-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 5

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I was dying for him and I knew he was dying for me too because he began crossing and uncrossing his legs suddenly! Probably in every effort to respond to the killing sensation he was getting! Unlucky for both of us though, his branch were soon done with all registrations and room numbers were subsequently given to them – he had to go in now.

“Catcha later…” he finally said, smiling as he stood to walk away with his bags.

“Alright Tony!” I replied in a jiffy, crossing back my legs!

He was soon turning away, doing his best to hide (with a bag) the huge erection that had formed under his trousers, which I unfailingly noticed as soon as he stood!

I just couldn’t wait anymore for the Business Retreat to begin! After all, I had already gotten so wet, just on arrival day!

Just like the previous year, little concerns like chow and provisions were already taken care of by the Head Office before hand. We were only required to simply place an order with the hotel cafe for the food to be served straightaway, right at our doorstep! What made it even more outstanding, was that we always had about 3-4 cuisines per meal, to pick from. Nobody was being forced to eat something they weren’t used to or didn’t feel like eating at that very point in time! It was something commendable for us the attending staff! The first night had already gone spectacularly well and the entire staff were now looking forward to our first meeting; myself included. I had returned to my room a few minutes after the arrival day chat, showered and changed into my night dress. I remained indoors, glossing through some of the documents I had obtained for our presentation the following day. After putting through some calls to my mum and sister, reaffirming my wellbeing, I faced the TV. I basically had no dinner that night and did wake up with an empty stomach the next day. Nonetheless, I just had to join the day which did suddenly begin quite quickly! The schedule of activities slated for the coming hours, explained that we would have two sessions of a meeting. The first, which was going to come in the morning, will be just presentations from every branch office excluding the Head Office. We would be required to discuss our successes and achievements within the past one year; paying good attention to statistical differences over that period of time. Then the second session will be mostly interactive. That will be the time branches will be expected to highlight the challenges they face and any efforts they had made to overcome such challenges thus far. A lunch break was unfailingly going to come in-between too. Now, judging from the dress requirements placed on us all and the perceived unlikelihood that anyone would begin going slutry already this early, I opted to pick a fairly simple and ‘decent’ outfit. While it looked rather short, tight on my bum and quite with a lengthy slit behind, my choice of skirt that morning didn’t scream much of a nympho! Neither did my office shirt scream whorish either; even though my deep cleavage were now more exposed than I would rather have them on a Sunday morning when heading to my Parish, back in Lagos!

In total contrast, my predictions turned out to be completely wrong! Apart from the girls from my branch who were almost dressed as myself, there was nothing ‘decent’ about most of the other people already present in our meeting hall when I walked in later that morning! Of course, the Abuja ladies were always going to be on top of it all but a few of the Port Harcourt girls were similarly culprits of the act as well!

This also included their boss who for some inexplicable reasons I still had refused to find quite depraved, despite being surrounded by numerous overwhelming evidences! She was in fact, the most daring amongst them all – she was on a very short sleeveless gown and it looked slightly see-through to me! In fact, the dark colour of the gown was the only thing that made it a bit tricky to detect its see-through nature since it perfectly matched the colour of her skin in every way! But on close viewing, one would comfortably see how bare she was underneath! If not for the several belts that were beautifully strapped across the clothe in clever exquisite design, I would bet that her Tips and possibly Kittycat would have been easily spotted through the near-transparent fabric of the gown!

To Be Continued…

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