-Aunty Clara

Must Read: Aunty Clara… Part 13

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With Tiffany virtually out of my life I drowned myself in a sexual Pancratuim. I had become Wilma’s dilldo; it was like we had Viagra flowing through our veins. We ffucked all day every day, even at night I knew no rest, we did it in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen table even on the field at night, Wilma herself must have often been dehydrated because I made her Pour massively in every round, we utilised our bodies to optimum, by now I had explored all the holes in her body, excepting the hole in her ear lobe, but even with this she asked for more, Wilma was a chronic Nymphomaniac. On one occasion we played a sexx game and she filmed it on her camera, she loved sexx tapes she loved the thrill of the possibility that it might spread to the public accidentally, In this game i was an armed bandit and she was a police officer, I busted into the room and subdued her at gun point and we started bleeping all over again, she screamed loudly as if she was being raped by a ghost, she was a drama queen. Her hole was so very tight, it usually gave my Johnson the needed massage and in no time I would feel her up with my yoghurt, Wilma was on the pill, so she forbade me to use a condom.

It was on a Thursday morning, we had barely eaten breakfast when Wilma pounced on me as usual in her room, we had been sleeping Unclad on the bed with just blankets to cover ourselves, in a split second I jumped to the floor and violently upturned her to the Canine position, with her head face down on the bed she turned to me and smiled with gratitude, Wilma had turned me into an animal so I was about to ffuck her dogggy style. Her Bottom was glowing, and her pusssy lips bulging from behind, without delay I plunged my peninsula into her Vagingogo and jerked against her in quick succession and her fluid came spawning down to the floor like olive oil, it was at that moment Tiffany barged into the room and we all froze for seconds, i could see that her eyes had already been swollen from endless crying, she looked at us absent-mindedly as if we weren’t even there and then she left and closed the door behind.

Immediately after that my Libido vanished, to my greatest surprise Wilma was still asking for more, I looked at her angrily, put on my clothes and chased after my girl, but all avenues to see her failed. I went to her house to check on her but it was the same story, I tried to call but her phone remained switched off, if only I knew I would’ve just let her be and not try to kiss or touch her, she hadn’t even said yes to me and I had already started being unfaithful, I felt sorry for her and for myself, she was a happy girl and I came and took away her virginity and messed her life up.


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