-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 9

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 8, read it Here

…because while she stretched herself to write with her lifted right arm, her already short gown jumped even further up into the lower part of her bare Buttocks!

It was indeed startling and very unexpected! As one would think, the men suddenly began adjusting in their seats, in an obvious attempt to either pick out a more generous view of the lady’s partly-exposed Buttocks or possibly contain their dicks which I was sure had grown longer than usual in their trousers! Poor boys, indeed! It was just difficult for them to bear even though Ms. Rosemary didn’t seem to give a flying F**K about what was playing out around her! In fact, as she gently swayed from side to side while writing, the dress made it inches up, more and more! It got so bad that we soon began seeing the entire lower-half of her admittedly big booty, quite comfortably! And when she later bent over to pick up the board marker that mistakenly fell as she wrote, it turned out to become the killer arrow! If not for her plump Buttocks cheeks that still remained stuck together, I bet a considerable portion of her Kittycat would have briefly come into view!

I even heard a sigh or two that followed as some of the dudes began biting their lower lips in lustful desire! It was indeed very alarming to think she didn’t know she was Unclad right before the hall and even more alarming how everybody in the room never considered walking up to her and telling her she needed some covering either! It was only after she had finished writing and dropped her hand that she began to flimsily pull the drawn-up gown down into her upper-thigh! Remarkably, she barely looked like she knew what had happened and only just continued with her rather stylish speech. Instead, it was us who had been watching her, that looked to hurriedly regain our composure; including some of the men who had almost stood from their seats in a bid to see the beautiful lady’s partly stark butt! When the period for questions came nobody did ask as the hall only could remain unimaginably quiet! Even the moderator didn’t spend any further time before going on to dismiss us for the day. Everybody had simply seen what they thought wasn’t ever possible at the August Business Retreat and a handful were definitely going to spend the next couple of minutes at their hotel rooms with their genitals mostly in their hands! I thought I wasn’t going to be one of those people though, until I stood from my chair and for the first time that evening, realized that my Kittycat was already mercilessly drenched! All thanks to a Ms. Rosemary, who was largely breath-taking!

To Be Continued…

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