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MUST READ: Campus Dilema (18+)… Part 13

A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… (0703440 1770, [email protected])

**** flashback*****
After the second semester exam, nobody seemed to be in a hurry to leave for home. Everybody was still around as if lectures were still going on. Well the only explanation being that my school wants to start using the normal NUC calendar and because of that, a break that was supposed to stretch for two months was shortened to barely three weeks.
I wasn’t eager to go. After all I wasn’t going home for anything, and going home would stop the allowances that was coming. This was the time when many things go down in school. It was not long after Precious left my house after her illness that exam started, so we didn’t have much time to see as often as usual.

Picking my phone from my bed after my morning workout, I dialled Precious.
“Hey what’s up? Was just about calling you” she said as she picked the call.

“Seems our minds are working together, how are you?”

“I’m good and you?”

“Fine jare”

“Your breathing is labored, are you ok?” she asked.

“Yea just finished a routine of workout”

“Ok when are you travelling” she asked.

“Am not travelling. Not going home for anything. You nko, when are you travelling?” I asked her.

“Am not going anywhere” she replied.

“Since you are not travelling and I’m not also, why not come over to my house let’s stay together?”

She started laughing from her end. “Purity!! Purity!! Purity!!you are very funny. Why should I come to your house, don’t I have my hostel?” she asked still laughing.
That threw me off balance. But in order to redeem the situation, I had to play defense.
“You are not even happy that I’m inviting you to my house. Do you have a television in your room? I’m even begging you to come and enjoy my food stuffs and you are there saying something else” I said with a straight voice.

“Look at you, did I beg you” she said laughing.

“In fact go self. No come again” I said, forming vex.

“Nonsense, as a matter of fact I’m on my way” she said again laughing.

My mind elated as she told me that she was coming. I immediately changed my bed spread and checked my condom collection. I had just two remaining so I went out for more and to also get some beverages. This being the second time she will be coming to my house, my hopes are high that I will ‘sample her’. I got two packs of condom and three packs of yoghurt and headed back to my room. I kept checking the time and expecting a knock.
I got tired of checking the time and decided to see a movie in other to kill time. Rummaging through my movie collections, I came across ‘vampire diaries’ and decided to waste time with it. I slotted the movie and half way into the movie I slept off only to wake up to someone lying beside me seeing the movie.
“What…… how did you get in? I asked surprised.

“I met the door open after knocking several times without an answer, so I had to enter” she said without looking at me.

“Hmmmm!! welcome sha”

“Thank you” she replied with all her attention still on the movie.
I surveyed her from my angle. She was on a yellow tight fitted T-shirt and a deep blue jean trouser with an arousing cologne.
“What is the name of your cologne” I asked trying to distract her from the movie.

“Check my bag and stop trying to distract me” she replied.
I looked to where she pointed and saw that bag, yes that bag. That bag they call ‘I’m not going today’. I picked her bag and took it to my wardrobe still thinking of a way to distract her from the movie.
As I couldn’t find a way to distract her, I decided to allow her watch the movie since that seemed to be the center of her world that moment. After using the bathroom, I threw a polo over my shorts and left the room for her. I was expecting her to ask me where I was going but she never acted like I was even in the room.

I met some of my guys outside drinking after I left the room and decided to join them. We got ‘highing’ and discussing women and their pretenses. From women we changed to football. With the way our voices were going up, it was obvious that we all were drunk already. I checked my time and it was late already. I dropped some cash for them and left. I already decided that I will just enter my room and sleep. I won’t talk to her.

I knocked when I got to my room and it took her like five minutes before she opened the door. A look at her face showed that she was pissed with me or something else but I didn’t care. I pulled off my cloths without saying a word to her as she sat on the bed staring at me and headed to the bathroom. I stayed longer than the usual me in the bathroom. On coming out, I met her still on the bed pressing her phone. As she heard the bathroom door open, she dropped her phone and focused her gaze on me again.
“You know if you keep staring at me like that, you are going to create a hole on my body” I said lying on the bed.
Heaving a big sigh she said “your food is in the kitchen if you are hungry”

“Am not hungry thanks” I replied her. But on the contrary, I was very hungry and coupled with the drink I took, I seriously needed something to eat.

“Purity you don’t have to do this. I know you are doing this because you think I ignored you. I’m sorry, but please don’t reject my food because of that’ she apologized looking sober.

“Yes I have won” I said in my mind, before also apologizing for leaving her alone in the house.

She served me the noodles and fried egg after we have said the apologies which I devoured like a lion. We made small talks in between the meal but my drunk mind was just on the food alone. When I finished the noodles, I laid back on the bed while she cleared the plates. After clearing the dishes, she came back and laid beside me. I feasted my eyes on her body covered with a shot transparent nightie.
“Thought you said you weren’t hungry, but look at how you devoured the food”. She teased starting up a convo.

“Who said that? The whole thing was just forming, I was very hungry and God knows that I was praying for you not to drag the issue”

“Mumu see your life” she cursed laughing.

“Yes leave am for me like that” I said snugging closer to her with my hard Joystick touching her bum.

“Hey Mr. man, better shift back with that thing. Thought you wanted to sleep?”

“Ah! Ah! Na, don’t be harsh, the thing is just happy having you around.”

“It should better not be, because there is nothing for it, not today, not tomorrow and definitely not a day after” she said and shifted away from me.

“Ah! why na?” I asked wondering why she said that.

“Wait” she started. “Is this why you invited me over, to have s*x? Is that all? So if I give you Kittycat now you will sleep?”

I was surprised and embarrassed at the same time. This is someone I have always talked naughty with on the phone. She even told me one time that I can’t even match her strength bedmatically. I shifted away from her and went down to the rug making up my mind not to even touch her skin throughout her stay.

To Be Continued…

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