-Brother Paul

Must Read: Brother Paul… Part 7

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Paul got home and began to apply the soap and lotion.
At the first week, he noticed that he suddenly finds prayer and bible
reading boring. Each time he makes attempt to have a quiet time,
it always seems to be boring to him. This continued for 4weeks.
On the second month, he stopped hearing the quiet voices of God which he normally heard and he never bothered about it. On the third month. Paul finds it difficult to attend church programmes.
He started by going to church late on sundays. Gradually, he began to miss weekly services and before the end of the fifth month after visiting baba with his friends, paul had stopped
attending church on sundays. His church members and elders in lagos who always knew him to be a dedicated and fervent Christian began to complain and worried over his sudden change in religious attitude. Instead of paul to reason with them, he fought his church members and he angrily stopped to be a member of the church. All through this five months, there is no sign or traces of job but his friends keeps assuring him that job would come. “Since it worked for us, then it will work for you” one of his friends said.

At the sixth month. Paul was stroked with a unknown attack. He began to bed wet. Whenever he sleeps, the whole mattress would be soaked with urine before daybreak. His friend were worried about it but there is nothing they could do to stop it, at the eighth month, it got worse that paul would pass urine in his trousers in the day break without him noticing it until his trouser gets wet.
This happens to him mostly in public places. Paul was so embarrassed and disgraced that the whole neighbourhood was aware of it that paul is a daytime-bed wetter.
“This paul issue isn’t ordinary. I think we should visit baba”, one
of his friend said. “I think you are right, we should go there tomorrow morning” the other friend replied.
They all left for baba in the following morning.
“Baba, may you live long sir, here is our friend paul, he had been bed wetting for months sir” says one of his friends.

Baba replied ” haba, and you can’t bring him to me all this while?, anyway, take this ointment and apply it on his body every night before you sleep. May the gods of my forefathers be with him”.

They all left and returned home. 3days after using the ointment, paul was healed of his bed wetting and everyone was happy. But 2days
later, he was stroked with epilepsy.
Paul would suddenly fall down and started vomiting foam-like substances out of his mouth while shaking and rolling on the floor. On this latest development, his friends couldn’t bear it and they sent him packing. Paul took his belongings and returned to his parents with the ailment.


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