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Must Read: Aunty Clara… Part 9

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I was immediately woken up by about 4am, by a loud cry, a cry of pain, someone was in trouble, and am sure most people were woken up too. The noise came from outside, it sounded like that of Adamu together with various other voices who were shouting in Hausa language which I didn’t understand, my ears immediately recognised the clanging of Machetes and I could hear someone being kicked and beaten, i could hear the slap on a bare body, with this, the moaning and shouting got louder, I was now convinced it was Adamu, when i tried to stand up from the parlour chair, I noticed someone was lying on my lap, it was Tiffany, we must have talked for so long that we slept off together, I thanked God her Granny was old, and if Tiffany was lucky Granny would not even notice that she had slept out that night. Clara came running to the parlour and held me close trembling with fear, before we knew it, Adamu’s shouting soared high as he was administered heavy matchet blows, he squalled like a dog being led to the abattoir, this were followed by deafening gun shots which brought Adamu’s outcry to an abrupt end, hearing this my mind quickly flashed back to the altercation that ensued some days back between Adamu and a Haggard looking fellow, though I didn’t know how it all ended but I reasoned the fellow must have brought re-enforcement to avenge the assault done to him, though I never liked Adamu but I prayed that he should survive the attack.

Adamu died that night, in a pool of his own blood, he had been made a sport of, his body was full of deep cuts and his throat was slit open, he laid down there lifeless with his brown shirt which had turned to red. He was whisked away by the paramedics in an ambulance at about 6 am but Adamu was already long gone, there were many stories surrounding his death some said he killed himself, others said the police came and killed him because he was a member of the boko-haram, but the most convincing of them all, was that the guy he assaulted that day had come back with his gang for revenge which led to Adamu’s death. It was said that due to the fellows rugged appearance, Adamu had tried to barricade him from entering the compound, and had giving him a cut on the back with his machete when he punched him. Anyway that was how we lost Adamu that night, rumour later had it that the culprits were all arrested and were each giving life sentences. It amazed me however the alacrity with which this certain group of people were enraged and how a thing as murder could result from such minor provocation, I guess it is true what they say ‘A hungry man is an Angry man’.


It was my third week in Abuja, and though I had enjoyed myself so far I really didn’t have the adventures I had hoped for, but all these didn’t matter anymore, because Clara was to travel out of the country on a seminar and I couldn’t be left alone in Abuja with strangers. On a Tuesday morning she came and relayed the sad news to me, to say the least it was disheartening. I was to take a flight back to calabar that afternoon. I didn’t achieve much, I didn’t get to lay s*xy** Clara, I didn’t get to feel Wilma’s bosoms, I saw it but I couldn’t touch, I didn’t even get to kiss Tiffany, highest I got was a hug which was given with much begging on my part, I was to go back home an unfulfilled man .


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