-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 4

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Anyways, I continued observing other staff from other branches as they arrived even after my own branch had fully registered, dropped our bags in our assigned rooms and returned to have a brief chat. We picked a corner of the spacious well-landscaped quadrangle were the registration was equally going on, and after getting ourselves some softs and snacks, found a concrete platform to sit on. We soon began talking about our plans as a branch for the event. As expected, Binta was already looking to Lord the talk, appearing more like the number two to the boss than just an office secretary.

Strangely, her antics never seemed to bother me at all as I was curiously occupied with a sudden search for Anthony – the dude from Onitsha! I couldn’t still tell if his branch had arrived since I was yet to see any of them. They have always been just 8 men, leaving me to wonder many at times if there were no women at all in their branch! How I sometimes wished I worked with them as I could envisage endless fun all day! However, it was already becoming disturbing as I still found no trace of them despite what hour of day it was. I had just seen the Port Harcourt crew arrive with their ever gorgeous boss leading the way. Her choice of a trouser-suit was perfect even though the trouser appeared a bit too tight on her bum, thus giving off a candid display of panty-line as she approached the registration table!

…thus giving off a candid display of panty-line as she approached the registration table!

They were another branch that always lacked balance in the selection of their attending crew. They had come with 7 ladies and just a guy who I already knew would be delivering their branch’s presentation. Predictably, the ladies were more or less dressed like their boss. They looked very smart but with a tint of raw-sexiness to them. One of them even had the slit on her skirt running as far as into the middle of her Buttocks!

I quite as well knew she was a glorious sight for the guys as she severally bent to zip and unzip her luggage during registration! Ultimately, no one was a match for the Abuja chics in seduction! Their outfits were more or less an open invitation to their admittedly tempting bodies and even where they made little effort to have a piece of fabric covering some flesh, they dealt the boys a reverse blow by allowing either their panty-line or poking Tips to brazenly outline themselves across the material! They were just a handful to say the least!

When the shuttle carrying the Onitsha crew eventually drove in, I was likely the first to notice and predictably, my heart skipped! I had been more concerned about them more than the supposed chat going on within my branch. I was suddenly very excited as I watched the bus pull over for them to come off. While I felt a bit scared that Anthony may likely not be in the bus, I still couldn’t contain my nerves and even felt my Kittycat moisten that instant! It was just unbelievable how a mere expectation was already turning me on! Fortunately, he was part of them! And wasn’t changed at all! He was still his usual hefty self and his ‘stone-cold’ bald glistened in the relapsing sun as he stepped down from the bus. I just melted on seeing him in full and almost turned fully away from my colleagues as I watched him walk aside his mates towards the registration stand. They were all in black suits and how it looked smart on them! I guess his mind was probably set on me too because I noticed how he frequently seemed to check around. He would flash a glance here and there as though he was keen to find something if not someone! Unfortunately, he kept missing my spot and how that enraged me! I was almost feeling like yelling for him to know I was just a few distances from him! Thankfully, I didn’t have to do that, because he soon caught my figure eventually and as soon as his eyes met mine, he dashed out a charming smile! I smiled back, lifting an arm and waving briskly.

“Hi…” I managed to say as well guessing he would barely hear me because of the relative gap between us.

He raised a hand too in response and had this smirk in his lips that seemed to ask why I wasn’t coming for a hug or something. I managed to figure out quite well so quickly pointed to my colleagues just then. He smiled once again, waving his head.

“Later…” he finally feigned a whisper, bringing his left hand beside his mouth as though to make it louder.

I nodded my head while taking up the smile and then looked away. Of course just momentarily, because I soon returned my eyes on him, drinking up his chiseled look! He was just breath-taking and quite the presence! I wouldn’t know why so soon, but I found my eyes checking out his fly once again even though I was quite lucky he didn’t catch me doing so. For he soon began checking me out too, choosing to look away anytime I attempted bringing my eyes his way. It was something I enjoy doing with guys and it soon got me all sticky and wet!

By the time he would find a platform nearby to sit, I had completely turned around to face him instead of the on-going meeting behind me! I had been completely taken by his presence and I hadn’t stopped looking at him still! I kept checking out his large chest which despite being concealed within his jacket, was still visibly hunky! I comfortably recalled the Games time the previous year and how he had repeatedly placed his ripped hands over mine. He had so much muscle on them and a matching tattoo one. Imagining being held in those arms and being F***ed with every vigour possible, was enough to get my panty further drenched and want to make me stand and walk over to him for a full mouth kiss!

Stunningly, it was as though he had similar thoughts, because the next time I would look at his face, his eyes were firmly fixed on the part of my under-thighs which were inevitably revealed after I had crossed one leg over the other! I found it very thrilling and quickly dropped the leg to bring him better enticement!

I found it very thrilling and quickly dropped the leg to bring him better enticement!

Of course he quickly moved his eyes away, probably thinking that I had caught him or something. But after a few moments, he returned them! Being directly opposite me meant I wasn’t required to expose myself too much so it was very much certain that he was the only one having a decent look into my spread thighs! And how much happiness that gave me! I still looked up at him a few more times, and our eyes met on all counts! It was kind of obvious that we both knew what we were doing and as we lasted further into the act, I spread my legs even wider apart! I was even wondering at some point if he could see the large patch of dampness that had soaked a portion of my visible panty!

To Be Continued…

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