-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 31

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 30, read it Here

“I will display it o of you persist!…” was her first verbal response

“DISPLAY IT!…” was the obviously crazy crowd’s reaction. The CEO was saying same too.

“Should I?” she asked again


Laughter followed. But then, before everyone’s eyes, Dapo gently raised the hem of her gown up into her belly – she wasn’t even wearing any panties! Of course eyes began narrowing as an encouraging applause and cheer followed!

After the applause had come down, the CEO began talking again. “Wow! What a pretty Kittycat! This does not look sore to me sweetie!…” he was looking down into the lady’s crotch

“But it is sir.” she was still grinning.

“Can I check?…”

Another scattering laughter ensued! We all were now sure where this was going! In fact, some of the guys who’d been standing, now had their dicks outside and in their hands, shamelessly wanking off to the rather corporate pornography playing out before us all! Interestingly, nobody seemed to be bothered about anybody’s exposed dicks! Only just a handful of girls were even assisting with the Joystick fondling!

“You can go on sir…” was the quite predictable reply from Dapo! She even went on to slightly spread her legs just about then in invitation!

Smiling to the crowd, our Chief Executive Officer, shamelessly bent a little and after giving one of his fingers a quick suck, brought it to the lady’s Kittycat opening! It was a matter of seconds before the entire length got buried inside!

Dapo hissed, after a little tug! She had to tightly shut her eyes at this point. A part of the crowed also sighed as we calmly watched the both of them get on with it!

“She’s so wet!…” added the pleased Chief after his finger had done a little twist and turn! And when he finally pulled out his finger, he brought it to his mouth and sucked it clean! “And she tastes good too! You don’t seem sore in anyway baby!”

We all giggled! Dapo didn’t reply, but only opened her eyes again, smiling! Mr. Martin was still grinning from ear to ear and after his boss had pulled out his finger, brought his own hand to the Kittycat to give it a massage. Dapo seemed to like it too! We were all entrapped in the depraved yet pleasurable scene before! Needless to say, some of the girls had already started rubbing their own pussies too; and quite in the open!

Mr. Martin was still grinning from ear to ear and after his boss had pulled out his finger, brought his own hand to the Kittycat to give it a massage.

“Her clit is so swollen!” Mr. Martin started saying after seeming to have examined the area.

“Already?!” instantly queried a girl in the audience! All eyes turned to see who.

“Who asked that?…” cut in a surprised Martin. Everybody began laughing again as we all turned to fish out the girl. “Someone should check her out…she might actually be hornier than Dapo…Check her out…In fact, nobody here isn’t horny…”

He had barely finished before a band of guys quickly crowded the girl, who had been laughing all along!

It was as though they had been waiting for an invitation to bring to bear a repressed unruliness within them! It soon also became a case of every girl when other boys began grabbing any lady they could find around them! Supposedly, to check them out too! I had to be shielded by Anthony after bringing me to sit on his laps to avoid further advances! The girl who had talked was soon jacked onto a table and in seconds, ripped of every piece of clothing!

To Be Continued…

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