-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 8

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 7, read it Here

The lunch break lasted for an hour and half and I exhausted most of it in my hotel room. I had initially spent a few minutes with Anthony just after the meeting was dismissed and we only separated when he explained that his crew would need him against their preparations for the up-coming interactive session. Preparations for my branch had been handled the previous day just after arrival so it wasn’t there to bug us anymore. It was unfortunate that I still couldn’t get some private time with Anthony but still looked forward to doing so soon. Friday games were already looking like a very good opportunity even though I wished I wouldn’t have to stay that long before doing so. Anyways, Anthony did take me by surprise later on, after we had returned for the evening session. When his branch was called out as the first to lead the discussions, he was the one they presented to do so, all to my greatest surprise! He never told me that he was going to be anchoring at any point when we talked briefly during the lunch break, and it was completely unexpected seeing him stand before all of us to lead the talk. Impressively, he did do a marvelous work; commanding his space and choice of words. He basically dwelt on the quite so few challenges their branch office had been witnessing in the last quarter. He made mention of the need to promote the usefulness of the firm’s services across the private sector emphasizing that just a few company owners knew anything about statistical data extraction and application. However, as he kept talking to us and invoking reasons for questions from his listeners, I was more interested in his looks and kept my eyes on his body through out! I ogled him as though I had never seen him before, moving my eyes from his Kittycat-moistening shinny head down to his shimmering shoes! He had changed into a shirt and tie during the break; dropping his very lovely blazers. This only made it a bit easier to spot the faint outline of his broad biceps! Before he would finish with his session and hand over to the moderator, I had already wet my panty considerably!

The next round of discussion, which was handled by my branch was more boring than it was interesting. Our Vice at Lagos lead the line and I wouldn’t comfortably swear that I never shut my eyes in unintended doze a couple of times during his appearance. I did hear a few of the things he said anyway, and they were quite accurate about our branch’s situation. We weren’t doing badly as such but were in a desperate need to relocate as our office couldn’t be expanded any further. I guess our Vice knew what he was saying but wasn’t saying it in a very charismatic way. But that didn’t stop the questions from coming though for he ended up receiving more questions than Anthony did. Mercifully, it turned out being a solid performance and my branch received an enviable size of applause at the end. Since the Abuja office was the Head Office itself, the only office now left to come forward was the Port Harcourt Office. The only male in their midst had been heavily involved in the morning presentations, so I wasn’t expecting him to be coming up again this time around. But then, I still wasn’t also expecting their boss – Ms. Rosemary, to do so either since she wasn’t ever known to handle presentations at all. Contrarily, and in a very usual way, I did get the surprise of my life when she suddenly stood and began walking up to the center stage as soon as the moderator called upon her branch to head another period of discussions! For a couple seconds, I remained taken aback! And it seemed as though most of the people in the hall were equally lost in the situation because I soon began hearing murmurs in hush tones as seats and legs screeched the tiled floor in predictable restlessness! It wasn’t clear though if those were only because of the surprise of seeing her come forward or actually partly directed at her very revealing outfit!

As she walked up to collect the mic she uninhibitedly presented us a lewd view of her scarcely covered backside! The admittedly sumptuous flesh of her wide buttocks and thighs were revealed in patches between the decorative belts, and as she walked, they took turns to expose more of themselves in folds! It was easy to understand why everybody had to take a moment out of their lives to gawk at her in killing desire! Most especially, the men! She was simply gorgeous, no matter how evidently seducing she did appear! When she did pick up the microphone eventually from the moderator who was openly running his eyes up and down her tempting body, she said her hi and in the most sultry of tones, began talking!

If anyone had told me she was as perfect with words as she eventually did show, I would have vehemently doubted it! But she was! She was simply a superb orator who knew how to colour her expressions. Thus raising the question of why she had never bothered giving their branch presentations herself for years now. Moreover, her ascent was great too and it was easy to be fixed onto how she spoke rather than what she spoke about. In a sense, she appeared the combination; being sweet to listen to if you were the type who loved the girl to be witty as well as slightly talkative, and being a walking s*x-pot if your definition of the perfect girl revolved around the bed, the body and the s*x! She was only on the verge of starting her discussion when I instantly got the feeling that the men were already in trouble for the remainder of her time! She was going to walk around in her astonishingly high pumps while talking and that would also mean more flesh will be sampled here and there! You would have to be a few inches away from her to clearly see the skin underneath her see-through gown quite alright but her movement, when coupled with an inter-play of light and shades, gave an on-looker a more than descriptive imagery of her body and shape! Anybody who watched her as she walked about speaking, could tell out the exact sizes of her thighs, the exact point where they began parting and of course her crotch position! Other distracting revelations like the location of the crack of her Buttocks (which occasionally showed), the position of her Kittycat mound and the exact shape and size of her breasts were the simplest of things to notice! It was that pornographic! Funny enough, both men and women present seemed to be jointly trapped in her seeming seduction. Everybody remained impeccably calm watching her as she rolled her hips from side to side in her strides, all in the name of holding a discussion. Myself inclusive; I would confess not paying any attention to anything she said for most of the minutes she spent talking.

However, It was something like witchcraft when Ms. Rosemary suddenly walked up to the little whiteboard behind her, picked up one of the board markers available, and began writing some figures down. For the first time in several minutes, I suddenly recalled she was even speaking to us. A quick re-link indicated that she was trying to show us how much statistical data she had lost in the previous 10 months, all because of the absence of quality data management technology at their branch. She was indirectly requesting for technology support. But I bet few people were interested in that at all because while she stretched herself to write with her lifted right arm, her already short gown jumped even further up into the lower part of her bare Buttocks!

To Be Continued…

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