-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 33

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part Thirty Two, read it HERE

I was more than thrilled though and my Kittycat responded by giving out even more juice! I brought a hand over the dude’s big tool and in a jiffy brought it to my mouth! As I began sucking him, I unmistakably tasted the other girl’s Kittycat on his pecker! She tasted fabulous moreover and I somehow wished she could just join us! Unfortunately she was still being pegged by 3 other dudes at her end even after a guy had left her! Apparently, she was having a better day than myself nonetheless, as each of the guys took turns to F**K every single hole they could find on her body!

As I watched her graciously receive the many cocks around her while moaning at the top of her voice, I dutifully serviced the good Joystick in my own hand! Anthony was also fucking away at my Kittycat and I could easily feel another orgasm building up! I had to clamp both legs behind his buttocks to deter him from stopping at this stage as he rammed his way in and out of me in glorious furry! Unexpectedly, both our climax arrived at the same time and as my body endlessly vibrated violently on the table under me in intense orgasm, Anthony pulled out his soaked Joystick to spray what was left of his thick semen all over my crotch and belly!

Some of it had jetted off deep inside my Kittycat but what was left was still quite a load! After many seconds of vigorous shaking, my second climax eventually died down and I didn’t waste time in scoping the thick white yoghurt he had deposited on me to bring to my mouth! He seemed to like the gesture because he reciprocated by letting a finger slightly rub my now super-sensitive clit! Needless to say that I almost jumped off the table at his touch! Pure electrocution was the only thing that could come close to describing the sudden catalytic sensation that instantly overwhelmed me! Anthony and his colleague had to hold my convulsing self from falling off the table! Both began laughing too at my reaction and Anthony even cracked a joke about how I was behaving like an excited grasshopper. I smacked his Buttocks in jest and began making it up from the table, obviously trying to regain the enormous energy I had certainly lost. But Anthony’s colleague wouldn’t take that! I was jolted to the marrow when I saw him standing before my Kittycat already, and with his Joystick in hand! I had barely explained that I had Pour twice now before he vengefully plunged his fat Joystick back into my helpless glutinous cunt! I went speechless!

He was more ruthless than Anthony ever was! The speed with which his tool went in and out of my cunt was simply unmatched! And he seemed to increase his tempo a tad more at every passing second! Anthony had switched roles now and was attempting putting his mildly stiff Joystick into my mouth even though my attention was barely on him. I was more concentrated on the hard merciless pounding his colleague was giving my Kittycat! In fact, by the time he would spend a quarter of the time Anthony spent on me, I was already seeing stars! My eyes were shut so tightly while my torso and lower-half were now almost literally flying in the air! I had so arched my back that my buttocks weren’t even touching the table anymore! And with the way my juices uncontrollably ‘flew’ out of my full Kittycat in countless pellets each time he pulled out his Joystick and sunk it again, anyone under us would think it was raining juices! Things only got ‘worse’ when he abruptly leaned into me, holding me by the hip and subsequently pinning my Buttocks onto the table again! He stepped up his frequency and thrusts and before he could go a full cycle, I was already wailing out so loudly! He still wouldn’t relent and kept stabbing my stuffed Kittycat with increased ferocity!

To Be Continued…

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