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A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

On Monday, I was in no mood to go for lectures, but I had to because of the quiz I had that morning. After the quiz, I dialed Shania.

“Hey boo, good morning” she said when she answered.

“Good morning babe, what’s up?”

“I’m good. How are you?” she asked.

“Am fine. Are you in school?”

“Nah, today is lecture free day in my department”

Ok then am heading to your crib now”

“Ok no probs”

15minutes later saw me knocking on Shania’s door. She opened the door and ushered me in. she was looking s*xy** on a pink transparent nightie that left everything to the view. My Joystick would have reacted but I wasn’t in the mood, not yet.”

“Are you ok?” she asked sitting beside me on the bed.

“Yea, I’m good” I replied avoiding her searching eye balls. I wanted to talk to her but I don’t know how she was going to feel or react to it.

“I think I know a little about you now especially when you are worried, so you can spill whatever it is already or allow me beat it out from your mouth.” She said smiling.

“Hmmmm!! I don’t know how you are going to take this or how you are going to feel about it. But I just want to talk to somebody”.

“Ok, you are in the right place. Try me and see how I will handle whatever it is. So stop stalling and say it out already”.

“Ok, there is this babe I met when I was in first year. She was and is still more than a friend to me. She is more like a mother to me. You know the school mother and son kinda thing. She is the second person I had something to do with in this school. Back then, I thought we could start something good, but she clearly told me that nothing serious is going to exist between us. So since first year, we have just been straffing with no strings attached………………..”

“Wow! This is a big one” she said after my narration.

“I don’t know how to handle things like this I swear” I said lying back on the bed.

“Wait, does it mean that she didn’t have any serious relationship going on while you guys were straffing?”

“Seriously I don’t know what to believe. One of the reasons she gave for not dating me was that she had a boyfriend who is studying in London. But now, she is telling me she broke up with him because it’s me that she loves. She also said that she never saw the guy face to face; that the relationship was an arrangement by their parents.

Heaving a big sigh she said “Purity you know what, I will have to give you my opinion but before that let me serve you something to eat.”

“I don’t think I’m hungry”

“Mr handsome, come on. You need to have something in your stomach before woman wahala go kill you for this school” she said leaving for her kitchen.

She served rice and chicken stew and we both settled down to eat. We talked about some irrelevant stuffs while we ate.

After the meal, she cleared the plates and came back with a bottle of Royal Challenge and two glass cups.

“Hey come on it’s still early to start drinking” I protested.

“Says who? It’s past twelve already so the day is almost gone. Moreover you need something like this now” she said smiling.

“You are something else I swear. See you wey I carry problem come meet make you help me find solution”.

“Don’t worry, we will find a solution to that problem but before that, first thing first.”

We both settled down to the bottle of drink. Alcohol always has a way of making our troubles go away for a while. After some rounds of shots, my spirit came back to life. I powered her sound system and fixed the AUX cord to my phone and immediately a naija party jamz rented the air. We kept on drinking and chatting at the top of voices.

Drink goes down well with music believe me. After a while, she stood up and started wiggling her waist to the rhythm of the music while I sat on the bed like a chief watching. Her transparent night wear left everything to the view so I was relaxed watching her dance and also admiring her wonderful endowments. My Joystick has also snapped out of its moody state and now in an excited state.

Gulping down the remaining content of her cup, she dropped it on the floor and walked seductively towards me.

“I think you have watched enough” she said collecting the already empty cup from my hand and dropping it on the floor.

With a single pull, she loosened the straps of her night wear and slipped out from it. She stood before me for a while smiling seductively and allowing me to satisfy my eyes. After some seconds, she pushed me back to the bed and came on top of me. Smiling down at me, she bent and gave me a deep kiss.

While we kissed, my hands went behind her grabbing her bum pushing her closer, my engorged Joystick pressed hard against her abdomen from inside my trouser.

Breaking off from the kiss, she shifted down and unzipped my trouser without unbuckling my belt. She dipped her hand in and pulled out my Joystick from my trouser.

“Hey!! Do you keep growing big everyday?” she said smiling and smearing my precum over my Joystick head. That act was already sending waves of pleasure into me.

“No wonder why that babe doesn’t want to leave you again. You have f**ked her brains out with this” she said again stroking my Joystick lightly.

“Do you want me to suck you?” she asked smiling up at me.

I pushed up my waist in affirmative without saying a word.

“No, no, no, I won’t take that. You either say it with your mouth or you ain’t getting nothing”

“Yes, I want you to” I said amidst the pleasure ripping through me.

“Then you have to earn it” she said and immediately stood up from me and walked towards the bathroom.

“You are just a biatch” I cursed under my breath.

“I heard that” she shouted without turning back as she swayed her backside towards the bathroom.

I jumped off my cloths with the speed of light and headed towards the bathroom with my Joystick leading the way. I pulled at the door handle but it was locked from inside. I knocked on the door twice before she answered.

To Be Continued…

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