-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 34

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part Thirty Three, read it HERE

He so F***ed me at this point that my body began quivering so violently even before I felt my third orgasm completely travel through me! And even when it did, I barely knew it was so close until I felt it waltzing through my Kittycat walls in fierce velocity! It turned out to be an outrageous burst of Pour and I had to quickly pull out the dude’s Joystick to save myself from passing out completely!

But then, I still didn’t stop cumming! Streams after streams of my juices kept pouring out onto the table under me! My legendry pleaser was busy stroking his wet Joystick as he watched on but soon began making it back to me when he saw that my Kittycat wasn’t pouring as much anymore! I instantly began dreading the worse for he also started bending into my Kittycat as though he was going to use his mouth. Of course, I was instantly sent into the highest heights as soon as his tongue touched my clit!

I kicked and clawed while my teeth practically jittered but he showed no mercy! In fact, Anthony who was still above my head got involved and helped pin me onto the table! I instantly fell back and just thought the world was going to end that moment given the enormous pleasure passing through me! Even in the apparent madness, I still managed to notice that most people were getting through orgasms too! And I had to wonder why I would have to be F***ed for a third time!

I was still pondering this when I felt a Joystick begin to rub along my slit repeatedly! Thinking it was still the same guy who had just F***ed me, I kind of braced myself for another crazy round of s*x! However, I was given the shock of my life when I noticed the slightest, how this particular Joystick was way bigger than whatever I had felt that night! I had to look up and right before me, was the same guy who I had once described as the dude with the largest Joystick at the Retreat! How he had joined the threesome was beyond me! And he wasn’t even after what the former guys had gone for. I was actually feeling his Joystick trying to get into my virgin asshole by all means! I passed out!

To Be Continued…

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