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A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

I called Cindy when I got back to my apartment but her line was still switched off. I became worried. Worst is that I don’t know her room number if not I would have gone to check on her. I dropped her a message asking if she was ok and those sort of thing.
I called precious to know if she was back but her line wasn’t reachable. Few minutes after, Oge called to know how I managed to get home. We talked for a while before the call ended. I dialled Shania and she picked on first ring.
“Hey what sup?” I said into the phone.

“Cool, not long I got home”

“Ok, thanks for the ride and everything I appreciate.”

“Can you stop it with the thanks already and moreover thanks for the drink.” she said laughing.

“Showing appreciation is not bad you know.”

“Yea but over doing it makes you look boring” she replied.

“Ok what’s for dinner” I asked trying to get the convo going.
She said she wasn’t going to have anything for dinner. We talked for long before saying the goodnights. Don’t judge people till you get to know them, Shania taught me that. On the outside someone will conclude that Shania is the rude and a snub kinda girl but that is far from the truth. Though I didn’t know much about her then, but the little I knew showed that she is just a simple and easy going girl.

Around 10pm my phone rang and it was Precious calling. She was at the junction and needed me to come escort her to my house. Immediately after her call, I wore my sweatshirt and walked down to go pick her. I know I was in for a very long thing that night.
I live in a very rough area filled with guys. My area is so rugged that it is called the ghetto villa. As from 9pm, if you no be ‘strong man’ forget am, just go and sleep if not, anything you see you go collect. Funny enough I no be ‘strong man’ but if I no tell you, you no go know. It is not like I parole with them, but I have few friends who are the ones that control the hood. And again, I observe men well anytime I see them gather. It is either I drop some dough for them, or I buy them spirit drinks. So those men for my area love and respect me a lot.
As we were going back to my house after I picked Precious, we met some guys. They surrounded us and started with their intimidation.

“Who goes you?” the huge one amongst them shouted at us.

Precious clung to me like her life depended on me that moment. As an area, I know all those slangs but I wanted to play it cool as not to arouse Precious’ suspicion.
“Bro na me o, wetin they happen” I replied trying to be friendly, well not like there is anything I would have done to six guys in a dark road.

“Taar who be you? Identify yourself or jazz down now now” he barked again.
I tried to look at their faces but the place was dark I couldn’t recognize any of them. Intimidation is one thing I hate in my life and at that moment I was angry already. The other guys were just waiting for the huge guy to give them order for them to ransack us.
“Guy who be you self? You come new for this area?” I asked him sounding annoyed. That got him surprised as he flashed his nokia touch light on my face.

“Ahh! Baba Pure na you?,abeg no vex. I think say na all this small smallboyswey no dey stay one place” he apologized.

“No probs, how parolna?” I asked as he made way for me.

“Omo nothing dey o, na your babe be this?” he asked.

“Yes, she just enter town now now” I answered.

“Aunty welcome o, no vex abeg, I no know say na my ogadeywaka so” he said to Precious.

She nodded without saying anything. She was already dead with fear.

“Ok ma man make I dey go up na, we go see tomorrow” I said to them as I led precious on.

“Ok na, no vex you hear” he said as we left.

Precious didn’t say a word till we got to my lodge and was in my room.

“Tell me the truth Purity, are you a cultist?” she asked looking at me sternly.

“No, am not , why?”

“How come you know all those guys and ……..”

“No be my area be this?” I interrupted her midway, if I am a cultist you would have known. And by the way, are you just coming back?”

“Yes, our car broke down twice on the road and like seriously am very hungry and tired”

“Well thank God for journey mercy, will you bath with warm or cold water” I asked her heading to the kitchen.

“Warm” she replied as she laid down on the bed looking so stressed out.

I fixed her bath and while she showered, I made noodles for her. She came out from the bathroom in her birthday suit and went to her bag. My junior got the signal immediately but had to maintain because all things being equal, na me go tire. She pulled out a purple nightwear and a hair net from her bag and wore them. I served her the noodles and placed a glass of yoghurt beside it. From the way she devoured the food, I knew she was really very hungry. I watched her eat as she narrated their ordeal on the road. After the meal, she cleared the plates and washed them before coming back to the bed.
It was a long night for the both of us. We straffed like no man’s business till we both couldn’t take another round before we slept off to wake up and continue again. She stayed with me till Wednesday, no need to say it out loud, it was two days of no school. Just eat, straff, go out, come back, straff, shower, straff and sleep.
The rest of the week came as usual and it was Friday. Meanwhile, I kept calling Cindy but still got the switched off response. I decided to stop calling her. I and Shania kept exchanging calls and Text with Precious raising eyebrows each time.

To Be Continued…

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