran through my entire being. She started licking and sucking my Joystick head as if she wants to suck out my balls from my tip. As she sucked my Joystick cap, she squeezed my balls along giving me a pleasure mixed with pain. I kept moaning so lost in pleasure.
On impulse, I took her by surprise as I turned over sharply coming on top of her.
“Wow!…, easy boy, it is a long night so let’s take it one step at a time” she said with a naughty and Intimate smile spread over her face.

“Well I think an introduction will be good for starters, I am hard Joystick and you are?” I couldn’t wait for her to answer before pulling off her top and descending on her fresh succulent Bosom with my mouth.

“And I am dripping Well” she whispered into my ear.

I sucked on her Bosom interchangeably as if my life depended on them. I have not gotten to the main part and already I know Shania was going to be a screamer. Her moans resounded through my room as I sucked on her milk factory, biting her hard pink Tips at interval. She was well over cloud eight as she have scattered my bed with her hands and head.

“Purity please make love to me” she pleaded amidst her rather too loud moans.
She got her wish as I parted her laps to expose a dripping cunt. I swallowed hard at that sight. It was enchanting to behold. I slipped my hand and picked a condom from under my bed, tore and was about to put it on before she took it from me and threw it away.
“Come on, I think we need that” I said looking at her.

“I think we don’t need that, I’m ok and can take care of myself” she said. “And if you don’t mind, can we continue?” she asked sensing my reluctance. I nodded and with that she threw her head back.
I dipped my finger into her cunt and played around it as she wiggled her waist pushing it upwards. I doubled my finger and started finger f**king her slowly. With each thrust of my finger came a resounding loud moan. I felt my precum dripping and decided to invite my Joystick to the party. Parting her labia major, I started caressing her clit with the tip of my Joystick. I stroked her clit with my Joystick for a while before pushing in into her warm, tight cunt in a swift thrust. She creamed out so loud, no doubt I know that woke must have woken some of my neighbors. I relaxed and allowed her to get used to my Joystick before I started to thrust in and out slowly. I increased my thrusting speed as the walls of her cunt held tight to my Joystick. Next time I won’t forget to gag her before the show starts.

It caught me unawares. I didn’t see it coming probably because I was lost in pleasure. It was fast and professional like. Before I could say jack, Shania turned me over and got on top.

“I bet you didn’t see that coming” she said smiling down at the perplexed looking me.

She readjusted herself and with her hand holding my Joystick at the shaft, she lowered herself unto it. She clenched her teeth as my Joystick got into her. She gave herself a little time before she started riding me in a ‘cow girl’ position. I watched amidst pleasure as her Bosom juggled up and down in rhyme with her movement. A little while longer, she turned her back on me in a ‘reverse cow girl’. My attention was drawn to her huge bum immediately. It was like we were trying to know who will outdo each other with our moans. As she bounced on, her bum meeting with my tommy created one Intimate ‘kpakpakpa’ sound that filled the room.
I felt myself climaxing and tried to withhold it. I wanted her to ride me much longer but the pleasure couldn’t allow me. Before I know it, my seeds started shooting out. As she felt my first shot of seeds inside her, she stopped her movement as her first orgasm hit her. I started thrusting up and shooting my loads inside her. I emptied the whole of my sack into her and collapsed on the bed with her following suit on top of me and with that, we slept off.

To Be Continued…

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