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Must Read: Aunty Clara… Part 14

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I sat there listening to Clara going on and on about Singapore, my mind drifted to the Intimate dream I had about her weeks ago and then I smiled, Clara immediately noticed my absent-mindedness and said “You’re not listening are you” and I told her with the same smile on my face “I am”. It was already a week and Clara was back home. I had spent a month so far in Abuja, and though I talked to my folks at home every day on the phone, I missed them still, I missed my dog, I missed my room, I missed all my friends, most of all I missed school, the VC was very dull in his approach it was over 4 months and nothing had been said about resumption.

Meanwhile Wilma had gone hay wire, after the incident I fell into a depression, I didn’t see Tiffany since that day and that made me very bitter. Even with my down trodden mood, Wilma still requested s*x, and every time she did I shoved her away with indignation. It came to a point where she wouldn’t let me sleep she would creep into my room at night and attempt to suck my dicki; I wasn’t finding it funny anymore. The day before Clara’s arrival she came to my room while I was reading a novel and beckoned on me to fix her light bulb which she said was faulty, on reaching there I noticed the bulb was just fine, Wilma was at it again, trying desperately to seduce me, she unbuckled her robe before me exposing her full banana shaped breastss which I had seen a thousand times, she came gently towards me put her hand on my chick and begged me to make love to her, she said she missed me and she wanted to feel me inside her even if it was for the last time before I went back to Calabar, she claimed that she had come to love me and she was willing to do anything to replace Tiffany, I was done with screwing Wilma and I would not go back on my word, she had caused enough damage already.

Wilma put her hand on my crottch and started caressing it through my boxer shorts, immediately, I pushed her hand aside, she said ‘‘please baby, don’t do this’’ as she said this she quickly brought her face to kiss me but I dodged , she grabbed me on my T-shirt and forcefully tried to kiss me again, this time I pushed her to the bed, Wilma flared up like a bomb, she fought and clawed at me, at the same time raining down curses, then suddenly she stopped and with a sober look she said ‘’Baby Am so sorry, please forgive me’’, I always knew that Wilma was a s*x addict but at that moment I realised that she was also mentally unstable. When I remained resolute in avoiding her amorous advances, she reminded me of the sexx tape we shot together, then informed me that though we were acting, it would look like a Rrape to anyone ignorant of that fact, she threatened to deposit the Compromizing Video with the police if I don’t drop the act and lay her there and then. Though I was well aware that a convicted rapist could be punished with life imprisonment, I remained unflinched. Wilma packed her things out that day and I was left alone throughout the night.

Clara’s arrival brought back joy into my heart not only because I had missed her, but because she came back with a brand new phone for me, a blackberry bold torch, it was the latest mobile sensation at that time and it cost close to a hundred thousand naira, my joy knew no bounds. I was starting to fall for Clara all over again, the kiss she gave me before boarding a plane to Singapore remained indelible in my mind, I didn’t tell her how Wilma left me all alone the previous day, instead I told her that Wilma had gone to see her mother that same morning she arrived Abuja.

Clara brought back so many other things including a sleek looking Louis Vuitton perfume, I hadn’t perceived anything that good for a long time, maybe because for a while all I could perceive was a wet vaginaa thanks to Wiliwanker. Huddy was not left out in the merriment; Clara had brought it assorted dog food, which she was about to serve it and it wagged its tale in anticipation.

Clara talked about Singapore for hours, she described the skyscrapers, their high level of technology and all the Asian people she had met, she said jokingly that their names sounded like the clanging of a spoon when it feel down. Clara was a very enthusiastic person, and very hardworking too, she was undoubtedly ‘Miss Independent’. Clara’s busy schedule the past weeks had robbed us the opportunity of spending quality time together. Funny enough Clara never talked about William after that outing. While we talked I realised that I had missed Clara without even knowing.

It was becoming dark and Clara wanted to go and relax in the Jacuzzi


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