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MUST READ: Campus Dilema (18+)… Part 2

A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

The consistent ringing of my phone woke me from my sleep. Stretching my hand to my reading table, I picked the phone.
“Hello” I crooked into the phone not checking who the caller is.
“Hey what happened to you? I have been calling you.” Cindy said sounding a bit worried.
“Sorry dear, I slept off as soon as I got home. I have not even removed my cloths” I apologized.
“Lazy boy, have you had dinner” she asked.
“No, am not hungry sha. I think I took more than enough of that meat pie” I answered yawning.
“You took only one and half of the meat pie Mr man” she teased.
“Yea I know and moreover am watching my weight” I replied her.

That got her from her end as she laughed out. We continued with the small talks, cracked jokes and teased each other. I checked my phone and what seemed like a minute call have extended to 17minutes.
“You didn’t tell me you now work for MTN” I said laughing.
“Na you find me the work abi? Shebi na because I called you?” she retorted forming straight voice.
“Oya no vex na GLO you dey work with” she caught the twist and bursted out laughing.

At 35minutes she told me that her network provider have warned her of insufficient call time and dropped.

Time check, 7:45pm. I pulled of my clothes and headed straight to the bathroom. The thought of Cindy filled my mind while in the bathroom that it gave me a hard on. As I exited the bathroom after my shower, I was still hard and since I don’t do soap, I needed someone to help relieve the tension. I scrolled through my phone contacts as I laid on the bed. I couldn’t call Cindy. I have not even asked her out yet though we have been friends online for a while and just went out on our first date. I picked out two contacts on my phone, Oge, my first year girlfriend and Precious, my ‘school mother’.

The call to oge didn’t yield anything. Summary, she wasn’t in school. Though officially we ain’t dating anymore, but we still straffed anytime we happened to be together. I dialled Precious and after the second ringing she picked.
“Hey boo, what’s up?” she said as she picked the call.
“Am good dear, how you dey?” I replied.
“Am fine jare, though am not in school currently” she answered.

As I just heard that, my mood changed because from all indication, there is no show for the night.
“Were are you?” I asked a little anger showing in my voice.
“I travelled to Lagos on Monday, will be back on Monday, is everything ok with you?
“You travelled and couldn’t even tell me” I said anger fully showing in my voice.
“Come on, am sorry I didn’t tell you, it was kinda urgent” she apologized.

It was not like I cared what she went to Lagos for. The truth is that I was annoyed because there is no straff for me that night.
“No problem sha I will see you when you come back. Just that I miss you and right now am so hard that my Joystick hurts” I said.
“Oh!! My baby, hold on a little while, mummy will be back to serve you what you deserve. But why not call that your first year chick, what’s that her name again? I know she still has a thing for you” she said.
“Hmmm!! I will pretend I didn’t hear that. I will be waiting for you on Monday.”
“Ok, so what should I buy for you when coming back” she asked.
“I don’t know, just get me anything you like” I replied nonchalantly.
We talked for a few more minutes before she dropped the call. WHO IS PRECIOUS?


I woke up to someone knocking on my door. I hesitated for a while to wear my boxer before going to answer the door. As I opened the door, behold that magnificent beauty standing before me with warm, s*xy** smile. I stood transfixed at the door admiring her beauty and endowment. A tent has already started forming on my shorts and before I could recover myself to hide it, it was already visible to her.
“If you are done checking me out, you can make way for me to enter” she said.

Without uttering a word, I made way for her to enter as my eyes trailed her from behind. She was wearing a short gown that barely covered half of her laps, yes that’s how short it was. It left the better part of her fresh laps to the view. On the front, the gown was so tight fitted to her upper body and left a large part of her cleavage to the view also. Her huge backside swayed as she walked into the room towards my bed. This sight increased the commotion going down my abdominal region. My junior couldn’t hide its excitement anymore as it stood out proud waving at my visitor.
She went straight to my bed and laid down facing up with her gown shooting upwards and exposing her laps almost up to her crouch region. Settled on my reading table, I savored the sight before me. She pretended like I wasn’t in the room as she didn’t say a word to me. On my own side, with everything happening to me, no words seemed to form in my mouth. After a while she brought her hand down to her laps like she wanted to scratch a spot and caressed it up to her crotch exposing a white G-string that barely covered her kitty. The little will power left in me withheld me from cumin as I savored that sight. Goose bumps covered my body as I shivered down my spine. The whole blood in my body has rushed down to my Joystick and was trying to explode. Distress sweat appeared on my forehead as my palms felt so wet. A quick glance at my shorts showed a small patch of wet spot already formed by my pre Pour.
She brought herself up to a sitting posture and focused her gaze on me without uttering a word. We stared at each other for some minutes that lasted for a life time without uttering a sound aside our breathing. Hers was calm and normal, mine was tensed and heavy. She stood up and started walking towards me. I felt lost at that moment. My heartbeat increased to a million beats in a second. I swallowed hard and felt my throat so dry like it never tasted water. The Attention could no longer be hidden as it stood out like Mount Kilimanjaro.
As confused as I was, I kept wondering what her next move was going to be. Few steps to where I was sitting, she turned and went towards the fridge. I heaved a little sigh of relief but little did I know that she was really out to torment me. My eyes followed her swaying backside once again as I pictured her Unclad in my mind. She got to the fridge, stood in front of it as if waiting for me to give her the permission to open it. When she felt that all my attention was on her, she bent fully as if trying to pick something from the floor. Her gown went up immediately exposing her fresh laps up to her butt. A tiny white line appeared and disappeared in between her butt crack. That must be the lace of her G – string. The sight was too much for me as I lost it that minute and started shooting loads after loads of my fluid all over my shorts. The feeling was heavenly. I couldn’t move, sitting transfixed on the table. Reality downed on me when she started laughing and staring down at my short.

To Be Continued…

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