-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 7

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 6, read it Here

Anytime they had a little chance to stand or walk around, they wouldn’t do so without failing to complicate everybody’s thoughts with their ever-gyrating backsides!

Ms. Rosemary their boss, was getting a fair share of the focus too, just like always. Even though curious thoughts regarding who she was actually interested in wouldn’t let me make up my mind on her (given how she was now persistently looking at my branch’s secretary – Binta), she was being crowded with numerous eyes, nonetheless! Her rather awkward link up with Binta though, was one I was happy to keep an eye on as proceedings progressed. After all, there was a strong need for an explanation as to why she had more women than men in her branch at Port Harcourt.

As branch presentations finally got underway, I was more or less ascertaining to my thoughts that the connection from the previous year was beginning to develop once again and I could sense it sensually linking the groups up like it did back then. In fact before we would get done with the presentations, I had fairly concluded that in one way or the other, everybody already had a crush or interest within the meeting hall! Mine was my Anthony who at some point had to leave his seat to whisper into my ears in the name of seeking clarification on one of the comments my Branch Head made during his presentation.

I didn’t fail to notice how his right hand lingered on my thigh though a little longer than necessary, while his left practically massaged my shoulder! He was indeed dying for me just as I was for him! As for his colleagues, their interests were mostly on the young ladies from Port Harcourt as earlier observed. The girls were undeniably hot and seemed to want the ripped bodies of their admirers too!

The girls were undeniably hot and seemed to want the ripped bodies of their admirers too!

On the other side, my own colleagues were kind of split in their ‘groups of interest’. Both my bosses and the rest of the men on our crew seemed to equally have their eyes on the girls from Port Harcourt as well! In fact, I even caught my Branch Head in particular asking his vice across the table in hush tones if he knew much about the Head of Operations for the Port Harcourt office. She was likely catching his attention more than everyone else. How unfortunate were they though. The PH ladies didn’t appear to care about them and rarely gave them any look in; including the Head of Operations in question! They had been practically taken up by the big lads from Onitsha, or so it seemed! As for our girls – Binta, Kudirat and Bunmi, they had quite the big ambition. Binta and Bunmi had their hots for the company’s CEO and his Vice while the married Kudirat was looking like she was interested in the only guy from PH! Of course, it wasn’t news anymore that most of the girls on the Abuja crew (if not all), F**K the CEO and his second non-stop.

So I just couldn’t understand why anyone would be thinking of having a fling with them at all. But then, I knew that with the right quid, most girls will still fall in line, most especially as it did seem as though the CEO and his Vice were the ones who began giving them the eye in the first place! However, it only looked to complicate my understanding of Binta’s situation. Given what I was already suspecting about Ms. Rosemary’s intentions towards her, I thought it was going to be interesting to see how a male and a seeming female admirer would slug it out for our new secretary! As for that moment in time, it was the Vice CEO that was winning the lust battle, it appeared!

Ultimately, it soon looked very much like the Abuja ladies were the only ones without any true admirers. They were hot, yes. They dressed to kill, yes but for some inexplicable reasons, the boys in the room had other ideas. I particularly pitied their Head of Statistics. She was far more beautiful than the rest of the girls and had a lot more class to herself too. Of course she wasn’t any better in decency kinda and had a bit of an air of outpouring ego.

She was far more beautiful than the rest of the girls and had a lot more class to herself too.

But that couldn’t be cited as a reason for the lack of outright attention. Even when it appeared like she was going to fancy a fling or two with the only dude from Port Harcourt, it was our own Mrs. kudirat who eventually nipped the rather sweet-looking young man by the bud! The fact that he would rather give his attention to an already married woman instead of the pretty boss spoke volumes about the misfortune the girls from Abuja were facing. And it was difficult to explain why. Subsequently, as the presentations went on, it doubled as a platform for some of us to re-confirm the suspected chemistry going on between certain persons. Usually, the main presenter spoke and illustrated to his or her audience, while another two from the branch played the support role; running short errands and operating the projector. The Head at our Onitsha Office handled the session for his branch while the guy from Port Harcourt stood for his boss and branch. My boss was the one who handled the presentation for Lagos. His personal aide and Binta played the support. He lengthily spoke about the commendable rise in the number of schemes that had been handled by our branch within the past one year as well as the expansion in size of official crawlers under us. I felt it was generally a good presentation but never failed to detect how excessively absorbed both the Vice CEO – Mr. Martin and the Branch Head at our Port Harcourt Head office were throughout his speech! Of course their focus wasn’t on my boss, but on Binta who was the one flicking through the PowerPoint slides as the presentation went on. It was so bad for Mr. Martin that even after the presentation was over he still almost tripped up when coming up the stage again; simply because he yet couldn’t tear his eyes away from Binta’s swaying Buttocks, as she returned to her seat to sit! Thankfully, our lunch break couldn’t come any sooner!

To Be Continued…

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