-Birthday Sex 18+

Must Read: Birthday Sex 18+… Part 3

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Tolu continued with the next question, which I again got right and this time it was her turn.

She slowly undid the ties at both sides of her briefs before letting them fall to the ground; her pu.ssy was neatly trimmed with slightly protruding lips. I also answered the next question correctly, and once again Ife couldn’t wait to strip, quickly pulling her g-string off almost before Tolu had even said I’d got the question right. Her pu.ssy was shaved completely bald and seemed to be amazingly smooth, with nothing whatsoever protruding.

I had just about managed to keep my cock under control for all of this, but it was getting really hard (pun intended) to keep it that way with three hot, n*ked women standing in front of me. I had absolutely no idea how I was doing it, I never usually had this much self control.

I was quickly snapped out of my musings by Tolu announcing what happens next though. “We have one more question to ask you I’m afraid, and this one has the biggest consequences of them all.”

She started. “If you answer correctly, then we’ll undo your handcuffs and let you do whatever you wish.” Tochi continued. “However, if you answer incorrectly, you will stay cuffed to the chair, and we will do with you as we wish!” Ife told me with a wicked smile. “Are you ready?” She asked. I nodded my head.

“Good, your question is as follows: Who is the captain of the Arsenal football team?”

Obviously I knew the answer to this, I mean I’ve been an Arsenal fan for over 10 years but my whole being wanted to seriously get that answer wrong.

“Gervinho” I answered. “Wrong” Tolu said with a smile,

“The answer is Arteta”

I held back from correcting her, heck I wanted to see what was gonna happen next. “Now you’re ours to do with as we wish!”

With that the three girls walked over to me, and each put a finger under the waistband of my boxers and started to pull them off, I helpfully lifted myself off the chair a bit for them and my boxers were soon on the floor, leaving me completely n*ked handcuffed to the chair, somehow though, I still (just about) had control of my dick, but I assumed that was going to change quickly.

Seeing my still limp dick Tolu exclaimed “It seems he’s not turned on by the three hot, n*ked women standing in front of him, maybe we should just put our clothes back on and go?”

“I think we should give him one more chance” Tochi said.

The three girls knelt down, so their faces were more or less level with my crotch. “But how are we going to test him, to see if we do turn him on?” Ife asked, innocently with a wicked smile on her face. “Any ideas how to test you?” Tolu asked me, grinning. Without waiting for a response she put her hand under my cock and took the weight of it in her hand. “How on Earth can we make it hard?” She asked.

Tochi whispered something into her ear, to which she replied.


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