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MUST READ: Campus Dilema (18+)… Part 32

A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

I came out from the bathroom and met Oge wrapped in the duvet sleeping already. I joined her in the bed but since I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet, I decided to roam the internet and while away time.

I was reading one story on NL ‘the Cartel’ by nitefury when a text message entered my phone. I minimized my NL page to view the message. It was from an unsaved number. I clicked to open the message and saw “I’m in room 215, come let’s talk. The door is open. Cindy”

I looked at Oge and she was very deep into her sleep. Two forces started struggling within me, either to go or not. After contemplating for a while, I went down from the bed and got my briefs on and headed out to room 215.

I stopped at the door contemplating on whether to enter or not. A mind was telling me to just open and enter while another was telling me not to. I was still trying to make my decision when I heard the lock of the next room turning, immediately I pushed the door and entered before the other person could come out. I saw her wrapped in a duvet pressing her phone.

“I thought you wouldn’t come” she said not looking up at me.

“But now I’m here, so what’s up?” I said walking to a sit opposite the bed.

“Any ways thanks for coming” she said dropping her phone.

“So what’s up? Let’s talk, I want to go back before Oge wakes up”

“Ok. What’s really going on between you and Oge?” she asked.

“Is that what you called me out to discuss?”

“Why not just answer the question” she said and removed the duvet. Behold she was Unclad. She wasn’t carrying something that I haven’t seen but does one ever get tired of seeing such? She walked seductively towards me smiling.

The sight of her Unclothedness got me all stiffy. I watched as she walked from the bed to where I was sitting and sat on my laps. “If this is what you wanted all this while, you should have said it” I said forcing my eyes off her melons.

“Why would you reconnect with an ex when you stand a chance of having all this to yourself?” she whispered into my ears licking my ear lobes.

From the way she was sitting, I know she must have felt my stiffy a long time ago.

“Ok that is enough, get off me let’s talk” I said nudging her away.

“Fine” she said getting off me and going back to the bed. She smiled when she saw my hard Joystick peeping from my short. I never thought I could resist Cindy. But here I am doing it despite my hard on. I know if she tried again, she will get what she wanted.

“Ok Purity, I told you before to give me some time to settle something. I think I’m done with that. We can now start whatever you wanted us to start”.

“Is this what you couldn’t tell me over the phone?” I asked with an expressionless countenance.

“Purity see, I know I have not treated you right all these while. But believe me, I wanted you, I wanted to have something with you, I still do. It’s just that I had something that was on my neck then. I love you Purity, truly I do”.

“Come on, you don’t have to apologize for what happened then. Truth was that I loved you. I mean I couldn’t just get to move on not minding how casual you treated me. Even when I saw you with your boyfriend, it broke my heart but I asked myself. What right do I have to feel that way? It’s not like I have asked you out yet. So I had no reason to feel like we have something yet. But all that is in the past now ok?” I said relaxing back.

“I’m very sorry” she said apologetically.

“It’s ok”

“So are we cool now?”

“Yea we are but let me tell you. There’s nothing that can happen between us again. I have someone that I am seeing now. We can just be normal friends ok?”

“Who is she? Oge?”

“It’s not Oge. All you need to know is that I have someone already. So you can go back to your boyfriend” I said and stood up to leave.

“Purity please wait” she said and rushed to the door stopping me from leaving. “I don’t have a boyfriend. I broke up with him for us. Please I’m sorry for the past please. Let me make it up to you please” she said looking me in the eye balls.

There is always something with me and her eyes. I always get enchanted with her eyes. I forced my eyes away from hers. I was about saying something before she grabbed my face and kissed me. She held my lips with hers and didn’t want to let go.

To Be Continued…

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