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A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

I succeeded in shutting Jenny up till Shania left on Wednesday. She was very happy meeting my people after they made her promise that she will come again. My mum gave her some money before she left for work that morning.

The distance from my house to the airport is like a two hours’ drive. So we left early since her flight was twelve. We got to the airport by 11:00 and had to wait till around 11:45 when they called over the radio for their boarding.

I noticed her continuous staring at me while I drove her to the airport that at some point, she will be lost as to what we were discussing.

When they called for their boarding the second time, she stood up and we hugged. After we hugged, she picked her bag and headed towards the departure. After taking some steps, she turned and came back to me. I thought maybe she forgot something but when she got to me, she kissed me not minding the people around us. Breaking off the kiss, she said “Purity, I love you” and left. I stood there for a while before leaving for the car pack since I still have a two hours’ drive home. I hope another drama is not about to start in my life again.

I came back a little late because I met a heavy traffic on the road. I already dialled Precious to tell her that I will be running a little late. It was then she told me that her final exam which was supposed to be held that day was shifted to the next two days being Friday.

I met my three tormentors at home all in the sitting room gisting. Immediately I entered, they stopped their gist and started hailing me. Just then I knew that Jenny has done it. And I also understood that for the next couple of days, I won’t hear a word except their taunting and teasing, that’s how tormenting they can be.

We were still gisting, with Jenny narrating how Shania was shouting when my mum came in, after the greetings and welcome backs, she told us that she was going to see her husband the following day. We asked if everything was ok with him and she replied in affirmation, that she just misses him. All of us made jest of my mum before she left to her room.

After dinner, I wanted to stay down a little but those tormentors wouldn’t allow me, so I decided to retire to my room. I called Shania when I got to my room to ask after her journey and people. We talked for a while and said our goodnights.

I was planning on going back to school to spend time with Precious. I didn’t want to bring her home since Shania has registered her presence before my mum. In as much as I know that it wasn’t going to be a big deal to my mum, I see it as an irresponsible act flaunting girls before her. I decided on bringing her home when my mum announced she was going to visit my dad.


After Precious told me about her feelings towards me, we have been trying to connect emotionally. I started putting more effort to calling her, checking up on her during the day and some goodnight calls and messages too. But even at that, I still didn’t feel anything but just like someone advised me ‘give it a trial’.

Friday came and I went to pick Precious. I didn’t tell my sisters about her coming, wanted to hit them with another surprise. I had also wanted to tell Shania about Precious coming over, but after the airport incident, I decided against it. I realized that telling her about Precious’ visit would create images in her head.

We came back and met my sisters at home. After the greetings and introductions, I left Precious with them and went upstairs. When I came back down, I met them discussing the soap opera that was aired. Jenny already took Precious’ bag to her room and Precious was already feeling relaxed amongst them. I didn’t know anything about what they were talking about or the opera itself so I settled with my phone.

I checked up Shania and saw her new PM ‘The heart always want what it wants’. I pinged her and we started chatting.

“What’s up and how was your day?”

“I’m good and my day was fine, yours nko?”

“Mine was cool, missing you”

“Missing you too. I was just chatting with Jenny a while ago”

“Oh! Hope say she no tell you anything?”

“Anything like?”

“Nothing, you know how she can be na. How is your family?”

“All good. Told my mum about your family and she sent her regards”

“Ok that’s good, our regards too”

“Mummy nko, I called her a while ago but she didn’t pick?”

“Huh!! Call kee? How did you get her number?”

“Jenny gave it to me”

“Ok, she went to see her husband, will be there for a couple of days”

We were still chatting when Jenny’s message came in followed by that of Precious.

Jenny: “Chief! Chief!! them carry fine babes do you Juju?”

Precious: “Your sisters are very friendly, where is your mum?”

I ignored my sister and replied Precious.

“Oh! Sorry I didn’t tell you, she went to see my dad and won’t be back for a couple of days”.

After a while, my other tormentors joined in the chat. They were just blasting me from different angles. Changing funny DPs and PMs.

In the middle of our chat Shania called. I thanked God and left them and went up to my room. We talked at length about nothing in particular. I don’t know but it seemed like both of us were avoiding or waiting for who will bring up the airport incident first. When we were about to end the call, she said it again ‘Purity, I love you’.

After the call, I sat back to think about me and Shania. Love is one thing I never talked about with Shania. Why and where is this one coming from now? I hope this is not going to come and spoil things for us or add to the already complicated things in my life.

Checking my chats after the call, Precious said she will discuss something with me later, while Jenny told me she would tell Shania if I don’t grease her palms amongst other things. That girl is actually upping her game in extortion.

I met them eating already when I went down after the call.

“Hey! What is this? Nobody even cared to call me” I said looking at them.

“We thought you ate yesterday” my eldest sister said while others laughed.

“Even you Precious, you couldn’t call me. So they’ve converted you to their side already?”

“Yes oo” Jenny shouted while Precious just smiled.

I joined them on the table. After we ate, we all discussed for a while before I left with Precious for my room. As we were leaving, my sisters started making funny sounds. We just laughed and left them.

“Your siblings are very friendly” she said when we entered my room.

“Yea, though they can be very naughty most times”

“I’m enjoying them especially Jenny”

“That one is the worst amongst them. She is something else”

After the small talks the room became quiet, I was expecting her to say something but when she wasn’t forth coming I had to bring it up.
“You said you wanted us to talk about something?”

“Yea, but I don’t think it’s necessary”

“Come on, what is it?”

“Ok who is Shania?”


“Shania, who is she?”

“She is a friend, why?”

“Nothing. Do I know her?”

“No, I don’t think so. Why do you ask?”

“Has she been here?”

I couldn’t understand why she was asking after Shania. Not like they have met or something.

“What is it with all these questions?”

“You sisters have just been calling me Shania. I just suspect it has something to do with you”

These girls, can’t they just pretend for a little before Precious leaves?

“See am sorry about that. Shania is just my friend. Actually she was here and left before you came. She left on Monday”

“Are you guys going out or something? Is she in School?”

“Yes she is in school and no we ain’t going out or anything. She is just a friend”

“Why didn’t you tell me about her coming to your house?”

“Precious come on, is that necessary? There is nothing between us. She wanted me to look after her car while she travels. I couldn’t just come back with a car and tell my parents stories so she had to come with me”.

“Did she meet your mum?”

“Yes, why?”

“Hmmmmm!!! Purity am not comfortable with this she is just a friend thing you are telling me. Does she know about us?”

“Yes she knows about us. Can you stop it with this question thing already?”

“I just don’t feel right about this. I’m not just cool with it” she said and left my room.

To Be Continued…

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