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A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

I usually resume school one week before school resumption, so as to get settled before the academic activities commences.

The holiday was actually packed with lots of events, some interesting and others not.

Before the school closed for the semester, Shania told me already that she will travel and because she doesn’t want to travel with her car, she will leave it with me.

Precious on her own side told me that she will travel but it will not be immediately after her exams. I know all she was implying was that she was going to stay with me pending the time she travels. Which is not a problem to me. It’s something we’ve been doing.

I finished my papers before both Shania and Precious, while Precious finished last. My family house is not that far from school and since it’s a long vacation I will be going home. I can’t just go home with a car and tell my parents that someone said I should keep it for her. Hmmmm!! My mum won’t even hear of that. So because of this, I needed to go with Shania.

After Shania finished her exams, I drove with her to my family house. At least my parents will know who owns the car. She already packed her stuff so we agreed that she will spend like three days in my family house before travelling. She was very nervous at first but I told her how friendly my people can be.

I’m the last in my family with three elder sisters. I call them the tormentors of my life. They have always pressured me to bring my female friends home but I never yielded to them. So when they saw Shania, I saw how happy they were and I knew what trouble Shania was into. My sisters can be very naughty and raw.

When we got to my house that day, I met only my immediate elder sister and my mum. The other two went shopping. My sister was happy seeing Shania and they clicked immediately. Instead of taking Shania to the guest room, she took her straight to her room.

I was in my room unpacking when my mum came in. I relate well with my mum, so I already knew why she came. My Dad is not always at home.

“Mum what’s up” I hailed as she settled on my bed.

She will always laugh whenever I use ‘what’s up with her’. “I dey, how was your exams?” she asked laughing.

“Fine o. I dey vex for you sha. Shebi na only once na e you call me during my exams and after you go talk say I be your paddy abi?”

“Don’t be angry dear. You know I went to visit your Dad now and you know …………….. na” she said laughing.

“Hmmmm!! I don’t know anything o. I talked with daddy last night self”

“Ok that’s good” she said looking at me and smiling. I already knew what that means. But I decided to play dumb small.

“What? Why you dey look me like that na?” I asked smiling.
She didn’t say anything, rather she kept smiling and looking at me.

“Ok, ok she is not my girlfriend if na e make you dey look me like that”

She still said nothing but kept staring at me smiling.

“Mum come on, she is not my girlfriend, she is just my friend. She came around because she will be traveling home and wants me to look after the car for her since she is not traveling with it”

“You guys don’t seem like just friends to me. But don’t worry, I will find out since you don’t want to tell me.”

We talked for a long time before she decided to leave.

“I will be down stairs” she said standing to leave.

“Ok I will be down soon”

“By the way, she is beautiful. I know you always have the eyes for good things but just be careful ok?” she said before walking out from my room.

Immediately my mum left my room, my phone beeped. Checking my whatsapp messenger I saw a message from my sister “interview session loading 90%”. I laughed and replied her “she is just a friend”.


We were all chilling in the sitting room after dinner. Since it was Friday, I was busy watching sport news. While the girls were busy discussing their thing. They wanted to watch one fashion thingy but I was in charge of the remote. It has been a long standing unwritten rule in my house. The person with the remote determines what everyone will watch, if you don’t like the station, bye bye. But this rule applies to only me and my siblings. Nobody tries that if my dad is around.

After a while my mum decided to retire for the night but not after she opened the room for the interview session.

“Shania where are you sleeping tonight, hope you wouldn’t mind if I steal your boyfriend for the night?” she said while everybody laughed.

My sisters already know the game. Shania became shy and didn’t know what to say but just to smile.

“Hope you wouldn’t mind?” she asked again. The already shy Shania nodded in affirmation, smiling sheepishly.

“Don’t mind me dear, you can sleep anywhere you want but you two must be careful ok?” she said walking towards her room.

“Mum you don try” I shouted behind her.

‘Thank you” she said without looking back.

Immediately my mum left, my sisters started. They wanted us to tell them the story of our life but just then, my phone started ringing. Before they could say another word I went upstairs with my phone and that was goodnight for everybody.

Shania had wanted to leave on Monday, but my sisters persuaded her to stay more. She on her own side wasn’t in a hurry to go anymore.

I stayed away from Shania throughout the weekend. I know she was a screamer and should anything as little as a make out happen between us, everybody will know.

On Monday, my mum and two sisters left for work while my immediate elder sister left for an interview she had that day. I was left alone with Shania in the house.

It was Shania that actually woke me up that morning. I usually wake up late at home.
I heard the knock and with my morning stiffy, I went to answer the door. I hid my stiffy behind the door before sticking out my head.

“Good morning lazy boy” she greeted

“Good morning, how was your night?” I asked yawning.

“Hey don’t swallow me, food is ready. Go and freshen up and come down ok?” with that said, she turned walk away swinging her waist. I stared at her bum swinging up and down walking down the corridor. When she got to the stairs, she turned and looked at me with smiles all over her face before she walked down.

To Be Continued…

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