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MUST READ: Campus Dilema (18+)… Part 14

A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

The rest of the week I refrained myself from contacting Cindy, though it was a very tough decision. I don’t know why I am so into this girl. I was always in touch with Shania as we talked basically every day. I have started developing this fondness for Shania but the thought of Cindy was always paramount.

On Friday, Precious called to inform me that she will be spending the weekend at my place. I wasn’t expecting anybody so I agreed. One thing with Precious is that she shops for me whenever she comes around. Even if I still had things in stock, she will buy more and wouldn’t leave without dropping some money with me.

Aside the fact that we were straffing, she has always maintained this mother figure to me owing to the fact that she was a little older.

Outside her room, people always thought that we were dating but it’s only her roomy that knows that we weren’t dating.

Recently, things have started taking a new dimension between us. She now acts jealous. Asking questions whenever she calls and I’m on another call. Also she has started going through my phone.

She came earlier than I expected. She already shopped before coming because she had two big nylons packed with provisions. She was looking as beautiful as always.
“Hey welcome” I greeted making a way for her to enter.

“Thanks, how are you” she replied walking towards the kitchen with the provisions.

“Unlike you, hope am safe this one you came this early?”

“Don’t mind me jare. I was bored in the hostel so I just decided to go to the market and come from there. But wait, so you now know me as a late comer to your house abi” she asked laughing.

“You know your normal way na” I replied leaning on the door post as she unpacked the provision into the cupboard. She was bent giving me a peak of her panties which I know is a g-string. After unpacking the provision, she stood up and walked towards me. I opened my arms and enveloped her in a bear hug.

“When will the sight of you stop getting my undies soaked” she said kissing my neck.

“You are naughty” I replied her laughing.

“Am serious baby, am so wet right now” she said sliding her hand down grabbing my already engorged Joystick.

“Why not let me take a look inside the room” I said bringing my head down to kiss her lips.

“No, I want it here and now” she whispered between our kiss.

Slipping my hand inside her from behind, I unhooked her bra strap, having free access to her melons as I fondled them gently. With one of my hands working on the Bosom, I took the other one down and unbuckled her belt pushing down the jean immediately. Her hand was busy doing strong thing to my Joystick inside my shorts. Parting her laps, I shifted her g-string to a side and inserted my finger inside her dripping cunt. She moaned out as I went straight to caressing her spot. She kept moaning as I flipped my finger across her clit, sending waves of pleasure into her.

After a while, I turned her around and made her to hold unto the sink for support, slightly bending herself in a semi doggy position. Pulling down my shorts, I parted her bum and guided my Joystick into her wet kitty. I started thrusting slowly with her pushing her waist back to meet my thrust. Her moans were gaining tempo with each thrust. After some minutes of slow thrusts, I started pounding ferociously into her.

Not long, I felt my Pour gathering and the speed of my thrust increased. I was shaking and thrusting deeper while her moans were resounding throughout room. After a few more thrust, I slowed down as my hot fluid came flowing out into her warm kitty. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t notice when her orgasm hit her and she started releasing her liquid. We were both lost in the pleasure of the moment as our systems kept releasing stuffs.

When we both recovered from the overwhelming pleasure, she turned around and clung unto me. We held unto each other for a while before heading to the bathroom.

We had another round of hot s*x in the bathroom, and slept off Unclad after we exited the bathroom.

I really slept for too long as I woke up to find her in the kitchen preparing something that was smelling nice. I tiptoed and hugged her from behind planting a kiss on her neck.
“Hey, you scared me baby” she said throwing her head back as I planted another kiss on her lips.

“Yea, I wanted to scare you” I said still holding her.

“I know you must be hungry. Am almost done ok?’

“Am not just hungry, am famished. I have pumped everything I have inside of you” I said yawning.

“Don’t worry, food will soon be ready and you will replenish your lost whatever”

“I guess this is a case of fattening the cow before getting it killed” I said walking towards the bathroom to empty my bladder.

“Whatever” she shouted behind me.

To Be Continued…

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