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MUST READ: Campus Dilema (18+)… Part 27

A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

I waited for a while after my sister left for Precious to come out but she didn’t. After waiting a little too long, I went into their room and met her sleeping or so I thought. She was just on her undies. I could remember my sister told me that she couldn’t sleep last night so I decided to let her be. I was about stepping back to shut the door when she said.

“I’m not sleeping, you can come in”

“Thought you were sleeping” I said walking towards the bed.

“Nah, what’s up?”

I sat beside the bed while she adjusted herself. The sight of her was already sending signals downstairs, but I forced my mind away from her body.

“Babe am sorry about yesterday. Sorry also for not telling you about Shania. The truth is that we have known for a while now and something has gone down between us a couple of times. She is a very good friend with nothing attached. I had something to do with Shania before you told me about your feeling but since after that nothing has gone down between us again.

I told her about you and about us and she knows we have something going on. She came here because of her car. Am sorry for not telling you about her before now”

“It’s ok. I talked to your sister and she made me feel a lot better. She already told me everything. I’m sorry for walking out on you last night. I was just feeling bad and ………”

“It’s ok, I understand. It’s not your fault”

She drew closer and held my face giving me a kiss. I could feel her heart from the kiss, it said everything that needed to be said. After a while, she made to withdraw but I held her back. I cupped her cheeks in my hand while we resumed kissing. When it seemed she wasn’t getting enough of me she clawed on my shirt ripping them off me. As my shirt came off, she pushed me back on the bed and came on top of me.

She bent and kissed from my belly button up to my Tips. She spent time kissing and sucking my Tips. As she sucked on my Tips, I unhooked her bra from behind setting her tatas free. I went for her boobies and started handling and flipping the Tips while she sucked on.

The feeling of her mouth on my Tips was tickling and sending some pecks of pleasure into me. I could hear her gasps and little moans while I worked on her Bosom. Going off my Tips, she went down to my short dragging it down. She pulled out my already excited Joystick and didn’t wait before taking it into her mouth.
I gave out a sigh when her warm mouth engulfed my Joystick. The warmness of her mouth sent some pleasures all over my body as I pushed my waist up urging her on.

I was so far away in pleasure when I had the bang of a door. From the way it sounded I know it was the central door. Immediately the door banged, the person’s phone started ringing and behold its was no other person than my eldest sister. Precious stopped immediately and picked up her bra from the bed. I picked my shirt and pulled up my short.

We could hear her approaching footstep while still on the phone. I told Precious to pretend like she was going out so as to intercept her in the door while I went behind Jenny’s wardrobe to hide.

I was barely behind the wardrobe when the door opened. I heard as they exchanged greetings after which my sister asked after Jenny and I. She told her that Jenny just went out not long ago while I was still in my room. She told her that she forgot something that’s why she came back.

After they talked and she was about to go out, when my phone started ringing. For a while I didn’t hear anything while the phone rang.

“Is that not his phone?” I heard my sister ask.

“Yea, I was actually transferring some stuff from his phone to mine” Precious replied sounding very composed and convincing.

“Ok” my sister said leaving for her room.

Precious stayed at the door for a short while before signaling to me that the coast was clear. I walked out from my hiding place and headed towards the door. When I got to her, I kissed her, pinching her protruded tips while she flinched before I walked out. That was the end of the show. When my elder sister decided to leave the house with what she came back for Jenny was already back. I refused telling Jenny what happened because she will laugh the hell out of me.

On Sunday morning my tormentors started singing it to my ears that I should take them out. So in the evening we all went out. I gave them a treat and by the time we came back all of them were drunk but still claiming to be in their right minds.

I just came out from the bathroom and was on the bed chatting with Shania when Precious came in on a purple night wear. She locked the door behind her and walked seductively towards me. I dropped the phone when I saw her walking towards me.

Few steps to my bed she pulled the straps of her night wear and came on top of me. Dragging my shorts down, she pulled out my Joystick and took it straight into her mouth. I wanted to handle her Bosom while she sucked me but she pulled my hands off her Bosom and told me to relax.

After sucking for a while she parted her laps and before I could say jack she lowered herself unto my Joystick. I pushed my waist up immediately I felt my Joystick in her warm kitty giving her a deep thrust which made her moan out. I gave her more deep thrust before she held down my waist and started riding me.

She rode me for like five minutes before turning around to reverse ‘cow girl’. She always know how to utilize this position. It wasn’t long on this position before I felt my Pour rushing up and started thrusting up meeting her thrust half way. After few thrust I started erupting into her. When her kitty milked all the Pour I had on my Joystick that moment, she pulled off my limb Joystick, kissed me and picking her nightie from the floor she left without a word.

I slept off after that treat only to wake up the next morning when she was prepared to go. I drove her to the park and waited till her bus left before I went back home.

I spent the rest of the holiday with my tormentors. Throughout the holiday, Cindy never called me for once. Though I was tempted to call her on some occasions but I fought the urge. I was in touch with Oge as it seemed like we just reconnected.

To Be Continued…

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