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Must Read: Aunty Clara… Part 1

This is another story writer by Enitsua…..

In my semi-conscious state I could hear heavy Noises, which sounded like Gun shots but I wasn’t bordered cus for me the gift of sleep was the best gift mankind ever had, so I continued in my long siesta, the noise became unbearable as people started screaming ferociously, it was then I opened my eyes and to my greatest consternation it was already dark ,wow I had slept for over five hours, from the ensuing circumstances I could Apprehend an unrest, the first thing that came to my mind was that der was a clash between vengeful cultist, but at the other side I could hear incantation by students ‘We no go gree o, we no go gree’ . Stepping outside I saw students packing books, boxes running helter skelter, some holding Guns others shooting sporadically in the air, turning cars upside down like they had acquired some kind of supernatural power , setting shops and items ablaze, for some reason I felt I was still sleeping because it felt like a dream, or better still a scene in a war movie.

Okay there was a riot in my school that day (evening ) and I was lucky to make it out alive from the hostel, but thanks to this unfortunate event I had an experience of a life time.

School was subsequently closed for 6 full months, so I had a lot of free time on my hands and I had no idea what to use my time for, I thought of working but my dad wouldn’t let me, he said I shouldn’t think of making money so early in life so I wouldn’t be distracted from studies, I was so bored that I felt I was a magician after watching so many videos of Criss Angel but as Criss himself I had to make my boring predicament disappear, I thought to myself. So I went to my dad and gave him reasons why I needed to travel, and he surprisingly obliged and before I knew it I was on a flight to Abuja, where I was to stay with my Aunty, an Aunty which I had come across only once, she was the sexiest Aunty I ever saw, Tall, Dark, Busty, yes she had so much curves that you could use her to draw a graph, as I said I only met her once and I was about to meet her again.

I landed in Abuja 25 minutes after I left calabar, it’s funny how fast a plane can transport some1. Landing in the Abuja airport I entered a bus which took me to the Main airport reception, I was starting to feel uncomfortable not until I saw her…MISS Clara was her name and being s*xy** was her game. I saw her from a distance and I started moving closer towards her, I could feel my heart beating because I wasn’t sure of what I would say to her, but before I could ponder some more she completed the distance between us and gave me a big hug, the aura around her was magnificent maybe it was because of her expensive perfume I don’t know, her looks, her eyes, her outfit only dripped with radiance…she was what I would call ‘fine Girl no pimples’, miss Clara was a tall lady who stood at about 5 foot 4, she was light in complexion or what I would call chocolate, she had lovely brown hair, light make up on, dark long eye lashes which were by the way not fixed but natural, I noticed her aquiline nose which I probably reasoned was an interplay of Genes from my father’s side, whose mother was a Lebanese, miss Clara had this deep red lipstick on, with luscious lips which made Angelina Jolie look bad, she was clad in a short red gown, which was a V-neck, for me it exposed a little too much, as I cud see here big mammary glands, popping out for recognition. Looking at her I realised I knew little or nothing about this young lady who was probably in her early 30’s but I was sure I would find out sooner or later. My face was virtually buried in between her booobs while the hug lasted, this was because of her height which was buttressed by her brown high heel Louis Vuitton shoes, after the hug she took a brief glance at me, and exclaimed how fast I had grown considering the last time she saw me, she held me in the hand as we proceeded to her 406 Peugeot car, to say the least I was impressed, but even more when I arrived at her apartment.

On my way to her house I did get a glaring view of the city of Abuja, the federal capital territory, from the plane the city looked like a village to me, with a lot of dust and untarred roads, the height must have impaired my visual abilities because looking at the city from the car, Abuja looked like a vast uncompleted building, structures being constructed everywhere, new roads on the verge of completion, skyscrapers made up of all sort of bricks and precious materials, companies and industries at every nook and cranny, luxurious cars, sit outs etc. and all the roads looked to me like a high way because it was devoid of go slow or any form of congestion, I also noticed the absence of obnoxious police and road safety officers asking for every car particular, license, insurance, fire extinguisher even a Waec result…lol… In a nutshell the city was lovely and if I didn’t know better I would say that all of the countries resources were deposited in this place.

