-Campus Dilema

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A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

Around 3am Oge was feeling dizzy and wanted to sleep.

“Pure I’m feeling sleepy, can we lodge?”

Cindy turned and looked at her when she said the ‘can we lodge?’ I saw the surprise in her eyes. I didn’t plan on lodging.

“I don’t have enough cash on me for lodging, didn’t plan for it. Let me call the driver to come and pick us ok?”

“Don’t worry, don’t call the driver now. Let me check something. You can call him when I come back” she said and left with her purse.

“What’s up with you guys?” Cindy asked immediately Oge left.

“What’s up with us like?” I asked back.

“Are you guys also straffing?”

“Why do you want to know?” I asked laughing. “Oge and I have a history, that’s all I think you should know”.

“Something that started last semester when you went to my room, is that history?” she asked staring at me.

“Oge and I had something in first year but due to some circumstances we had to go our separate ways. But we reconnected when I came to look for you in your room which you moved out from without telling me. But just purge your mind of that idea that we are straffing, nothing is going down between us yet” I said turning away from her.

“Purity we need to talk. I don’t know what is going on between you two and believe me I don’t care” she said.

“What is this thing you really want us to talk about? Can’t we talk about it now?”

“We need some private time to talk ok? And for the records Oge has a boyfriend and their relationship is serious” she said.

“Just like you also have one so don’t claim righteous with me ok?” I retorted.

She was about saying something when she saw Oge coming back and stopped. When Oge got the table, she threw a key with a room number tag on it to me and said.

“Now you can call the driver and tell him to come later in the morning because I’m going to sleep now”

“Ain’t you feeling sleepy yet?” she asked Cindy.

“No I’m still much enjoying the party” she replied.

“Ok we are in room 210, whenever you start feeling sleepy just come up”

“Don’t worry, you guys should go and have fun, my cab man is outside” Cindy said.

“Ok then see you later” Oge said as I stood up gulping the remaining content of my cup.

“Ok see you guys later, good night abi morning self” Cindy said as we left.

To Be Continued…

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