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A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

We woke up at almost 5pm. It was really a hot session between me and Shania. Thank God nobody was at home. Shania wanted to scream down the roof while we were on it. We were so used up after, that we didn’t even bother to clean up before sleeping off.

I yawned and tapped on Shania to wake. She looked at the time and I could read the expression on her face. I laughed and headed to the bathroom. When I came back I met her dressed up but she had worries written all over her face. I told her not to worry. I know she was afraid that maybe my mum or siblings were back and will know something went down between us.

I dressed up and we went down together. She headed to her room while I went to the sitting, lo and behold, I met my sister Jenny in the sitting room watching one Telemundo ish. Immediately she saw me coming down the stairs she cleared her throat twice and started laughing.

“J Good evening” I greeted her sitting down.

“Good evening ooo” she replied still laughing. From the way she was laughing, I know she was already aware of what happened.

“How was the interview?”

“It went well ooo” she replied again laughing.

“Has it been long you came back?”

“Yes, came back around 10:30- 11”

“Why you dey laugh na?” I asked.

“Nothing o” she said still laughing.

“Where is everybody?”

“They just left now. Don’t know where they said they were going”

I needed airtime so as I stood up about to go out and get the card when she started hailing me.

“Chief, chief. Chai!! Bad boy. I see your hand work. Na only you be chief.”

I turned and went to sit beside her. I know she knows something but if she came back that early she must have heard everything. From Shania’s screaming to my moaning. I wanted to know if my other sibling were aware of it but she refused to say anything.

“Omo you wan kill that babe? Where she dey self?” she asked laughing.

“She dey your room”

“Chai! But that girl can scream shuuuu, omo you are good, give me five.” She said raising her hand for a high five.

“Abeg keep your hand, I wan go buy card”

“Ah! Buy 750 own for me abeg, I no get money to recharge.”

“Which kin buy 750 for you, say wetin happen na?”

“I no dey beg you o. If you no buy am ee…………. Make I reserve my comment”

I know what she can do. So no need to argue. But still on that, I know she go everly talk.

I bought 750 card for her and 200 for myself. When I came back, I met her and Shania talking and laughing together. I threw the card to her and told her,

“Make sure you keep your own part of the bargain”

“Which bargain? I didn’t bargain anything with you”
“No try me o” I said and settled on the sofa watching the telemundo show with them.

After a while, I picked my phone and chatted Precious up.

“Hey what’s up?”

She replied after some minutes.

“I’m good hun, how are you?”

“I’m fine. How was your exam today?”

“Was fine o, will be through next tomorrow”

“Yea, I know. Will come pick you from your hostel after your exams tomorrow”

We were still chatting when Shania’s chat came in.
“Does she know?”

“Yea but don’t worry.”


“Yea, though she said mum and my sisters just left for somewhere but they are no problems”

“But she said they are not back yet”

I pinged Jenny immediately. “Shebi you said mum them just went out?”

“Chief of chiefs leave me o” she replied.

“You are evil”

“You are the boss. See as your bea just dey glow, chai make everybody do come back oo”

“Hey! shebi I don buy you card na, why you dey do like this?”

“Wetin be card? I want ice cream. Just buy me that and you have got yourself a deal”

After she told me she needed ice cream, I went upstairs and collected my wallet and together we headed out to get the ice cream. What an extortion.

To Be Continued…

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