So we reached her apartment, she lived in an area called wuye and, from our conversation in the car she said she rented the self-contained with 3 rooms for a whooping sum of 950 thousand per annum. On entering Clara’s abode I was greeted by this scintillating odour in her vast parlour, it was so pleasant that I had to inquire where the refreshing smell came from, and she pointed at some bouquet of flowers, which she said she bought during her trip to Dubai with her Boyfriend, boyfriend?! I muttered to myself, her boyfriend was probably one of this young oil moguls, or better still a very successful entrepreneur I muttered some more, anyway beside me was her 21 inch flat screen tv hanging on her white wall, it was painted white and designed with this lovely brown patches that looked like stars, beneath the tv was her home theatre with vertical speakers by the sides to support it, she had this lovely leather chairs , a Dining table on an elevated floor behind them, which was made possible by just a step, and Gorgeous floor tiles which gave the house an illuminating background, all this Engulfed in her unbelievably chilled parlour, Equipped with heavy horse powered LG air conditioner, still basking in the splendour of this aesthetic home, Clara beckoned on me not to worry that she will Give me a tour of the house later on, but for now I should follow her to my room where I would keep my travelling bags and take a bath to freshen up.

She led me straight to my room and I followed religiously, I was so caught in the moment that I almost forgot how beautiful my host was, this made me wonder which was more beautiful Herself or the house, Clara led me to my room, which was equally impressive, a bed with nice bed covers, an air conditioner on the wall, a wardrobe and a rest room which I later discovered, it seemed like the room had not been occupied before, because it was very vacant, well it was just how I liked it, with her soft hands placed on my chicks and a stare like a woman looking into her lovers eye she asked me ‘swidy I hope you like your room’ and I exclaimed ‘who wouldn’t‘ and she gave me a bright smile, she told me to freshen up because she was about to do same and meet her in her room so I can remind her to make me launch, her room was just opposite mine, the rooms were situated in a corridor which was an extension of the parlour, by the way this was just 2 o’clock in the afternoon. She detached her hand from my chick, licks her thumb in a most seductive way and wipes through my eyelashes in a bid to straighten them…on her way out she turns her face back to me and asks if I want to come in to the Jacuzzi with her, Like a congested Hard disk my brain found it hard to process her question, when she saw the troubled look on my face she smiled mischievously at me and said ‘see you in a jiffy’ and she headed to her room…, I stood there clueless, with mixed feelings, feelings of sexual excitement on one hand and a craving for un limitless adventure on the other, but the mere thought of her being my blood relation extinguished this Nutty fantasies.

I dropped my bags unpacked a few clothes and items, took a bath and laid down on my bed trying to get acquainted with my new environment, in the midst of my retrospection, my phone rang I picked it up and saw a strange number , on answering it I heard a female voice, ‘Swidy it’s me Clara, come to my room, I need your help with something’ I was surprised that she had my number, but on second thought I reasoned that my dad must have given it to her, but that aside, what was paramount on my mind at that moment was what she wanted my help for, so I stood up and headed to her door, and knocked nervously and in less than 5 seconds the door opened, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I stood there for a moment completely overwhelmed with my mouth Agape, staring directly at my so called Aunty who was now…

Wearing a different outfit, to tell the truth I thought I would open the door to see a very Unclad Clara, but instead she had changed into a white body hug top and a blue jean, I could see her pink Bra through her top, which held in place her voluptuous bosoms, she said I should help put her chain around her neck because she can’t seem to do it herself, so I took it from her and put the chain around her, she used her hand to shift her hair to the side, to give room for me to hook the chain together, as she waved her hair aside i was immediately drawn to the tantalising smell of her hair, it smelt like the fresh air in the beginning of rainy season, all this while, I had never really noticed it, her hair was 100% natural she hadn’t fixed any attachment, a little longer than the average Nigerians woman’s hair, smooth and soft at least that’s how it looked, probably she must had been treating it with some expensive cream, I thought, it was brown in colour but there was nothing to suggest that it was due for relaxing or perming, I suddenly gained consciousness when she said ‘are you done?’, I hurriedly hooked the chain and said yes, she turned to me, told me to escort her to the car so that she can drop me off at a fast food just some miles from the house, so I can buy myself launch, she told me that she was in a hurry to meet up with some one, she dropped me at the place, I ate there and I paid my way back home, she had a dstv, dvd, and an Ipad just lying around the house, so I had no reason to get bored. I played around with this things till I slept of, if I can recall correctly I think she came back around 9pm, when she came back she simply covered me with a blanket, while I was sleeping on the most comfy chair in the world, her parlour chair. I slept like a baby that night.


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