-August Business Retreat (18+)

Must Read: August Business Retreat (18+)… Part 30

A story written by Dan Chucks… If missed part 29, read it Here

Waists rolled. Bodies ground against bodies. And boners evidently poked into soft inviting booties! Everybody was high in one way or the other; including my own Anthony! It was only after the CEO had called off the dance that he reappeared from the crowded people and then gave me a rather passionate kiss, right in the mouth! It got me quite wet, of course! The CEO then began speaking again soon after.

“Give it up for these ladies people!….” he had also danced and was now sweating rather heavily!

We all began clapping.

“Let’s return to our seats folks…” that was Mr. Martin cutting in now.

“Yea….let’s get seated once more. Please sit.”

We were now returning to our seats. I could see several people cuddling themselves still; even as they returned to sit! There was so much eroticism in the air!

“So who won the dance?” abruptly asked the CEO even before we were fully seated.

Of course, the crowd barely let him finish with the question before chorusing Binta and the PH girl’s names repeatedly! Some even stood up again to more like drive home their suggestions! This left the CEO and Mr. Martin very amused as they roamed their eyes from one end of the hall to the other.

“They all won…they all did well…” was the sudden addition. The CEO had just declared all of them winners. The message was clear – he didn’t want to place a junior over the seniors.

But the crowd almost didn’t accept the decision and began chorusing the names again. However, Mr. Martin was smart enough and cleverly diverted attention.

“Let’s clap for them now as they return to their seats please…” he quickly said, bringing the crowd to renewed applause. Guys howled in appreciation as the girls walked back into the crowd. But of course, not without the CEO spanking an Buttocks or two as they did! He was openly frivolous!

Some of the guys in the audience equally showed same boldness, probably after seeing their bosses do it severally! They confidently began approaching the ladies and trying to either grope, kiss or hug them!

Of course the ladies wouldn’t let them and had to playfully, turn them down. This led to Mr. Martin who had been saying all sorts of nice things about the young women, begin restraining the boys.

“Let them be, boys…”, he started saying, leaving everybody in laughter. “You guys never have enough! Never…!”

“We do o sir!” suddenly screamed a guy in the audience

“That’s not true! In fact if we are to see your face, I won’t be surprised you are one of those at the restroom yesterday!” he was particularly blunt! In a pleasurable way though.

The crowd howled in laughter! Nobody expected that!

“You see?! You guys know that’s true…”

The CEO who for a moment looked hooked in a side-conversation with one of his people suddenly joined the debate at this point. “Were there people in the restroom yesterday?!”

Another round of laughter followed! Most especially, because of the amusing look on the CEO’s face! He was such a funny handsome man!

“Yea! All of them! Almost all of them were at the restroom yesterday!” replied a grinning Vice.

“Na waooo! So you guys were having more fun than the others?”

“YEAH…..!!!!!” was the unbelievable response! Most of us had got seated again and with the heat of the moment, it wasn’t surprising seeing some of the ladies and guys doing some interesting things under their tables! The bomb was ticking faster and was definitely going to explode soon!

“Who and who were at the restroom?” I was thinking no one would be willing to raise their hands but was rightly shocked when a greater percentage did! “Wow!…all these people” added the bemused Chief!

“It’s amazing.” supported his Vice. “I even saw Dapo. Where’s is she?” he began looking for the girl in question.

The girl was one of the staff at the head office and had been ‘caught’ the previous day inside the restroom lobby! When she heard her name, she began laughing out loudly right from where she was sitting! The girls she shared her table with, joined her and even began calling out her location to Mr. Martins!

“There she is…Oya Dapo…come here” he was even more excited than he had ever been seeing her. He began walking into the seated crowd.

The very amused Dapo finally stood and started walking out to meet the approaching Vice. She was wearing a very brief attractive gown that barely covered her bum! As she walked towards the platform, all eyes predictably followed her moving parts!

Some of the ladies who knew her kept saluting her by way of encouragement! Mr. Martins was nice enough to hold her by the waist as they both stepped onto the stage.

“Oh…my own Dapo?!” began the evidently surprised CEO as soon as he saw her. Everybody laughed. “So you were enjoying yourself yesterday? Who was the guy giving you the service?”

A laughing Dapo didn’t even waste any time in pointing into the crowd! All eyes quickly followed the direction of her finger! The dude in question was directly behind me and had tried hiding as soon as he heard the question but the guys on his table quickly stopped him! He was apparently the shy type for he still tried hiding his face with both his hands even after being coaxed to stand. I recognized him though as one of Anthony’s colleagues.

“The guy doesn’t want to own up…” joked the CEO. “Anyways, tell us about it Dapo…”

Dapo’s eyes widened at once! Even the rest of us felt the weight of the question!

“Ehe…tell us. Tell us how well the lad did. Was he small?…”

The crowd howled! We were definitely loving this now! Anthony was almost dying of laughter already and had even ended up leaning into my left shoulder. We had been holding hands since we sat down.

“Small?! My Kittycat is still sore sir!!” unexpectedly announced the still bemused Dapo!

“YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEHHHH!!!!” came the scream! The hall had just gone mad! Everybody was now laughing so hard including the Chief who had to embrace the pretty young lady for support.

Everybody was now laughing so hard including the Chief who had to embrace the pretty young lady for support.

When we thought we had likely witnessed the worse, it only got raunchier! Out of nowhere, the CEO asked the unthinkable!

“Can we see the sore Kittycat baby?”

Time stopped and everyone went quiet! Dapo’s eyes were as wide as large grapes!

“You just said your pus…I mean Kittycat is sore. So I’m asking if you’d mind showing us…” he wasn’t in anyway remorseful of what he had earlier said. I was thinking the last thing Dapo would ever do was to respond to the invitation but surprisingly she didn’t see it as a problem. She even made good fun out of the situation!

To Be Continued…

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