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A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

Students always add extra one week to their resumption date. So I already spent one week and few days before others started resuming. It was my final year and. I had a lot of things to face. I came back to school without Shania’s car, I left it at home. There was no need for me take it back to school.
I was always in contact with Shania and Precious. Shania told me she will be coming back on Sunday while Precious said she hasn’t made up her mind when to resume. Oge said she will return in the middle of the following week.

On Friday of the second week, I got a message from my Jenny telling me to come back home immediately that it’s urgent. I tried calling after I got her message, but she didn’t pick. I dialled everybody at home but none answered their phone. I was worried and didn’t know what to think before I left for home.

When I got home, I expected to see a crowd or something of such but I only met my sister with Shania in the sitting room. I was very angry and surprised when I realized that Jenny has played another one on me. Shania rushed immediately she saw me and hugged me passionately while Jenny who already saw my countenance ran to her room leaving me and Shania.

“I missed you so much” she whispered into my ears.

“I missed you too. Thought you said you will be coming back on Sunday?”

“Yea, but I changed my mind. Wanted to surprise you”

“Since when did you come back?”

“Came back late last night”

“Why didn’t you tell me, I would have come to pick you”

“I was meant to surprise you jare, that’s why I didn’t call”

“So It’s you and Jenny that planned this abi?”

“No oo, my hand no dey am” she said laughing.

“Na she plan am oo, me I come execute am” Jenny said coming out from her room.

“Make una two just dey cry wolf they go. The day weyuna go see wolf, una go shout reach heaven but una no go see anybody”

I stayed with Shania and my family till Sunday before we left for school. We drove straight to her apartment and luckily she didn’t have much cleaning up to do.

After she did the little dusting and changing of bed spreads, we settled to a bottle of Andre from her fridge. We talked about the holiday and every other stuff. After the drink, we left together for my house.

Academic activities commenced on Monday. I couldn’t believe that on the first day of serious academic activities I was feeling dizzy and tired, all thanks to Shania.

When we got to my house the previous day, she made noodles. While we ate, she asked after Precious and if I have started developing feelings for her. I told her that I don’t even know what or how I feel for her. But in all I think what I feel for her is pity.

After the meal, we both relaxed back to see some movies she came back with. I can’t remember what happened but I woke up to Shania’s mouth or my Joystick. It must have been the sensation that woke me.

“Thought you wouldn’t wake up” she said smiling up at me.

“And I guess this is the best way to wake me up” I said turning to look at the time. It was some minutes past 11pm.

She held my Joystick for a while before putting it back into her mouth. The sensation going through me from her mouth gig have already woken all my dizzy senses. I watched as she worked on my Joystick. She will suck for a while and look up to me smiling while I will smile back urging her on.

When I felt she was taking more time sucking, I gently pulled her up from my Joystick and turned her around. She already knows the drill, so she bent down resting her upper body on the bed with her bum pushed up. She is just super classic in setting her bum for a perfect doggy.

I robbed my Joystick on her wet entrance before sliding my Joystick inside her kitty. She pushed her bum back to meet my thrust half way while she clenched tight to the pillow. I started ramming into her slowly before increasing the pace. In her normal way, she was already shouting down the roof while I was ramming from behind.

I kept thrusting for some minutes before my seeds came rushing into her. After blowing all my seeds into her, I relaxed back on the bed while she went flat breathing heavily. After a while, she got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back, she kissed and laid on me. We just exhausted all the energy we reserved through the holiday.

I woke up to my phone ringing around 12 am. Who could be calling me by that time of the night? I didn’t want to disturb Shania so I just stretched my hand and busied the call not checking the caller. After a couple of minutes it started ringing again.

Shania rolled off me when the phone started ringing for the second time and faced the wall. Picking the phone, I checked the caller and to my greatest surprise Cindy was the person calling. First surprise of the semester.

“It’s late already you know” I said when I answered the phone.

“Yea I know, sorry for disturbing your sleep”

“No problem, what’s up, is everything ok with you?” I asked.

“I’m good and everything is cool. How about you?”

“I’m good”

“You forgot about me, that’s not fair you know”

“Cindy isn’t it late for that kinda talk?”

“Ok fine, are you back to school?”

“Yea, any problem?”

“No not really, I will be coming back tomorrow and will like us to see”

“Is there any problem?” I asked again.

“No, there is something I will like to discuss with you”

“Well I don’t know how tomorrow will be, but let’s just see how it goes”

“Ok tomorrow then. I will call you when I get to school”

“Ok then”

“Yea, sorry for disturbing your sleep once more ok, sleep tight”

“You too”

I was about to turn and cuddle Shania when she stirred.

“That’s Cindy right?” she said turning over to face me.


“What does she want?”

“Dunno, said she wants to talk to me about something”

“Is that why she called you this late? Couldn’t she wait till in the morning?”

She wanted to say something again but withdrew and turned over again. We went back to sleep without saying much again to each other.

To Be Continued…

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