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MUST READ: Campus Dilema (18+)… Part 8

A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

** flashback***
Wednesday came as usual. After the first lecture, I headed to the general lecture hall for my pol. 101 class. I exchanged greetings with few of my classmates before entering the class and direct to my normal position. Surprisingly I met Precious settled already securing a position for me. A guy was sitting beside her, but the bag created a demarcation between them.
“Hey! What sup” I greeted walking past her to sit behind her sit.

“Am good, I got this space for you” she said moving her bag.

“Oh! Thanks”. I walked back and sat between her and the dude who seemed a little unfriendly.

Maybe because I have spoilt his chance of striking a convo with the babe. If I had met them talking, I would have gladly sat behind them.
“You are still on the note?” I asked as I noticed her still copying the note.

“Yes, it’s big and moreover, I didn’t copy anything yesterday, was busy preparing for the quiz I had this morning.”

“Oh! How was it, the quiz?” I asked.

“Fine sha, e don pass” she said as we both laughed. “I just hope I will be able to cover enough today and maybe return it on Friday”

“No problem, just take your time. I don’t need it back that urgently” I replied.
She thanked me as we continued with our chat while she copied the note. Just like on Friday, the lecturer didn’t come but gave out some materials to be photocopied.

“Do you have another lecture for the day?” I asked as everybody was vacating the class.

“No am done for today” she replied.

“I still have 4 o’clock, but I think I will have to go and come back later” I said standing up to go.

“Am even hungry, maybe we should go and grab something to eat before you leave” she said picking up her bag.

“Well am starving too, let’s go” I said leading the way out.
We left for the popular coca cola villa. We spent quality time eating and getting to know each other more. Precious is from a wealthy family. Father and mother are into business. She is the last amongst two elder brothers. Her two brothers were graduates already and making a good leaving. One was with an oil company while one was into the family business. No wonder she oozes out wealth. She is two years older than I am.
We exchanged contacts after the meal and parted ways after arguing on who will foot the bill to which she allowed me to after much talks.


The only lecture I do have on Fridays is usually from 9-10 and that’s all. So Friday is always like a lecture free day for me.
I had my one and only lecture for that day and went back home. I needed as much sleep as I could get, having spent half of the week with precious, I needed to get more energy back. A day with Precious will get any normal guy drained.
I woke to the vibration of my phone under my pillow. I had a quick look at the time and it was 4pm already. So I had slept for almost four hours. I have never slept that long in the afternoon. I checked my phone and saw three missed calls from an unsaved number. I dialled the number back, after the second ringing, some answered,
“Hello?” I said into the phone.

“Bro, what’s up na?” came the voice from the other end.

“Am fine baba, sorry I missed your call” I apologized trying to see if I can be able to recognise the voice.

“No, probs” he replied.

“Please who am I speaking to” I asked after trying unsuccessfully to recognize the voice.

“Oh! You don’t even have my number?”

“Sorry baba no vex” I apologized.

“Ok o, na Dave dey talk, how you dey?” he asked.

“Ah! Dave good evening o, I deyfine . Sorry I didn’t save your number that day”.

“No wahala. How school na?” he asked.

“School is fine jare, how work na?” I answered and asked.

“Work is good. How is your evening going to look like, I wan make we hang out if you are free.”

“Ok I don’t think I have any plans for the evening.”

“Ok now, so make we see for Manor hotel around 9pm. You can also come with your babe if she is not occupied for the evening.”

I called Shania after the call with Dave. She was free so we fixed the time for her to come pick me by 8:30pm. At almost 8:30pm, Shania dialled me to tell me that she was waiting for me at the junction near my lodge. I met one of the most beautiful girl and hot creature ever made by God when I went down to the junction. Shania was dressed in a black bum short that complimented her white loose top that was tied to a knot below her naval exposing a little fresh flesh between her navel and the bum short. She wore a light make up and sneakers to match her bum short. In simple term, she was hot and beautiful. She threw the key over to me and asked me to drive.

To Be Continued…

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